Thursday, August 9, 2018


We have all seen the video of Maxine Waters telling her followers to bash Trump supporters in the face and run them clear out of America. We hear from various radical Liberals how Conservatives need to be slapped around and challenged. Some even call for the "elimination" of Conservatives, which is murder talk.

This is apartheid all over again. 

In South Africa, long ago, the Whites freely nagged and nannied Blacks to keep them in their place. The Blacks could only go into certain parts of the city, and they were segregated on buses and in eating places. The foundation for apartheid was the doctrine that Whites were superior. In the distant past days of segregation in South Africa, Blacks were said to be no more than animals and did not even have a soul. This was a doctrine said to have come from God himself. The Dutch Reformed Church preached this.

I see Maxine Waters trying to form a two tier society in America. On top will be Her Majesty, El Max, and her followers will preach her doctrine of the superior race. This will be preached to the lower tier race, Conservatives. The intention will be to torment Conservatives in order to restrain them and prevent them from taking power and making the rules.

What will happen?

We have already seen such things as yelling in the face of Conservatives and refusing them service in eating places. The violence has already started in the form of bashing with bricks, throwing lemonade in their face, and driving Conservatives out of the super race's restaurants.

I also remind you of Adolph Hitler and his super race or Third Reich. Her Majesty El Max dreams of a day when Progressive Liberals can eliminate all Conservatives by execution and marginalization, just as Hitler did. This is nothing but old moldy African tribalism in her Satanic soul.

Here is a typical promise of violence and murder:

"The revolution is happening in the most unlikely of places. The resistance ― the true resistance ― is not coming from the Democratic Party or from the liberal establishment. I can’t reveal too much right now, but there is a real insurgency taking place."
Michael Moore
I too have a secret bit of information, Michael, and I too will not reveal too much now. But, for starters, there are three guns per man in Texas. Since Texas is plagued with a fair number of gun hating Liberals, guess how many most men actually have? 

The real question will be in this regard, what happened to apartheid in South Africa? The Blacks revolted, and the Whites, while kicking and screaming, gave in and let the Blacks participate.

And today, the Black government in South Africa has declared open season on Whites to attack them and take their homes and property. I fear the day may come, after blood shed and war, that Conservatives become tyrants and take back America with a vengeance. The gullible followers of Her Majesty El Max need to understand that revenge is coming, and many of them will die. As I said, I do NOT believe this is the great solution. It is simply the pattern for all of human history.

This is how the new apartheid will end in America. Conservatives will be rather quiet and seemingly timid at first in the face of the arrogance of Her Majesty El Max and her violent hate mongers. Progressive Liberals will take the upper hand, at least it will appear that way. And then, one day, the under society, Conservatives, will rise up, and with violence they will take back America. It will not be pretty I fear. If you have Liberals in your family, you should warn them that, one day, they may be running for their lives.

There will be a Bunker Hill, an Iwo Jima event, probably triggered by an assassination of a highly placed Conservative. Some landmark violence will trigger the Conservative response.

The other name for this is Civil War, and the sooner we get on with it, the sooner we can get beyond it and see if America will survive. The only way the ruling upper tier mob will be stopped will be with extreme violence. History proves me correct.

The rules for Conservatives are these:

1. Do not strike first. He who strikes first loses. This is the rule in civil war and race riots. Juries will only call you innocent if you are defending yourself or family.
2. When you are attacked, give them back more than they gave you. If they throw lemonade in your face, throw hot coffee in their face. If they shoot up your house with paint balls, shoot out their car windows. If you want to avoid guns, buy a sling shot and ball bearings or mace. 
3. Take no prisoners. Once you are physically attacked, eliminate the attacker. Just be very sure you can prove you were physically attacked. If your state does not let you defend yourself with deadly force, move to Texas.
4. Never be part of a rebellion against law enforcement. These people may be able to stop this thing if they ever get their testosterone up properly.
5. Move to a part of America where Conservatives still have the upper hand.
6. Don't be picky about who you will fight with. We have a chance to do away with discrimination once and for all. Blacks are divided down the middle into Liberal maniacs and Conservative cross overs. We will end this civil war with Blacks and Whites fighting together to save America, and that is a great prospect we must all welcome. Indeed, El Max, in her scheming to become dictator, is uniting the Right in a new and powerful way. When some of you racist Whites get sent to the back of the bus by El Max, you will soon find Black patriots already back there, with a razor in their shoe, itching for a chance to take back America. Key word- "Everything is copacetic."
7. Pastors, teach your people that Jesus told his disciples to get a sword (Luke 2:36). Defending oneself against general mayhem and crime is an option and is NOT persecution. But also, it is not cowardly to avoid evil. If you know there is violence nearby, do not go there looking for an excuse to join the battle unless someone you are responsible for is under attack.
This is not what I want because it will be bloody. But, America is no longer the free nation it once was. Violent Liberals in high places fully believe they have a right to rape and kill Conservatives and slap them around. There is no solution other than to have at it, and let us see who will prevail. Never under estimate the hate and rage of Progressive Liberals. And, use this to advantage.

When a man is totally consumed of rage and hate, he is a lousy fighter. The Bismarck of Germany taught his Prussian troops to never go into battle in rage. They were trained to keep their mind on the battle plan and tactics. You will prevail if you keep the enemy raging and hopelessly consumed with hate. Mockery and sarcasm are essential weapons for this purpose. Meanwhile, keep your mind under control and on your enemy's weakness.

Remember, Progressive Liberals are sissies. They are tough only when they are in a mob, like cur dogs. Michael Moore is classic. If he met a Conservative down an ally, and if he made a cheeky remark to the Conservative, he would soon be peeing his pants in terror if the Conservative took umbrage. The Left is terrified of Conservatives in real life encounters. Do not let them fool you into submission by their flaming empty rhetoric.

As General Lewis Chesty Puller USMC (top photo) said long ago, “All right, they’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us…they can’t get away this time”–
Lewis B. Chesty Puller, USMC

Personally, I believe the above is a modest and restrained proposal for survival of real Americans.