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This post is the result of wandering all over the world, especially West Africa, to find English news from the scene of the Ebola epidemic. So, it is a bit disjoint, and you will notice what seem to be contradictions. This should tell us there is (A) disinformation in abundance, and (B) a lot we still do not know. Thus, the people in high places are telling us things they absolutely cannot prove one way or the other. Some information is gross disinformation to prevent panic.

IT IS TIME TO DO YOUR OWN THINKING FOLKS. Of course, I am rather pleased to know that this blog attracts some thinking people. If that were not true, I would go shoot pool of join ten-under-par-Obama on the golf course and carry his bag for him. Well, the golf bag, not the weed bag, you understand. 

All the kings and rulers of all human history have ALWAYS denied an epidemic is present in their nations. This has been done a number of times in the USA, and they are doing it again. There are reasons for this, and most of the reasons are wicked.
1. They are totally unprepared to fight the epidemic, so they want time to get ahead of it before admitting it is real. I am convinced that the facilities and medical supplies AND blood needed to save an Ebola patient are not in anywhere large enough supply for an epidemic, even a limited one. It is very embarrassing when the peasants start solving an epidemic long before Caesar officially declares that it exists. 
2. The leaders know the public will panic at some point, and they want to take control measures in order to herd the masses around as they stampede. In the Texas cattle drives long ago, when the cattle were bedded down at night, the cowboys would be up and riding around the herd singing hymns and lullabies to them if they saw a storm coming. This way, the cowboys would be ready to control the cattle when they stampeded because of thunder and lightning. We are not listening to the US Federal Government and the CDC sing "Rock a bye baby." The US President will also use this epidemic to introduce control measures that have nothing to do with epidemics, and this needs to be put in place. The Gulag needs to be tidied up.
3. The leaders fear that the the masses will self-quarantine, and the gross national product will crash, and tax revenue will dry up as commercial activity decreases and businesses go into red figures. The whole restaurant and fast food industry will crash overnight.
I am giving these three reasons for the denial in progress because I researched the history of epidemics in the 1980s when AIDS first became known in the USA. I read about epidemics all the way back to the Black Plague in the Dark Ages.

But, understand please that on down the page are items from West Africa and sources not under the control of the US State Department and the CDC.

COMMENTS POSTED ON NEWS SITES ABOUT MASKS AND EBOLA BEING PULLED Someone has convinced the news media to hide, not only the numbers of Ebola cases in the US and Europe, they also are pulling preparedness posts. Why? Do they actually WANT us to die?


This procedure is MY procedure. Use it at your own risk. It is not in any way officially approved........    
THUS: Order from Amazon store "BHP Safety Products" for the best price. You need to order more filters from BHP also.  
It appears that the method of cleaning and reuse would be to be covered and gloved including a face mask. Hold the contaminated mask downwind from you in a breeze. First, lay the mask down and spray the whole thing with hydrogen peroxide. Let air dry. This might be best done immediately after arriving home from shopping or other public activity. Discard and replace gloves after the first spraying and reglove before continuing. Remove the filters and bag them for disposal. Attach the new filters. If you run out of new filters, spray the used ones heavily with hydrogen peroxide and let completely dry before handling. Lay the whole mask down again outdoors and spray with hydrogen peroxide again in case you unwillingly transmitted contamination through the process. Discard gloves before storing the mask ready for use in a clean container AFTER the mask is totally dry.  
If a disinfecting clean-up protocol is not possible we will all go broke throwing the masks away every time we use them. I feel we need a disinfecting protocol. The rule is, do the best you can with what you have.  I am also wondering if ultraviolet light used for disinfecting would work. I do not know enough about that though.  
DO NOT USE Lysol or other such solvent disinfectants without testing a small part of the mask AND filter. If it degrades stay with the hydrogen peroxide. One part to about seven, non perfumed bleach to water to disinfect, but again, do the test to a small area and let it air dry to make sure no damage is done. You do not want to degrade the configuration of the filter in particular. I would welcome any comments that are based in real life experience on this topic.
Buy your masks NOW because when Ebola cases are finally admitted by the Feds, the masks will disappear in hours. Also, the masks are not a loss in case the epidemic is not serious in your area. They are great for flu outbreaks, and they are great for handling fiber glass insulation and when grinding and processing materials that produce find dangerous dust. Ideal for asbestos removal. 
Should you print out these instructions and also send them to a friend? If news sites are being told to pull down discussion of masks, foul play is afoot. You need to get to the head of the line on this.

DOCTOR SANJAY PATEL BLOWS COVER OF EBOLA IN NYC He also again claims it cannot go airborne. He does make it clear that the hospital is hiding other cases of testing. He also makes it clear that the blood for testing is transported. This increases the chance of transmission of the disease. His final caveat is the encourage you to not worry..... Ebola will not spread in the "exceptional" USA.



Again, lies from alleged medical "experts." This is the same line that was going out officially by Doctor Everett Koop when AIDS first appeared. He claimed it would not spread, then when it did, he claimed only gay men would get it. Well, that became an obvious lie, so they gave AIDS civil rights and threatened doctors with losing their license to practice medicine if they reported AIDS to anyone. Voile, AIDS went away. Do you believe that. My brother died of AIDS after fighting it for 23 years. By the way, the main lie seems to be that Ebola will not go airborne. That is a lie, and you can Google it and find the research report on my blog elsewhere.

Closing the barn door after the cows are out.....?

The people at Emory University and the CDC HAVE MISHANDLED DEADLY BIO ORGANISMS BEFORE. Could they do it again with the doctor under Ebola treatment there?

Watch the video.
The transmission of Ebola is NOT as limited as the propaganda "expert" doctor being interviewed says. The precautions in hospitals in West Africa are a lot more rigid than the casual precautions against contagion used by the average American. Lies, lots of lies so the public will not panic. If Americans panic, the restaurant business will die. Sports events and other mass entertainment will die. Tax revenue will drop seriously, and THAT is the reason the doctor has been told to play Ebola down.

Add in the horror of drought in California and the absolute dislocation of masses of state population who flee to the rest of the USA. Migration and epidemic are extremely deadly when combined. Simply witness the disease and death rate in refugee camps around the developing world. I know, I have lived there and seen the results in Ethiopia and Kenya.

Where did he go? Note about uptick in travel from Africa right now. This is an obvious clue that Africans are fleeing from Ebola nations.
Reports negative-- I do not believe it. 


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