Monday, July 23, 2018


Donald Trump is historically correct in trying to build a relationship with Russia. But, Russia does not want a relationship with the USA.


Russia is posturing, via technology and hacking, to bring the whole USA down by blowing up nuclear power plants. That is the unspoken aspect of the above article. If the Russians got into a dozen power plants (out of 150) and dropped the fuel rods suddenly, those plants would blow. If done strategically, this could cause the evacuation of many US cities to avoid radioactive fall out.

This means Russia is ready to virtually shut down the USA economically, and in other powerful ways, for many months.

Does Russia, and Putin in particular, have a reason to do this?

One word................. SANCTIONS

The US State Department, from Obama to Trump, has been ramping up sanctions against Russia, and Russia is suffering economically because of this. If the Russians took the USA out, the whole world would drop all sanctions, and trade with Russia would explode.

And, later, a humbled USA would come, hat in hand, to Putin and beg for mercy.

Why should Putin cut deals and come at this issue the long way around the barn? Shut down the USA, and Putin has the world knocking on his door asking for deals.

And, given the social and cultural filthy ways of the USA, why should God stop Putin?

Finally, you will claim that the US can retaliate. That is true, but with the nation crashed, what difference would that make? Also, what if the Russians manage, next time, to assign the hacking task to a surrogate mob? The US would not know who to attack.

Please indulge me, but I must tell you this..... I told you so long ago.