Friday, July 14, 2017


So, your city, or even state, wants to be a sanctuary for illegal immigrants from all over the world, right? Well, you are most certainly in for a horrible surprise as tropical diseases start breaking out in your city.


The EU nations became so open minded on immigration that their brains fell out. They now have all manner of tropical diseases rampant in EU nations. These fool leaders in Europe are virtually murdering their own people with disease. Can anyone explain why leaders do this? I have to assume God has purposely deluded them so that Europe destroys itself.

A German health department report..... 33 tropical diseases:
The report shows increased incidences in Germany of adenoviral conjunctivitis, botulism, chicken pox, cholera, cryptosporidiosis, dengue fever, echinococcosis, enterohemorrhagic E. coli, giardiasis, haemophilus influenza, Hantavirus, hepatitis, hemorrhagic fever, HIV/AIDS, leprosy, louse-borne relapsing fever, malaria, measles, meningococcal disease, meningoencephalitis, mumps, paratyphoid, rubella, shigellosis, syphilis, toxoplasmosis, trichinellosis, tuberculosis, tularemia, typhus and whooping cough. The Gateway Pundit 
This is the destiny of you people in sanctuary cities. These immigrants enroll their kids in your schools, and your kids come down with a killer disease. Typhoid and cholera will be coming soon. If your kid comes down with yellow diarrhea, head for ER at once and demand a stool test for cholera. You have eight hours until death with cholera in a baby..... 24 hours in an adult. My wife and I were missionaries in Ethiopia during a cholera epidemic. If you go to ER and ask for a cholera test because of a white stool in your family member, the doctor will probably literally mock at you. They do not believe this is possible. You may have to either take your victim to another hospital, or use deadly force to convince the doctor to do the lab test. The same applies to most of the other 33 tropical diseases above. So, your chances of a diagnosis in time to save the life is slim. 

Hey, settle down, YOU asked for this, and you must live with it, my friend.

When a cholera epidemic breaks out, hospitals and clinics must put the victim in a bed with a hole in the middle so that the constant flow of diarrhea can flow into a bucket beneath the bed. An IV must be kept running constantly because the victim will dehydrate very quickly. Antibiotics eventually kill the virus, and the victim lives. But, every win is by the skin of the teeth.

None of these Third World disease viruses know you are a fair haired Liberal who wants to be inclusive and open minded about immigration. A cholera virus will kill you just as eagerly as it will kill a Republican.

Also, from African immigrants will come E-bola. Congo is back at full epidemic stage, and Europe is not checking for diseases. Everyone is welcome, sick or not. Watch for Europeans to start immigrating to the USA in terror.

This is what YOU Liberal Trump haters have done. You are so dedicated to do the opposite of what Trump wants that you have brought death to America, and this nation is not prepared to deal with these tropical killer diseases. There are a very limited positive flow total isolation rooms available in the USA. 

This hate and rage you your soul, Liberal America, is now going to blow back in your faces and kill you.

But, so that you Christ hating, Trump bashing pests don't accuse me of being like you, I will tell you what to do. 

Ask your doctor to get vaccinations for you and your kids for cholera, typhoid, typhus, chicken pox, dengue fever if is exists, hepatitis B, TB, and whooping cough. Get any other tropical disease vaccinations available. If you are in a warm high humidity climate in the USA, start taking a malaria prophylactic now. GO HERE and scroll down to prevention section. I suggest you avoid Chloroquin because it can affect your eye sight. Primaquin is probably the safest. If the doctor will not prescribe this for you, go for Chloroquin, and tell him you want it for arthritis used "off label." Be sure to check the dosage on the page linked, and do not over dose. 

If you live within traveling distance from a Mexican border city, go there to get the drug. You can ask a pharmacist in Mexico where to get a prescription from a doctor in Mexico so you can get the meds back into the US at the border check.

Beware of unclean people around your kids. Keep them away from filthy areas in town. Use hand cleaner on toilet seats and to clean your hands. Lysol your shoes before you enter your home from shopping or work. Leprosy is carried by filth and trashy living and crowded spaces. Chasing whores, the most civilized as well as the vile, is a very good way to get leprosy and other tropical diseases. Spray all the vegetables you buy at the store with hydrogen peroxide and let air dry. Find a friend who works in a local hospital, and ask them to let you know if tropical diseases become more common there. When you hear this happening, stop eating out, and stop going to events for large crowds.

