Sunday, July 26, 2015


"When you start treating people differently, not because of any harm they’re doing anybody but because they’re doing different, that’s the path whereby freedoms begin to erode, and bad things happen,” Mr Obama told reporters at State House in Nairobi, Kenya.

Obama knew very well that Kenyans did not want to hear about the glorious life of sodomy he, Obama, exalts and practices. He knew he would cause trouble, and he did so eagerly. He loves men, and he hates anyone who does not approve of his secret sodomite life and his membership at the Men of the World club in Chicago.

So, in the top paragraph you see the threat to Kenya, and to President Uhuru Kenyatta in particular. "BAD THINGS HAPPEN."

This means that the US will soon enter Kenya and try to trash their peace and destroy their government.

It is a queer world now, thanks to America's nagging bag lady Hillary, in spite of the fact that the world has only a tiny minority of sodomites. 

Anyone who refuses to exalt the sodomite way of life is targeted by the USA State Department. If Hillary is elected, we will very likely have eight more years of hammering the world to bend over and drop their drawers.

I fully expect Obama to try to incite both race wars and straight backlash against sodomites. He craves to totally destroy the peace in America and give himself an excuse to declare the Executive Powers Act and rule America alone. He is an African dictator at heart, seething with lust to put on a Field Marshall's uniform.

For this, our Lord God will destroy America soon.


Saturday, July 25, 2015


The peek a boo satellite has just left Pluto, and the latest photos indicate that the planet is covered with solid ice made of nitrogen. 


I am sick of the thrills we are supposed to feel when we see a photo of a distant planet, and I am enraged at the conclusions the experts assume and disseminate as fact about said planet or star. The thing is way too far off to prove they are right or that my skeptical attitude is correct.

So, there goes your tax dollar. 

The seas of nitrogen will be named after aging scientists and progressive mental midgets around the world, and then, twenty years from now the next generations of experts will tell us what we know now must be trashed for a new theory.


1 Timothy 6:20 O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:


This is right out of the Keystone Cops. 

Our Government touts its massive technology and secrecy abilities, as do all nations in the world. They lie and lie and lie. All of the US Government now lies all of the time. The only time they tell the truth is when it is already known.

So, "This hack was not really all that dangerous........"

Becomes, after the facts are public, "We now think China knows who all of our spies are."

That is classic. They put peasant people in prison for lying, but the Feds lie, and no one calls them on it.

I am convinced they knew they were naked as a baby's butt the first time they found they had been hacked, and they hoped we would not notice if they lied long and loud.

So, if you would like a job as a spy, and if you know Chinese, you can probably get yourself hired at once by the Feds. Just don't tell the guy in line ahead of you what you are doing. He is a Chinese spy trying to hire on with the CIA.


We need to hand out the famous Dead Skunk Award from Balaam's Ass. This time, it goes to Michael S. Rogers of the US National Security Agency, those people who are too busy to catch you pooping or inhaling to bother with closing the back door on their technology system.

For the record, this is a two way street.

I find it a form of madness that I would go to jail for stealing Monsanto's secrets, but Chinese spies simply pay the big bucks to see that any case against them drags of forever.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


What can I say, what can any manly man and feminine lady say?


Pastor Manning from Harlem makes a good point


Obama supplied ISIS, thinking they would be useful as an adversary to justify more war in the Middle East.

It worked very well, and now ISIS is on its way to Britain to bomb sports events with drones.

You idiots who voted for Obama..... TWICE..... this is your great day. You will soon get to watch videos of your man Obama's friends, ISIS, turning British sports fans into blood and guts on YouTube.

And, Hillary is in the wings to keep the show going. If you love to see Americans bleed, vote of Hillary.

Next, The Dodgers, Cubs, or the New York Yankees?

Be proud, Obama supporters, you are the ones who turned this beast loose on the world.


It must be noted that the US Military and local law enforcement crave drones. They love the idea of being able to sit in the donut shop and cruise the city from a drone via their I-Pad, instead of driving around in their cars. Most police totally distrust and fear the people they "protect" anyway. They have been mentally deformed into believing we are all a bunch of potential terrorists. This is the result of the tenure of the butch Janet Napolitano while at Homeland Security.

