Monday, August 31, 2015


I will let you try to figure this out. It appears that someone in the shadows is making fiction about these murders. 

In fact, given the fact that someone in our government arranged for 3000 people to be murdered in 9/11 and followed it with a lot of vile fiction, one has to wonder if this is true about all of the recent shootings as well.





So, who was the guy in the official news video? Was there a falling out, and if so, why the video on August by Daniel Wulz? Was the Black guy accused of the killing a fall guy who will die to cover up Wulz or someone else who arranged to kill Alison? What had Alison recently learned that qualified her to be snuffed by those in power?

Many such questions come to mind, and I have to wonder if, indeed, we are being propagandized in ALL recent shootings.

What is going on here? It is VERY clear that there were two "true loves" of Alison.

Romans 3:4 God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

Sunday, August 30, 2015


You people are doubtless waiting on pins and needles for my take on the coming election.

Here it is:

Republican Ticket:
Donald Trump and VP Ben Carson-- This will give the Black community a combination of businessman and doctor, and the White community will have a basically racist free combo. Donald says he will likely pick a politician for VP. In that case, Ted Cruz will likely be chosen for VP. 

Then again, Sarah Palin, the show girl from Alaska, has been showing up at Donald's rallies and glowing gaga eyes at Donald, and she would give the ticket sex appeal, which is where America's mind is these days.

This whole thing is basically just a slop hog mess. 

Democratic Ticket:
As to the Democrats, I have no prediction. The DMC is trying to shelter Hillary from the men, and the men are coming on strong shaming the DNC for not having debates. Rage is in the air my friends, and someone could be found dead in the park again.

Anyone in the shadows who has more goods to dump on Hillary will do so soon in order to rescue the Dems from self-destruction. Hillary will drag out the drama and finally crash. Bill will rage around and spew hate all over Demo-land. 

Thus, Bernie Sanders and Gov. O'Malley will scream and dance, and good old Uncle Joe Biden will come to the rescue. The thrashing around will leave such a poor taste in the mouth of Dems around the nation that the candidate for the Democrats could be...........................

Donald Trump and Ben Carson! 

The Donald could play the maverick game to such an extent that Democrats by the millions will cross over, "Just this one time. After all he reminds me of Bennie Bananas Bonano with his casino. He must be a good guy."

Also, I can see the labor unions coming out for Trump because of his promise to hammer China and bring back jobs, and for trying to stop illegals from taking American jobs. This will happen late in the game because labor union leaders are a bit slow to grasp complex principles.

Donald's unspoken romance with the Democrats will only work if the Republican Party acts in the reverse manner from the Dems and pleasantly gives The Donald the right hand of fellowship.

This may be the first election in US History in which "the other party" has to bribe the dog catcher from Paducah, Kentucky to run for President on the Dem ticket. Sanders and/or O'Malley might just resign and go home, leaving the Dems with a dying horse, er, nag. 

I really believe that Hillary's wrath and hate will make America feel like they have been puked on. All we need is for Hillary to attack Obama and dump some dirty secret on him.

The Republicans, via Trump and Carson (or whoever),  will have to paint Sanders as a borderline Communist, O'malley as the guy who hatched the race war in Maryland, and Biden as the porch monkey of Obama. With Trump's cash, and if the Koch brothers chip in some oil bucks, this will work.

None of this moves me except that I dearly want to see the Bag Lady of Cesspool City trounced out the door. I do believe that Hillary will start wall to wall war all over the Middle East, and she would probably open war on Iran, which we would lose badly. Iran is a lot more of an adversary than Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, all of which we bungled badly. She will bring back the draft to do this, and American young men will revolt. 

Also, Hillary will inspire ISIS to do nasty things to America. Can you imagine the Muslim image of a woman who exalts sodomy and hates men bowing before the King of Saudi Arabia?

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Have-a-go heroes foil Moroccan train massacre


This is the semi-official state newspaper on the terrorist on the train in France. Please note the full credit given the US Marines.


The hate propaganda for Russia in the US media, and coming from the US State Department, is based in the intense hate and fear in the heart of President Obama. He turns to a puddle of jello in the presence of Putin, and admittedly, Putin loves every moment of it.

If you want real news about Russia, go to their media instead of the propaganda machine in the US media.


And he is NOT duck. In fact, if you like your world nice and cozy and feminized, DUCK. Donald may lay you low.

When Mohammed Ali said he floated like a butterfly, he also said he stings like a bee. That is Donald. The article linked to defines Donald so well. I am not convinced I will ever like him, but my problem is not his manliness-- it is his godless way of getting where he is.


Frankly, I believe Donald is the Vladimir Putin of the USA.