If you are a sodomite and visit bath houses or have anonymous sex, you are dead meat. So be it. If you run to college parties and have recreational sex, you too are morgue bound.

You no longer live in America. You live in Bangladesh or Zimbabwe. And, don't send mail telling me I am a bad man. I just told you Liberal scum how to survive this epidemic YOU ordered.

Proverbs 10:18 He that hideth hatred with lying lips, and he that uttereth a slander, is a fool.

You have mocked at Donald Trump's cautions on immigration, and now God is laughing at you, my dear fool. Are you satisfied with yourself?

One last thought. Muslims from the Middle East who are immigrants generally come from low income neighborhoods and have terrible health instincts. Islam also tolerates sodomy and pedophilia among its Mullahs. Mexican immigrants come from low income areas which are disease ridden. Many of these immigrants now live in trashy crowded conditions in the USA because they cannot get services.

This is the world you chose, my dear Christ hater. And, all you can think about is catching Trump talking to a Russian. You can only WISH you lived in Russia.

What is really enraging is to see and hear how much Angela Merkel hates Donald Trump. Her instincts are to murder Germans, and Donald is doing what health experts have done for nearly three hundred years.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017



China is whining that they should not have to give North Korea its spanking, so they claim the USA is responsible for North Korea being naughty. Well then, China needs to stay out of the way if we nuke North Korea. 

The problem Trump has with putting the hammer to NK is that we end up feeding the whole nation and trying to rebuild their economy and commercial base. To destroy their government and military toys, and then walk off, would be immoral. The modern American war ethic says that you defeat the enemy, and then you totally rebuild everything you blew up and make the peasants into prosperous middle class lushes who will then vote against the USA in the United Nations. But, this will cost an enormous sum of money to do. Modern wars end up destroying the economy of the victor.

I have a theory about North Korea, and you people must find some way to enrich me for sharing this rare gem with you. Really believable conspiracies do not come cheap.

I do believe that Kim Jong Ding Dong un is doing a carbon copy of The Mouse the Roared, the story of the Duchy of Fenwick which attacked the USA in order to be defeated and have the USA rebuild their economy and commercial base. Peter Sellers played four roles in the movie. I believe Kim has no intention of defeating the USA. He wants to be conquered so that North Korea must be restored to its glory by The Donald. Kim will eventually capitulate on the condition that he be kept on in some significant role, like Royal Game Keeper or Proletarian Dog Catcher.

See the movie here:…/ox1K8MdN-the-mouse-that-roared.html

Remember, you heard it first here.

Saturday, July 8, 2017


The Bible defines a spiritual bastard:

Hebrews 12:7 If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not?
8 But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.

A true son of God will be chastened by God. A true son of God will endure chastening. 

But, anyone who is not chastened by God is a bastard, not a son of God.

Pope Francis thrives as he blasphemes God, calls Muslims the same as Christians, claims the Quran is of the same authority as the Bible, and as he absolves (clears of sin and guilt) all the pedophile priests in the Roman Catholic Whore Church.

This Pope has also said he cannot judge sodomy. This is clearly because he, and his mob at the Vatican, are a bunch of wand wavers, and he craves their services.

Thus, for his blasphemies, Pope Francis should be receiving much chastening. But, life is good for him. No chastening. Thus, Pope Francis is a bastard. The standard for catching bastards is the Bible, not me.

The latest trick he pulled is to tell the world that America has a "distorted vision of the world." 


The one with a distorted vision of the world is the man with the spirit of antichrist who believes that the Roman Catholic Whore Church should rule the world. That is what the Jesuit Order teaches, and Pope "Pancho" Francis is a Jesuit. He fully believes he should be ruling the world.

The day may come soon when this Pope presents himself, or is presented by a shill of his choice, as the one who can bring peace to the world. At that point, I believe that Zechariah 5 indicates that he will be carried to Babylon, which has been totally restored, where the Pope will become the world ruler of all religions. The Antichrist will have his headquarters in Jerusalem according to the Bible. But, the Pope will rule the ecumenical religious world from Babylon and order all people to worship the Antichrist, the false Satanic Messiah or Madhi.