"Hate the people in the Homeland," that is the new motto of American law enforcement with few exceptions.

So, pay day is coming soon to America. ISIS will soon be attacking Americans from the air, and it will not cost ISIS all that much. I can see the day when border cities have thousands of drones flying around dropping mini-bombs on back yard parties.

I also predict the day is soon on us in which we can watch dog fights in the sky between ISIS drones and US Military drones. We could virtually come to an end as a nation because we all have to stay indoors instead of shop and keep the economy alive. People will shop at night and hide the rest of the time.

Understand please-- drones can be flown a few feet off the ground, and fighter jets will be unable to even see them, let along shoot them down. Shooting them down will result in "collateral damage," as in dead Americans killed by Americans in the Air Force. When ISIS flies into Washington DC and starts trashing the White House and Capitol, only then will our pedophile Congressmen wake up, but too late.

I can also see the day coming when sports arenas must have machine gun nests and small missile launchers around the area to shoot down drones. This will result in friendly drones (?) being shot down, and drones will fall on homes and do serious damage. A drone launched near the stadium could hop over the roof and drop thermite bombs all around the stadium.

Solution: Racial profiling. Muslims, though many are peaceful, need to be tracked 24/7. They have chosen this religion which demands that they kill infidels or go to hell. So, their doctrine is deadly, and though it is a religious call, they need to be marked and followed and suspected at all times.

Look here now, if Fundamental Baptists were terrorists, not because they carry a Bible, as Janet Napolitano said, but because the flew drones around bombing people, I would have to just deal with the surveillance of me and my Baptist friends who are not terrorists.

Again, if Dutch Americans, like me, were bombing and doing acts of terror, I would fully understand if I were racially profiled and checked at every turn. 

Muslims who love America and are peaceful will understand, and if the profiling is even handed, they should have no complaint. Hell has moved from the Middle East to Brooklyn and Los Angeles, and profiling is one of the best tools to catch the creeps.

Mosques need to be infiltrated, and if the FBI will not do so, private citizens need to.

One exception: Ismaili Muslims. These people are not in the business of terror. But, they are a small minority in the USA. The fact that the US Government does not use Islaili Muslims in its diplomatic ventures in the Middle East is because the Presidents recently do NOT want peace there. So, the Islailis are the victims of the Muslims the US sides with, the Islamic Brotherhood. If you have an Ismaili neighbor, show them kindness. They are very liberal and progressive and do not believe in Jihad. But, they are NOT born again Christians of course. 

Suggestion: Under the circumstances, any drone violating the air space over your home should be open season. Use a hot stick of the 4 and 1 and 0 variety with turkey pellets. Beware though of falling pellets because this could get you hard time.

I suggest you move to the country very soon. Once this drone war comes to America, rural homes with a reasonable commute to your work in the city will sky rocket in price.

Someone also needs to look into a Tesla spark generator with targeted directional abilities to block the RF control system of drones so that they crash. 

We are really now at the mercy of the US Federal Government, and this drone thing alone could bring us to Martial Law and a President wearing an Army uniform and a Military dictatorship. Any way we defend ourselves against drones can be used against us.

The worst terrorist thought of them all is this-- Obama has a hit list already, we are told. And, when he wants to snuff anyone in the opposition, right up to Senators, he can now do it with a US drone, and he can then claim it was ISIS.

I wonder how many drones Jade Helm is flying right now.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


This is highly instructive. I suspect that the vast majority of US war Vets are feeling some sort of pain by how they are being treated after they discharge from the Military. These Vets will be falling into step with Donald Trump.


What the mainline media do not understand, largely because the twinks in the big media never served a day in any Military, is that Veterans understand the value of respect for a commander who presents himself with authority and experience. They may not like him personally, and they may not like his way of talking to the troops, but his record as a soldier will get their respect every time.

This is Trump to members of the US Military, and especially to Veterans. This fact will not be learned until after the election.

Again, I do NOT like the moral and marital heritage of Donald Trump, but his libido is at least not hanging out the the Castro District in San Francisco. 