President Obama has only made a virtual donkey of himself in his dealings with Vladimir Putin. I believe that Donald, while he might not win every parley, would at least gain the respect of Putin and the Russian people, simply because of his male image.


The only real disadvantage Donald has with Putin is that he does not come from Texas.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Edward Snowden and Julian Asange have seemed to do us a favor by being whistle blowers and exposing evil in high places. But, has this hacking business gone too far.

The Ashley Madison debacle has brought us to a serious "Y" in the road. Some of us will follow along after the world's hackers, rejoicing over the fall of people we claim deserved it, while others of us will take the other path and refuse to rejoice over the muck dredged up on other people.

Ashley Madison hereafter will be "AM".

What is the issue here for a Bible believer? Are we simply to overlook the unfaithfulness of men who chase other women besides their wives? Are we to give a pastor a pass for having an Ashley Madison whore on the side?

Answer: What does the Bible teach about sin for the born again believer?

1 John 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.
9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Psalms 32:1 Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.

Psalms 85:2 Thou hast forgiven the iniquity of thy people, thou hast covered all their sin. Selah.

God covers sin if it is confessed. Jesus forgives sin if it is confessed. Even the Virgin Mary, contrary to the myth of the Roman Catholic Church, does not know your sin.

1 Timothy 2:5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

So, what do we do when we hear about some man, especially some man we take issue with for some reason, when we find he is on the AM list? Do we find some morbid satisfaction in the man's fall and destruction?

You see, when a man realizes he has played the fool, he has several options. 
He can abandon the thing and say nothing about it to anyone.  
He can confess the sin to Jesus Christ, not tell his wife, and go on about his life.  
Or, he can confess the sin to his wife AND Jesus Christ, and he can be clean with everyone he has offended.
Does the whole local church need to hear about the man's sin? Certainly not if he is not a leader, and even that is hard to call if he IS a leader. If he has left it and has victory with Christ and his wife, perhaps that is enough. After all, this AM affair is not a case of physical sex-- it is something like texting a photo of his private parts to another woman. This becomes a peculiar hybrid issue for the End Times due to the greatly enhanced potential for evil in modern technology.
What the internet was supposed to make more private, it is more likely to make public. We have long been able to present a better, cleaner, tidier version of ourselves. The generation growing up with Snapchat, finding romance online, messaging the snarky private views of their work colleagues may be the first to lose that gap between our outer and inner selves. The mask is being removed by those with the knowledge and malicious intent to undo the knots. The Telegraph 
In any case, even if this man, who might be a pastor, confesses sin to his local church, the point is very clear-- why does he need to be exposed to 6 billion people on planet earth? You who think the fate of these hapless men is what they deserve, tell me, is that the treatment you would like for your sins?

Before I make a conclusion for Bible believers, consider please another very terrifying possibility in this AM business:

I watched a video yesterday which was frightening. I failed to bookmark it, and I cannot find it now. The video was made by a level headed geek who has a regular YouTube show. He said that the hackers of AM also took away all their algorithms and programming. This then gives them the ability to add YOU to the AM list. The only thing they cannot get is your credit card number, and the absence of that proves you were posted at AM fraudulently. The problem is, when the average diddle head sees your name on the list, he will not see that the credit card is missing, and he will announce to the world that you are unfaithful to your wife.

Then again, if someone manages to get your credit card number, they could post you on AM, and all the data would be there to convince the most open minded web surfer that you are chasing whores online.

The geek in the video also suggested that the hackers have posted the programming and software code to the web, but I have no verification of that. If that is true, then anyone with any programming skill can sign you up on Ashley Madison. 

So, this is why I have said we have reached a "Y" in the road. I have no comment on ungodly people who have no interest in Christian ethics. Atheists and Anarchist minded people will do whatever feels good because they have no ethics from a higher source.

But, Bible believers have a real problem as we move on down the road of what Walter Cronkite called, "The glorious new age of technology." From here on out, we Bible believers must assume that all online hacked information could have been fraud. The victim could well be totally innocent, but the world will believe the hackers simply because it is the nature of fallen man to believe a lie. And, the End Times are noted in the Bible as a time of intense lying.

Revelation 22:15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

So, as for me and my house, I intend to work VERY hard at not believing anything online that does not come out of the mouth of the person accused or exposed. Even if it is the wretched Atheist Richard Dawkins, the Bag Lady of sodomy and lesbian filth, Hillary Clinton, or some heretic faith healer whom I know is ripping off the saints and leaving them worse than he found them.......

I shall not be participating.

Some reader here will assume I am on the Ashley Madison list, and this is my effort to cover my posterior. 

Go check, and then come back please and read this page again. I can promise you this-- If you keep believing every wicked thing puked up by hackers and sleuths in cyberspace, one day you will be on some list, and you will get exactly what you deserve. You will wail to the world that you were framed, but no one will believe you.