So, who has a "distorted world vision"? 

Answer: The bastard of Rome, Pope Francis.

The Pope has also warned of dangerous alliances forming at G-20. 


What would this bastard know about alliances? Are the Chinese going to tell Pope Jerk who they are talking with among the nations? No. The Vatican leaks like a sieve, and anything the Pope is told will go all over the world through spy networks. Any one of those fat slob Cardinals can be bribed or black mailed into spilling secrets.

Thus, no sane national leader is going to tell the Pope what they are doing. For all he knows, China may be forming secret arrangements with the USA. Putin and Trump may have cut a deal during their marathon two hour private talks. What else could they have been doing, showing each other photos of their grandchildren?

Who talks to whom is very important to the Pope because he believes he should be ruling the world, and the world leaders should be slithering up to his throne and kissing his sacral posterior to get permission to brush their teeth and every other choice they make. This is the historic position of all Popes in history. They all thought they owned the world, and they killed 100 million people in Europe to convince them to kiss up to the Pope.


So, I do hope I have not held back in this discussion. I must confess, I would have liked to be more fierce and forceful with this ding bat in Rome, but there may be children reading here.

It is now July, and we need to give our much coveted award to the loser of the month.....

Thus, it is with much pleasure that we at Balaam's Ass Speaks award Pope Francis of Rome the Dead Skunk Award for his perfectly worthless opinion on anything he talks about. We greatly encourage him to stuff his nose in a bottle of cheap Italian vino and leave it there so that we may hear less and less from him.


Revelation 17:15 And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.
16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.
17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.
18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

Friday, July 7, 2017


Image result for abdul el-sayed for governor
It happened to us for eight years so be very aware  under the Muslim Barak Obama. Let’s not sit idly by and get caught again by a smooth talker, this one is a professed Muslim and very left leaning toward the Muslim Brotherhood. What does that say to us? Why do the Democrats want to turn our country into a third world country?

Should we be afraid? Very afraid?

Don't ever say you weren't warned-'He IS on his way'
'He IS being groomed at this very minute'


Etch this man's name in your mind.
His name is Abdul El-Sayed.

After years of being groomed by George Soros. He has been hand picked by the Left to be their next “champion” of Hope and Change.

He is 32 years old, born in the USA, and an extremely well educated MuslimDoctor in Detroit Michigan. (education funded by George Soros)

He is handsome, articulate, charismatic and smart.

He is sympathetic of the Muslim Brotherhood, and is running for Governor of Michigan, Which is Step 1 in his preparation to run for President of the United States

He has the potential to be Obama #2, but far more openly Muslim. Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed is an American physician, epidemiologist, public health advocate, and politician. He has announced his candidacy for Governor of Michigan, running as a Democrat.

Born: October 31, 1984 (age 32), Michigan
Awards: Rhodes Scholarship;
Sponsored by Paul and Daisy Soros;
Fellowships for New Americans
Education: University of Michigan, Ann; Arbor (BA); Oriel College, Oxford (MA, PhD); Columbia University (MD)
Political party: Democratic Party.

In 2020 he will be eligible to run for President!

Democrats' mouths are watering in anticipation and raising money.

Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren is already campaigning for him.

Another Trojan Horse?

Al Jazeera, which is widely read by Michigan's large Muslim population is doing its best to help George make him "YOUR" president in 2020!

Google: Abdul El-Sayed-Soros

You never dreamed an unknown, like Obama, would end up as the President of the United States of America FOR 8 YEARS, did you?

This man contrasts highly with Obama. He not only finished Colombia and will open his transcript there, he also took a degree from Oxford, which Bill Clinton flunked out of, and he took a degree at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

El-Sayed has been an all American boy in school and was a hero in High School athletics. He has actually worked for a living as a doctor. He also comes from Egypt which is a more moderate Muslim nation. This will be used, along with his debonair manner, to seduce America into thinking he is really a great guy, just like Obama and Soros did to America.

El-Sayed will schmooze Black Americans, promising them a free ride and power over White Americans. He will try to do the same thing with Hispanics. Pray that they don't go for it. Tell your Hispanic friends that Islam killed millions of Catholics in Spain and Europe when they invaded there in the 1200s.