But, I intend to keep watching this show and calling it as I see it. I believe that, since Teddy Roosevelt, there has not been a candidate for President who has come on with the rhetoric so well based in fact and reality. Trump has what Teddy Roosevelt called, "a bully pulpit."
The Bully PulpitAccording to the "Oxford English Dictionary," bully pulpit means "a public office or position of authority that provides its occupant with an outstanding opportunity to speak out on any issue." It was first used by TR, explaining his view of the presidency, in this quotation -- "I suppose my critics will call that preaching, but I have got such a bully pulpit!" The word bully itself was an adjective in the vernacular of the time meaning "first- rate," somewhat equivalent to the recent use of the word "awesome." The term "bully pulpit" is still used today to describe the president's power to influence the public.

Donald Trump, in case you missed it, and the media have ALL missed it, is a preacher or teacher. He does not just give a great speech, he teaches all along the way. And, he makes use of parables, which Jesus used all the time to teach. That comparison was ONLY to show the power of good teaching methods.

People learn new things from Trump at every rally, and this is the present reality show. Later, if he is elected, I predict he will be a teaching President, and he may even do a regular show on TV in which he teaches America under the guise of informing them.

This guy, if he does not bail out along the way, has staying power, and he seems to thrive on the battle. Ninety nine percent of modern politicians cannot take the battle anymore. They are a club of lushes and slobs who are in Washington DC for one reason-- personal gain.

Sir Donald has nothing to gain in wealth, considering what he has already. Does he crave power? Stupid question, right? Trump loves power, but as a business man he knows you get power in the marketplace by giving value to the customer. America is the customer, and if they elect him, he will produce one of the most terrifying and refreshing shows in American history. Heads will roll, corruption will be exposed, and Trump will be King. King of clubs. He will remind many of us of Ronald Reagan. 

Time will tell whether America gets value for their vote from Trump. If not, they will fire him.


President Obama, and his handlers, crave the day when all US ghettos break up into tribal warfare. This will then give Obama, faking a long serious face, the excuse to round up Black Americans and truck them to FEMA camps. They will then be eliminated with vaccinations laced with some freak pathogen that kills mysteriously.

If you are a Black Christian, you need to think seriously about helping your family and friends you care about get OUT of the low income area of town. Welfare is a huge burden on the US economy, and the elite on high crave that cash to play with. But, they cannot just go into the ghetto and start executing Black Americans.

Race war? Do you fear that? Forget it, the race issue will be fanned into flame only long enough to cause chaos in the ghettos. As more and more riots, looting, and burning events take place, the President will tell us that he needs to protect his dear Black brothers and sisters. 

When the FEMA bus rolls into your neighborhood, RUN. Get out of town for a while. Start trying to learn where the people are taken.


And, please do NOT imagine Obama is the main problem. He is doing what he is told. The next President, no matter who he is, will see the huge largess of cash available to the US if all welfare people were eliminated. He will do as he is told, or he will get a ride in a convertible in Dallas.

Mark 7:21 For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders,

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


They make Jesus, Mary, and a bunch of sodomite "saint" monks from the past, into lifeless plaster idols.

Thus, though the group is treacherous in their policy, it is refreshing to see the plaster jesus of the Vatican blasphemed. 

That is NOT my Jesus.



I decline to comment. I have a slow van, and I could not get away from them either.


If you and I can learn the following, what does Donald Trump know about John McCain?

I believe Trump, given his situation ethics pattern of life, would be a fool not to use his largess to buy a batch of files from sources willing to sell in the US Government.


Sunday, July 19, 2015


Where next for Sir Donald?

He is really one and one with McCain since McCain referred to Arizona groupies of Trump as "crazies." That will not be forgotten, and Trump's slap at McCain's war service will also not be forgotten. But, Trump may draw out some mad Veterans who have long claimed that McCain betrayed the US by giving information to the North Vietnamese. This thing could get VERY nasty before it is over.

Sir Donald is at a serious cross roads. 

He has two choices:
1. Pull in his horns, try to control the attack, and become a has-been, appearing to wimp out. 
2. Raise the level of hostilities and turn his campaign into a war on the elite in the Republican Party.

For this reason the Republicans are all joining ranks, at least in rhetoric, to try to control Trump with slaps and traps verbally to draw him into more over-steps.