Correction, you will NOT get what you deserve. God, holy as he is, does not want the whole world to know all your sins. God wants to forgive your sins if you would repent. Cyberspace will make you a slave to your sins, and your back history will drive you mad when all your friends either abandon you or come around and encourage you to sin some more.

The Last Days, End Times, whatever you call it from the Bible, are turning out to be treacherous times, and even the godly will be wounded and burned, no matter how orderly they walk in this world. 

PLEASE, Christian friend, stop joining the celebration of other people's sins.

One more thing-- Let us all stop trying to figure out how we can fornicate, adulterate, and masturbate online and still be safe and hidden. Sin is still sin, and God sees us all. If we really feared God, we would not so easily destroy ourselves in the age of technology.

Romans 12:17 Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men.
18 If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.

I believe I am within reasonable thinking to add this-- The US Government, especially NSA and Homeland Security, will soon start changing your emails, your life history, and even your purchasing history if they want to demonized you. I would suggest we all stop believing anything the US Government claims about anyone. 

We all know that the vast majority of our leaders are liars, and the media support them in lying. Witness 9/11. Anyone who is awake knows that jet fuel does not drop a building to the ground in 13 seconds. But, ALL of our leaders back up the lies about 9/11. Beware when you quote anyone.

One last thought:
Is it possible that the Ashley Madison crisis has been arranged so that the Stock Market (possible) crash goes behind a smoke screen? Around 40 million men are now frantically trying to cut and cover, while far far more Americans, their friends, family, and enemies, and hammering the hackers' site to see who is on the list. This AM event could be totally distracting as many as 150 million Americans.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


I admit, living in the Hill Country of Texas, some of us men are not as likely to carry a purse as, say, you men in Bothton or San Francithco. 

I really understand though. I can see where a man purse, if filled with all the heavy stuff that would push you over the luggage weight limit, could be very handy. For example, a Colt 45 revolver, and a couple hundred rounds of ammo, could push you right over the kilo limit. 

The problem comes though, when this dude threatens to hit the pilot with his purse. 

"You guyth are being nathty and bad to me, and I have my purthe loaded with flathlight batterieth. I jutht may have to muss up your nith hair with my purthe if you keep perthecuting me."

Alas, the poor dude of Pansyland may find himself in lock up though for exercising his right to queer the world.


Now, this is how to use a purse:


Here is Patsy "Hillary" Montana singing the plea to the court..........

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Here he is joking and laughing it up and talking about kissing Elton John.

Need we ask anymore questions about RicK and the Antichrist program being pulled together by Pope Francis the Faggot Father?


Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Hillary has handed her server and thumb drive over to the Justice Department. This is either an act of desperation, or it is now safe because the server and drive are cleansed.


Why the rush to co-operate all of a sudden? 

Answer: The genius bag lady from Yale got caught with Top Secret mail off site from Federal servers, and THAT will kill her. What the media is not telling us is this-- secret communications by a government minister or secretary, at least historically, smells of a coup. Was Hillary planning something for President Obama on the sly?


What is the back story?

Obama has no use for the Clintons. Hillary's secret communications are not lost on BO. He may be a bit of a dim bulb, and he must know that Hillary was operating behind his back. And, he has to wonder why.

BO may well have been double teamed by the Hidden Hand and Hillary in Benghazi. If Obama was still sweet on bachelor Chris Stevens, ambassador and former closet buddy of Obama during his Senate days, then Obama has good reason to want Hillary punished.

The problem is, one does not punish Hillary carelessly. She is capable of anything in the way of violent response, and Vince Foster comes to mind.

So, if Obama wants revenge, he needs a surrogate to do it, and what better pit bull to send along than the FBI and the Dept. of Justice. 

"Jes doin' my job, boss."

And, who has been a very faithful defender and servant at the heel of Obama since 2012?

Answer: Uncle Joe Biden.

And, if you get that, you can figure out what Hillary's destiny is-- oblivion, at least if Obama wins this hand.

And, THAT is just my take on this. I could be wrong of course, but I think we need badly to watch the other hand in this one. Obama is playing a sly game of chess, and he plays well when it is time to destroy people and set up check mate which will look like he just fell into it by accident.

So, where is Bill Clinton in all this shuffling of chess pieces?

As if this is not a bit strange already, just as Trump was making up his mind to run for President, he is talking to Bill Clinton on the phone. Just old friends keeping touch, says Trump.

Oh, really?

Here is a very sinister scenario, but I think it is possible. 

When George H. Bush ran against Bill Clinton in 1992 it was very obvious that Bush threw the election to Bill. Bush absolutely bungled the campaign so badly that many people concluded a deal had been cut between the Bushes and the Clintons.