El-Sayed is a Muslim and boasts of it. This means he believes the teachings of the Quran and Mohammed which teach that killing Christians is noble. He will use the office or President to see that Christians around the world, and in the USA, are massacred. If he did not approve of killing Christians, the Mullahs of Michigan would have denounced him by now.

This man must be destroyed. Be very vigorous in telling people that this is how Islam invades a nation. They use the democratic processes against us, and later, they impose Sharia Law and start killing anyone who descents. This is historic and was the process in Spain long ago.

If this man is elected, he will go to the Supreme Court and get Sharia Law enacted as a second code of law in the USA. He will seek laws that make it a hate crime to pray in public of speak of one's Christian faith openly. He will support Jihad all over the world, and he will even possibly extradite Americans to Muslims nations to be tried for anything they say negative about Islam on the Internet. 

Abdul El-Sayed believes that Jihad, that is, killing Christians, it noble. He will work through the NSA, Homeland Security, and other stealth agencies to destroy and imprison Americans he decides should be eliminated.

The IRS will be sent to destroy churches and Christian colleges. He may do a false flag in order to herd Christians into FEMA camps. Descent in America will become a criminal offense, and huge lists of people will be made by El-Sayed in the model used by Saudi Arabia and other radical Islamic nations. People on these lists will be systematically destroyed and possibly prosecuted for trumped up offenses.

All the tools are in place for a dictatorship, and the Executive Powers Act will be at his disposal. The Democrats will cheer as he attacks Christians. He will also exalt sodomy because Islam is saturated with sodomy in all but a few of its Mullahs and Imams.

The blood will flow. And, mark it down..... some states will secede when they see him inaugurated. If you care about the USA, you will seek every possible legal way to destroy this man.

CAUTION: El-Sayed must be destroyed by rational processes, using the teachings of Islam to show people what he believes, AND, we must not resort to the frenzied hate the Democrats are now showing America. We must appeal to Americans to look at ISIS and Al Qaeda and understand that El-Sayed will not only support them with our tax money, he will facilitate them in invading America and doing acts of terrorism.

Finally, El-Sayed will do everything possible to harm the state of Israel and encourage Arab nations to invade Israel and massacre the Jews. He will finance Hamas and the Palestinians in their terrorism against Israel.


Show no mercy.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Kim Il Jong keeps firing off missiles, and they get bigger and bigger. He fired one just off shore from Russia, and another into Japan's economic zone. 

So, what are our defense people telling us? They say we can only get 40% of the incoming missiles with our anti-missile weapons. That tells me our Military and Government have been fiddling while Rome burned. They have been ordering up only ordinance for small war actions in the Middle East, and we are not prepared for World War.

So, now I hear they are threatening North Korea with a strike......... in six months. This is the talk of wimps and scatter brains. 

First, if you cannot hit back at the enemy, the last thing you do is tell the world, and your enemy, that you are limping on both feet.

Secondly, you do not diddle around and set dates way down the road. You let your enemy wonder if the hit may come in ten minutes.

So, what is going on?

I have to assume that the United States of America is a big joke as to Military preparedness. We don't have the goods, and we don't have the testosterone. These tough talking Generals are all squeal and no bacon.

And, that goes for President Trump. If he had any concept of strategic principles he would have blasted North Korea off the map long ago. 

I can only assume that Trump and the US Military will diddle around until baby face Kim has the toy that will do what he threatens to do. If he cannot make it, someone will give it to him. And, that someone will be Putin. Putin needs to stop the juggernaut of sanctions and Middle East disasters somehow, and shutting down the USA with an EMP would put Putin in the driver's seat.

So, it appears that our leaders will wait and wait until we are hit, probably along the California coast. But, again, Kim has threatened New York City and Washington DC. He could buy an old rusty freighter and send a missile over in a ship.

It is pathetic to have the alleged biggest Military on earth, and then not be able to defend Americans.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


This lady (cough, cough, cough) decided to dis President Trump just before the G-20.


SIG HEIL, Frau Schaufeln füße

So, we are only a "partner." That is what Putin calls America. So, we will learn to live with a real man, the Bear, and the Feminazi from Deutschland can take a walk.

Here is the new Germany as defined by Der Fuhrerette Angela Merkel.