The over steps are only perceived so far. Sir Donald's groupies love the soap opera. It is all a fantastic reality show, and Trump has had lots of practice at that. He is also a no holds barred business man. In a way, Trump is firing his opponents one by one.

So, I predict Trump will simply heat up the war, and his followers will love it. In fact, I see this as a revolution brewing. We have over a year to election day, and that year will be hotter and hotter, and the establishment of Republicans will soon be joined by the Democrats. Both parties will soon realize that establishment politics is seriously threatened.

Thus, if the Hillary / McCain machine does not manage to tempt Trump into a ride in the convertible in Dallas, Trump will very likely drive the engine down the tracks and inundate America with his road show. 


Trump caves mentally or physically. The pace of his show has been breath taking. Every two days, maximum, he draws fire from someone, serves it back in double portions, and I have to wonder if he can keep up the pace. If he can, the finale will be breathtaking. Trump will rage right on down to the wire, slaughtering and firing one after another of the opposition. Then, after he is sworn in, he will tell America that John McCain, Hillary, and all the rest of the people he attacked are,"Some of my best friends, and I highly respect them."

Also, watch for some big media entity to try to finally take him seriously. They will all hammer him with hate and innuendo, but someone along the way will realize this alleged wild man could start dragging the disgruntled Democrat voters to his rallies, and he could actually be Mr. President some day. The first media group that takes him seriously will be well rewarded by Trump. That is the way he works-- with corporate tactics.

Finally, his daughter is married to a Jew (as in AIPAC), and his daughter has become a Jew. Trump himself is Presbyterian, a card he has not yet played. His present wife is Czechoslovakian, and his sons are high powered business men. The show could seriously become a reality show to rival Duck Dynasty. Even his two former wives could be brought into the act defending him, that is, if he tosses them a couple billion each. If Trump orchestrates this right, he could have all of America lapping it up like the TV show long ago..... Dallas.

I also predict a visit to Israel with his Jewish son-in-law, "for a little rest before the really rough campaigning starts," and a little visit with Netanyahu and a visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. I also have a creepy feeling Trump has some hidden rapport with Vladimir Putin. This could cause President Obama to go mad with fear that his legacy will be-- that he was trumped in spades.

Having said all of the above, I have to tell you that, as a Bible believer, I find Trump's marriage matters, and his open display of sexy women around him, repulsive, and I do not trust him with regard to moral issues. Then again, Trump would probably tell us, "I never said I was a model of morality-- I am a very smart businessman, and that is what America needs right now." The masses and asses will love it because they are also vastly moral degenerates. 

I bet you did not like this editorial of mine too much, right? The point is, politics in America is a side show in the case of ALL politicians. They are moral creeps, and they are all bought, and they are all liars.

Romans 3:4 God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


I told you long ago that Turkey was rising, and that Turkish President Erdogan wants to restore the Caliphate from Iran to Morocco under his iron fist.

Here is another writer discussing this in more detail.


I believe Turkey is Gomer, and Turkey needs to displace the USA as the prevailing power in the Middle East. Turkey needs to also become a serious threat to Israel, and maybe to Saudi Arabia as well.

This will then set the stage for Russia, Gog and Magog in Ezekiel 38, to gather Turkey, as Gomer, and the other nations in the area, into a unit which Russia will then prevent from doing harm to Israel. Eventually, Russia will decide to grab Israel rather than guard her.

You are soon going to see God destroy the grip of the USA on the Middle East. I have no idea how God will do it, but it will probably be ugly, and the US Military will come raging home looking for revenge. They will probably seek it by attacking America.

Friday, July 10, 2015


John Clarke and Brian Dawes help jus all understand how Quantitative Easing works:

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


On July 25 President Obama goes to Kenya in a warm cuddly visit to allegedly "go back home."

But, his history of promoting sodomy worldwide, especially via Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is well known all over Africa. 

I have never seen an African country come on with their fangs out like Kanyans on this coming visit by Obama. They are virtually threatening him. Some will tell him to go home. One national leader threatens to raise a mob and rotten egg Obama if he breathes one word about sodomy.

Frankly, this is refreshing, but it is frightening also. Obama, who cannot keep his mouth under control in the promotion of sodomy, will find he must say something about gay rights. The issue that must be worrying Kenya officials is whether eggs will be the only things coming at Obama after he exalts faggotry.

