Tuesday, August 5, 2014


This is not on Drudge. Drudge is mainly about the USA. Watching Ebola spread around the world will tell a lot about how it could easily come to the USA and Europe.


It is time to discuss the obstacles in the way of the US Government responding to a possible Ebola epidemic coming to North America. In West African nations all sorts of political crises have been coming down as Ebola also strikes. Revolution, corruption trials, assassinations, executions, corrupt negotiations with far away nations and corporations, all of these and more distract national leaders from dealing with the epidemic.

HERE IS AN EXAMPLE FROM GUINEA ( Right click and hit Translate )

So, what is distracting the US Government right now? 

Russia just gave notice to European nations that they cannot fly over Russia. This will be a real source of trouble for the airlines. Obama is determined to cage Putin and destroy him. Putin is working like a fox to make chaos for the USA by wheeling and dealing with other nations and making currency arrangements to cut out the dollar. Meanwhile, the dead bodies and bullet holes in the downed Malaysian flight over Ukraine are appearing all over the web. Time for a cover up or some snuffing of web masters. Time to slap the Bear again.

Then again, there are the kids from Central America. Obama keeps playing golf hoping some sort of revolution will start over the immigration issue so that he can declare himself Imperial Dictator and declare war on America. It is becoming clear that the various states involved have caught onto this trick, and they are not reacting like Obama hoped. A false flag is needed, and that takes some careful planning so that some Arab coffee club takes he blame.

California is running out of water and cash. Obama may soon decide to evacuate portions of the California population, or they may simply leave before he can grab them. We could have Central American kids drifting into California as the tax payers drift out and go to Texas. When a nation has significant blocks of its population in motion migrating, a kind of depressing confusion sets in. We also just heard that a drought of the extreme of the California drought could set off high powered earthquakes. That is all they need.

Also, Obamacare is up for execution if the Supreme Court rules that the Feds cannot subsidize the beggars who went for Obamacare thinking they would get a free ride from the Feds.

Now, right in the middle of these distractions a real problem hits the nation. It is a disease that they cannot stop, kills 90% of its victims, and the medical facilities are not nearly ready. When these things hit a nation, many of the medical workers disappear. They don't want to die.

Now, Ebola could stay mainly in Africa. That would be great with me. But, I am assuming our national leaders will deal with Ebola the same way they do all crises, like Y2K-- wait until the last minute, and then panic and go at it 24/7 and miss the crash by minutes. That is what happened regardless of what you heard. People in US Military technology told me this.

Ebola is a crisis that cannot be stopped by finishing your golf game, having a thousand committee meetings, passing resolutions, making surveys and field visits, and then panic and kill it by Yankee ingenuity. Ebola must be hit head on NOW by severe restrictions on air travel, and medical response systems must be set up that cause people comfort. With the hate and disapproval of the American people for Obama as he behaves like Idi Amin, most Americans will see every Federal effort to prepare for Ebola as a ploy to move from a democracy to a total dictatorship. 

You do not stop an epidemic until the people trust the king. So, Obama cannot possibly do this. He cannot get ready for Ebola, well, other than to grab anyone with a runny nose and throw them into a FEMA camp and let them rot, sick or not. And so, that may be just what he will do.

Do you have a passport? If not, you better get one.

So, play through, Mr. President. See if you can come out under par just once, and when you are done trimming the weed behind the clubhouse, sir, come home to America. You need to go to work for a change and deal with a real monster, and medical Mary Jane and Puff the Magic Dragon will not fix this one.

I have a question for readers. 

Is this blog giving you an overload on Ebola and the epidemic? Please leave a comment.

It would be good to know this because  the nature of epidemics is that they eventually consume the mind and discussions of the public nearly 100% because of the fear factor and because of all the things people must do and not do in order to survive. I do not want to be guilty of feeding fear. I want to feed you facts you can use to keep up on the real story and prepare for what may come to us all. I would also like to hear from readers in nations other than the USA. Does this blog help you?

By the way, I have ordered P100 3M half face masks for my wife and I. See the discussion of this in the previous blog item below. I shall be talking about boosting your immune system with some hyper tricks soon. There is no cure for Ebola, but if you can keep your immune system from collapsing, you have a good chance of surviving if you catch it.

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