And, the USA has its people who know what to do with crass German Jerkboots:

To all you Germans who are fed up with the Merkel dictatorship, come to Texas. All we ask is that you bring a gun, learn English, bring a skill you intend to use to support yourself, and get yourself a good Texas attitude within 48 hours after you get here.

When you get to Texas you will be surprised to learn that a lot of hard working bad attitude Germans have come here ahead of you.

And, YOU Angela, baby, here is a caution for you. 

And, keep in mind, Herr Merkel, Texas voted for Trump. And the ghost of Trump is in Brexit, Nigel Farage, and in the souls of the mobs demonstrating in your streets. Your days on the throne of Europe are numbered.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


CNN is now admitting openly that they chased the Trump / Russia story for a year with zero evidence. The whole thing was cooked up by Hillary Clinton operatives.


This is all fine. The writhing and self-mutilation of CNN is in order. But, this will never have closure. The reason is that CNN, and the Clinton murder machine, will never step up to the White House and apologize to Donald Trump. The media and Progressive Neo-Marxist Liberals do not confess sin. Hate is their only emotion.

The truth is, if they publically and personally did a real mia culpa to Donald Trump, the Democrats might improve their image with Americans enough to win Congressional seats in the coming bi election. But, the hate must rage on and on, and the street riots must prevail. The dividing of America will never worry the Democrats until South Carolina or California secede, and then it will be too late to clean up the mess they made.

Frankly, I hope the Democrats keep right on hating us Conservatives and calling Texans jack asses and worse. We need our Texas Liberals to decide they are happy to be the Liberal entity in a nation called Texas. At that point, we are out of here, folks.

If an NSA sleuth reads this, would you please forward it to a rational Democrat, that is, if you know of one. Patrick Moinnahan has passed on, so there may not be a decent caring Democrat available.


My correspondent with IDF experience in Israel checks in:
Remember how I used to root toot toot about Erdogan waiting until the Arab countries defeated IS, and then Turkey would defeat the Arab countries or at least push them around to the point where he could restore the old Ottoman Empire?  Well now I believe Erdogan has to be livid that Saudi Arabia is snubbing him (the last paragraph sums up this article), and he sees that his shooting star needs to be teaming up with Russia to invade Israel.


If you want to understand what is really happening in the Middle East, watch Erdogan, Netanyahu, and Saudi Arabia. Whoever of the three prevails will lead the rest. The Saudis now have a back door deal with Israel in which Israel is permitted to overfly Saudi Arabia to bomb Iran. Saudi Arabia has also ordered all its friends to stop attacking Israel in the media and instead attack Iran. This nice guy routine toward Israel is very unlike the Arabs. But, it does hark back to the days before Islam when the Ishmaelites lived in relative peace with the Jews.

So, to an American Christian, this is a pivotal point in Bible prophecy. Israel and the Arabs are seeing the Aryan Race Turks as a common enemy, and the adage applies: "I and my cousins and brothers against the stranger (Turkey)" 

In prophetic perspective, the next move is up to Putin. When will he gather Turkey, Iran, and the others in Ezekiel 38 into a military league to attack Israel? And, what will prevent Saudi Arabia and Egypt from joining the attack by Putin (Gog and Magog)? It seems that we are watching a strangely powerful allying of Israel to Saudi Arabia and Egypt which will discourage them from helping Gog. 

President Trump is clueless. His knowledge of Bible prophecy as about as deep as my knowledge of knitting. You don't want to buy a doily made by me, and you don't want a Middle Eastern policy made by Trump. He has recently shown that he is too mentally dim to prevent the Turks from taking power in the Gulf. Turkish troops are now in Qatar to protect them. 

This is what the old cannon crews of the Civil War era meant by, "He shot his wad." Trump fired the cannon of foreign policy without the cannon ball in place. 

Monday, June 26, 2017


Long ago, I told you that Ronald Reagan, after destroying the USSR, set to work to destroy Russian commercial and industrial targets. And, he nearly succeeded. Putin, after he first became President, caught the plot as Presidents after Reagan continued to destroy Russia. Putin stopped the process dead, and he set about to rebuild the nation.

What followed were attempts to assassinate Putin and create political turmoil in Russia, courtesy of US Ambassadors to Russia. Putin stopped that also.