Here are some articles, and I have found better stories by leaving the main line media:

These people are gay rights people, but they seem to see something is brewing and somewhat restrain themselves.

This could be horrendous if Obama is cut off while speaking in the Kenyan Parliament by members demanding his expulsion. And, this could definitely happen. The feelings run very deep.

One point of interest you will hear from only me. I recognize where all of these government leaders come from, and their tribe, by their names. Ninety percent of those speaking are from the Kikuyu tribe. I sense some tribalism here because Obama is a Luo tribal name, and his father was a drunk and lush well known to be a loser from western Kenya. Obama's father is said to have crashed his car into a tree while driving drunk. The Kikuyu dominated government of Kenya is also possibly letting Obama know he better walk carefully as a Luo.


No one wants to answer questions, not for security reasons, but the plans have not yet been made. I have this vision of Obama standing on the Nairobi to Kisumu road with his thumb out trying to bum a ride to his tribal home.

Everyone, in Kenya's government AND in the White House, has to be very nervous about Al-Shabab in Somalia. Will they try to launch an attack on Obama or one of his meetings? With this fact a real possibility, a smart President would give assurances beforehand that there will be no gay promotion so that the Kenya security people can watch for the real enemy instead of arresting anyone carrying eggs.

But then, America no longer has men who understand diplomacy. So, President Obama may have a lot hotter time in Africa than he anticipates. 


Here is a very suspicious "coincidence." The Shanghai Stock Exchange was tanking just before the NYSE crashed. Technical difficulties, or world class movers and shakers protecting their investments?


Question: Did China take down the NYSE in order to stop their own crash, or at least slow it down? If so, they will get what.... one day, and what will they do in one day?

EMP nuke over NYC?



Watch for oil prices to fall resulting in Texas, No. Dakota, and Alberta economies to tank. Fracking companies are way over-extended on their loans, and they are NOW running big loses.


You got it, Bunky, Ecuador has built the Pope his own bathroom for his visit to Quito. 


Now, that is just the thing for a weary Pontiff. After flying across the world in a jumbo jet, with those tiny bathrooms they offer, what a lovely consideration to give the Pope his own ecclesiastically correct poo house. 

You can see the Papal Poo-How that Pope Francis uses, in the above photo, when he is back home in the snake farm.

My concern is, what will they do with the, er, Pontifical product collected by the holy out house? Do they have a holy septic system? After all, there are some pretty superstitious people in them thar hills around Quito, and they might just sequester some of the Pope's contribution and parade it through the streets on the festival of Saint John the Divine.

It is nice to see these South American folks pamper Pope Pancho though. Franky's fanny must not be designated to just anywhere along the roadside.

I will make note though. There is no indication in the Bible that the disciples of Jesus, or the churches to which the Apostle Paul and Peter ministered, had special elimination privileges arranged for them. This need for a special pooping point in the Pope's day is all about the doctrine of the Nicolaitans.

Nicolaitan-- Nico Laity-- above the people.

There is your Greek lesson for the day.

And, what did Jesus say about the Nicolaitans, and those who demand special poopery considerations?

Speaking to the Church at Ephesus in The Revelation: Revelation 2:6 But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.

So, the Pope needs to enjoy all the pampering he can get. Christ hates his doctrine, and the Pope will one day be in accommodations where there is no need for a Papal Pooperia-- HELL.

No water in hell, and no need to eliminate....................... FOREVER.

He is worthy.

And, for you history buffs, here is a story you probably missed.

Pope Joan

Long ago, Joan of Anglius was in love with a priest in Anglia, recently renamed England, and Joan took holy orders, disguised as a man, in order to be with her lover priest.

Joan was never discovered, and she excelled in teaching doctrine so mightily that she was promoted over and over until she found herself in the Vatican in the 800s AD, though it was not called the Vatican then.

She cleverly arranged for her lover priest to be assigned to Rome to perform some flunky duty so that he could be near the female Pontiff.

But, alas, the college of Cardinals did not know Joan was a woman, and by virtue of her vast command of church doctrine, they elevated her to Pope, and she coyly chose John as her new name. 