So, could Hillary and Trump have a little plot going. Trump hammers all the Republican candidates into the ground, becomes the Republican nominee, and then Trump throws the election to Hillary. This would be the only way she could win, unless of course, Obama check mates her with treason.

Back to President Obama. Maybe he knows all of this, and he intends to be the spoiler. Uncle Joe Biden to the rescue. Hillary flames out over her criminal email tricks, and Biden faces off with Trump. The game would completely change. 

Trump could find himself having to either see the thing through, win against Biden, become President against his will, or bail out and virtually destroy the Republican Party as they scramble for a candidate way too late in the game.

There is another nasty possibility, and I do not blame you if you accuse me of meeting myself coming and going in this post. What if Hillary, knowing she is being trashed by Obama, decides to throw the Presidency to Trump, the Clinton's old friend, and that is fact? Suppose Trump decided winning was worth enough to make a bank transfer of a cool billion to the Clintons to pay for the trick. Hmmmm

I do not believe Donald Trump is for real. I believe he is up to something, but it is too late to fix it already. He is clearly enjoying the rush of approval, and like Obama before him, he is saying what the masses and asses want to hear. Again, I remind you of the juggernaut of India. Once it is motion, it cannot be stopped. The juggernaut of mass frenzy is carrying everything along before it, and that includes Trump.

Donald Trump may be America's first President who is elected who never intended to be President and will hate every moment of it. Maybe he will just fire himself on January 22 of 2017.

I want to make this clear--
NONE of the candidates running give me any encouragement. In fact, I think it is a good time to give them all our monthly Dead Skunk Award.

Monday, August 10, 2015


Obama is promising the House and Senate that if they block his nuke deal with Iran, America will have a terrible war.

This is not Obama threatening war. It is the oligarchy threatening World War. They would love to have a massive war and blame the US House and Senate. This would leave them free to rescue America from Iran, blah, blah, blah ............. and the Congress would be the bad boys who caused it.

Obama is again being a good porch monkey and doing what the establishment wants him to do. While this show is center stage, other nasty things are going on.

Like, what is happening in the Ukraine? It looks suspiciously like the US would love to escape from Ukraine, and Putin would be very happy to see the US and EU back out. A war, or a very close call with war, in Iran would keep us all watching the hand that is NOT doing the trick.


Between Trump and Iran, we can absolutely predict that far down the road we will learn that great evil was done while the show raged on. 

Like, what if Jade Helm really up to?

Sunday, August 9, 2015


These two ladies are raising the level of hostilities, as Henry Kissinger would say.

These two ladies on the Viewer's View are grabbing the imagination of certain people. 

Who are these people?

YouTube producers. 

Anyone with a few dollars can be a YouTube producer today. So, what will the Internet be like with a thousand, even a hundred thousand, of these ladies hammering the world with their opinion?

A massive, inexorable force that crushes everything in its path."
Oxford Dictionary

Mahatma Gandhi united the people of India in peaceful demonstrations against British rule in about 1947, and they got what they went looking for. Is Donald Trump the catalyst of another Gandhi moment in US history? Has this man opened the gates of the Internet to a sort of pacifist's rage that will not be stopped by the oligarchy on high?

As more such ladies, and hopefully men, join the YouTube mob, the media and the well placed snobs in political power will start calling them names and marginalizing them. They will be called narcissists, egomaniacs, potential terrorists, exhibitionists, ignorant, rude, illiterate, clumsy, and a hundred other names. And, the juggernaut will roll on as the media and power boys fall into the background.

The Republicans must be peeing their pants in terror. They will not be on the juggernaut for the whole ride to glory if they don't adjust to this moment. Will anyone of the motley mob of alleged candidates turn their backs on the Hidden Hand who buy elections?

Finally, how will Hillary deal with these two ladies on Viewer's View? They are Black, they are funny, they are smart, and they are forceful. And, they are Democrats who "got religion" and joined the Trump version of the Republican Party. Hillary has virtually no way to answer this combo.

Am I enthralled with this trend? No. But, I am calling it the way I see it. I have no idea what Trump will do with the USA once he sits down in the Oval Office and reads that pile of continuity write ups to tell  him what he has inherited. 

But, I also have a suspicion that the ladies at Viewer's View have started the juggernaut rolling, and even The Donald will not be able to stop it........ unless, of course, he bails out. 


The ladies at Viewers View give their choice of a VP with Trump, and the idea is seductive in the extreme if you think about it. WATCH THE VIDEO

Saturday, August 8, 2015


This young child decided he was the hot shot football player who could violate private property in Texas with impunity. Not so, sir. 


This had nothing to do with race. 

The man is dead because he violated the castle domain law of Texas, and when confronted by police, he tried to run away.