We now have the US and Europe trying to shut down Russia via sanctions, and Putin has dodged the bullet again. Russia is thriving, and oil production is about to double.

Now, it turns out that NATO was also trying to blow Russia into several smaller nations. The Russians have acquired the evidence, and NATO has egg on their face big time.


The man principally responsible for the NATO trick was Zbigniew Brzezinski who hates Russia with white hot passion. I am sure Henry Kissinger was in on this also. And, I would be very surprised if President Trump is not continuing the attack on Russia. He may well have been threatened with death if he makes peace with Russia. I see he is not trying very hard to befriend Russia as he suggested during his campaign.

There are two reasons our Presidents, leaders, and the leaders of Europe are giant jack asses on this one:

1. The Bible makes it very clear that God has plans for Russia in the End Times in Ezekiel 38. No one but God will destroy Russia. This again shows how Ronald Reagan, and all our Presidents since him, are total ignoramuses as to the Bible. They could easily learn the plans of God in the Bible and avoid making fools of themselves. But, I am delighted to see them doing their stupid works. People in America need to see what idiots and Christ haters we have in leadership.

2. No one in history has ever conquered Russia. Napoleon and Hitler tried, and they were slaughtered. Twenty seven million Russians died defending Russia against Hitler. There is something about the zeal to survive in Russians that should make any dim bulb planning war with Russia to stop and consider.

If there ever is a World War with Russia in the future, Russia will win. God will make sure Russia wins and the USA is destroyed. That is not unpatriotic my friend, I am simply agreeing with the Word of God. It is about time Americans stop trying to trash God's plans for Russia, the Middle East, and the Kings of the East. It cannot be done unless the US Military finds a way to blast God out of existence and blow up his Heaven.

OTTO VON BISMARCK UNDERSTOOD RUSSIA The present ruler of Germany, Angela Merkel, needs to do some reading in the strategies of the Bismarck.

It is time for another Dead Skunk Award. This month, Balaam's Ass Speaks wishes to give the Dead Skunk Award collectively to NATO and Zbigniew Brzezinski. They are worthy.

Friday, June 23, 2017


So, Obama put sanctions on Russia and tried to destroy their oil and gas trade with Europe. Trump is keeping the sanctions in place because the New World Order dark government controls Trump now.

But, Russia has just upped to pot, and this means they can sell oil cheaper for a very long time.

“During the drilling of the Tsentralno-Olginskaya-1 well from the shore of the Khara-Tumus Peninsula on the shelf of the Khatanga Bay of the Laptev Sea, three core samples were taken from depths of 2305 to 2363 m, which showed high oil saturation dominated with light oily fractions,” the company said in a statement.

The potential of the newly-discovered deposit has yet to be verified, the company said.

“On the basis of primary studies, it can be concluded a new oil field has been discovered, the volume of the resource potential of which is increasing as the drilling continues. Core sampling continues at the moment,” a statement from Rosneft said.

Russian Minister of Natural Resources Sergey Donskoy congratulated the company on the discovery and said this could be the largest oil deposit in the RussianArctic.

Donskoy posted on Facebook.

Russia’s largest private oil company – Lukoil – is also operating in Khatanga in the Congo. Some of you history buffs will recall that, at the time Congo became independent in the 1960s, Moise Chomby declared Katanga Province an independent state. He declared himself a friend of the West and attack Communism which Mabutu, the Congo President, had espoused. The US then made sure Katanga was destroyed and returned to the Communist government. This was because the US wanted to grab the copper and uranium in Katanga. Pat Robertson also wanted to buy a diamond mine in Katanga. Well, Russia is taking the harvest now in oil. Something about the best laid schemes of mice and men. And, who are the mice? The CIA.

Lukoil has been developing the Eastern Taimyr sector. The area’s coastal resources are estimated at 4.5 million tons of oil, 9.3 billion cubic meters of gas and 0.5 million tons of condensate.

All around, I would say Russia is in no danger of going bust in foreign income. This means the CIA will be working overtime to try to assassinate Putin.

And, what is the USA doing to keep ahead of Russia in the prosperity index? 


So, we can now call Charmin, and we can poop our way from Kennedy Airport to the Hilton Hotel. Or, we can catch the honey wagon in Manhattan and flush in Flushing.

I bet the Russians don't have a mobile poopmobile like ours.