All went well until she got pregnant by her old lover. The Cardinals noted that Pope John (Joan) was putting on weight, but they never caught on. One day, as Joan was on her way to the Laterine Chapel to say the Mass, the Pope gave birth to a child on the pavement. It is said that priests around her decided this was all an attack by The Devil, and one of the priests stomped the baby to death.

Now, the Cardinals felt a bit miffed at being thus deceived, and they came up with what has been called "the groping chair." Whenever a new Pope was being chosen it was necessary to determine if said Pope was indeed a man by the usual definition around the Papal village.

Thus, a groping chair was made, and for many years the new candidate for Pope was asked to sit in the chair and expose his genitals for examination. Size was not the issue..... only that they be the right gender.

See the groping chair at the right.

Those of you cynics who doubt the new Pope's gender, based on his peculiar comments about sodomites, will be happy to know that he must have passed the test and received the imprimatur in the area under discussion.

Once again, I make note that you who follow this blog and come racing here for the latest gossip, can rest assured that I sit up late at night burning the midnight oil, and various other oils, trying to wrest the truth from the past and present in a way that should charm the most skeptical inquirer.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


The main line media and East Coast news agencies will never be satisfied with the Deep South and Texas as to race. They want to keep rubbing in that alleged crimes of the South, and these accusations are based on a northern interpretation of the past.

READ THE ARTICLE PLEASE from the ultra-Liberal LA Times.

Now, for the record, ye racist bigots in New England and Californication................  

It was in Texas that the first successful prosecution of the Ku Klux Klan took place. In 1923 Dan Moody, District Attorney of Williamson County, where your editor lives, brought five Klansmen to justice and prison sentences. Our County is very proud of Dan Moody to this day.

The whole point, which the rest of the north of the USA does not get, is that Texas is famous for getting over it and moving on. 

The Northern USA wants to keep rubbing the South's nose in the past. The fact is, the North did NOT want the slaves. I have lived and visited all over the northern USA. The racism there is far worse then anything now found in the Deep South or Texas. The Civil War had nothing to do with freeing slaves. It was all about destroying the prosperity of the South. And it worked, and we reserve the right to keep rubbing YOUR nose in your true history.

So, get over it creeps. We have. Come take a look at the low rent district of Austin, Texas, and then to have a look at Detroit and the south side of Chicago. We still have things to do, but we do not want you blasted losers, who build freeways and elevated railways over the top of your ghettos, to come get in our faces.

For you clueless bigots, here is a look at Austin, Detroit, and the south side of Chicago:

AUSTIN-- This is not the best part of the city, but it is where many Blacks live, and life is orderly, and there are opportunities. Use Google Earth to browse the neighborhood please.

CHICAGO-- No comment-- self-defining.

DETROIT-- And, you people want to tell us what to do with our good Black neighbors in Texas????? Back out in Goggle Earth, and you will see all the green open areas. Those are blocks which had to be bulldozed and the Black folks run off because the city was going broke keeping utilities working. Recently folks saw a bear in the middle of Detroit in a city park.

So, which of the three cities would you pick if you were forced to spend a year living in one of them?

By the way.................

Best Cajun food in Texas IS HERE and Google earth it.

This is the story of one tough lady, with LOADS of bad luck, who came to Austin and made good, AND did good to her neighbors.

Now, Texas, in spite of your lousy attitude, is filling up with people from all over the world who are coming here for the same reason Lola came. You can to, but you better leave your nasty attitude in Boston. You will be shunned by Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics if you go whining around griping about what is wrong with Texas.

We are moving on..... see if you can keep up please.

And, if we don't celebrate all the misery and sorrow of the slavery days in our school text books, well, we will leave that to you losers in Chicago.


It is now clear that Bill Cosby admitted to drugging and raping women.

Will the legal and court systems now deal with him as they would any "common criminal," or will the nation look the other way. I wrote long ago that judgment should be withheld by we the people unless Cosby is tried and convicted.

He has incriminated himself in a distant court hearing. His career is not rubbish.


This is a pathetic way for Cosby to end his life. It is a lesson to all of us, especially young prospering men who think they can drop their drawers and not be held accountable.