Tuesday, September 25, 2018


In the past, at this blog, I have warned you about an EMP potential. 

There are two kinds of EMPs. The first is a solar Coronal Mass Ejection which would, if large enough, blow up the power grids of most of the world. A CME is an event when the sun blasts of electromagnetic energy at the earth. The second kind of EMP is a nuclear explosion set off 300 miles over Nebraska which would take down ALL technology and the power grid.

Imagine if the lights went out, the water stopped coming, all food sources disappeared in three days, and all vehicles went dead. The irony about this potential disaster or nature or war is that it is much easier to pull off than conventional warfare. Since my last articles on EMPs, China and Russia have successfully tested hypersonic missiles able to fly at ground level, navigate around hills and through valleys, and all at 9000 to 12,000 Miles Per Hour. They are also capable of carrying EMP nuclear devices.

Either China or Russia could launch one of these new missiles 80 miles south of Cuba, and the missile would be 300 miles over Nebraska in just under 30 minutes. Our early warning stations would see one blip on their radar, and by the time the screen did the next pass, the missile would be gone. The likelihood is that the personnel watching for the enemy would never see anything.

The reason I keep dealing with this issue is that you are 100% on your own. The US Government and Congress are doing absolutely nothing to prepare for this possibility.

Here is the latest on EMPs.

Another recent interview with Dr. Peter Vincent Fry:

There is a morbid aspect to the EMP question. Is it really possible to get ready, and can we defend ourselves with our best efforts? The answer seems to be, NO. With these high speed delivery systems, any nation with the technology can get at us, and we could get at them. The problem is, the USA has generally got the correct inhibitions that prevent us from doing an EMP over Russia, China, or any of the rogue terrorist smaller nations. The devastation to life and property we would do keeps our leaders from seriously considering it. 

But, we have adversaries who may well be eager to put America out of commission for three to five years. The reality is, whoever nuked us with an EMP would never have to deal with the might and threat of American Military responses forever. The possibility of the USA coming back from an EMP is zero. Life would return, but never to the level of luxury and wealth we now have.

We Americans have a build in mental response to being attacked. Because we have not been attacked on our own soil since 1812 (except Hawaii), we have delusions that we can retaliate and somehow even the score. After an EMP attack we will NOT be retaliating for one simple reason. We will not know who did it to us. So, we will suddenly be a defeated nation groveling in our total mental sorrow and emotional malaise. Our leaders will have nowhere to turn for their next move, and they will not be retaliating. The emotional impact of this fact will make puddles of emotional jelly of all American survivors.

So, have you made any preparation for such a crisis? 

Added to the EMP possibilities is the super volcano at Yellowstone. If that blew, life would grind to a halt, and millions of Americans would die horrible deaths from inhaling the dust. Also, millions more would starve to death due to crops being killed from Wyoming to Ohio and north Texas. With the world turning in hate against America due to President Trump's big mouth, few nations would come to our rescue.

You will find here many ideas on preparation.

You can laugh this off as a conspiracy, but it is not that at all. The EMP threat is very real, and at any moment the lights could go out for many years. The master transformers needed to bring back the power grid do not exist. They take three years to build, and we do not build them ourselves. They come from Denmark, Malaysia, and South Korea. Our power companies have no plan. I have asked ours, which is one of the top rated companies in the USA for preparedness, and they do not have spare transformers on hand. 

I have gotten conflicting information on large power transformer production. The leading expert claims the only places in the world producing them are the three nations above. In US Government documents the claim is that we have nine manufacturing facilities in the USA. I have to conclude that the largest transformers are simply not being talked about. The problem with our own manufacturing companies is that they would need power to make more transformers. Are they prepared for an EMP?

Add to this challenge the feat of replacing 300,000 miles of high tension power lines around the USA. Than, how many million pole transformers would be needed? All of these bits and pieces would have to be manufactured with not power in the manufacturing facilities. Would the world go into high production just for us in order to bring us back? Why should they after the way we treat them?

In US Dept. of Energy publications I have seen, they only deal with terrorism and hacking to shut down individual power plants. They carefully avoid all mention of EMPs. I know they have been warned of the threat, so I have to assume they simply do not know how to get ready for an EMP.

The bottom line is this..... WE ARE ON OUR OWN. There is absolutely NO US Government agency or department which is prepared to take care of Americans. They will quickly run out of fuel for their vehicles and power plants, and they will go home. FEMA will run out of food after about three days. They too will go home. The same applies to the US Military. They also will run out of fuel and become helpless. US soldiers caught in foreign nations will be the best off, depending on how much they are hated by the local people.

The second most deadly issue will be people dependent on life support systems and life sustaining drugs like insulin. Have you decided what you will do if TSHTF? A loved one with diabetes might have a chance on half doses and a panic diet of absolutely no carbs. Otherwise, they will slowly die.

If you want to have a chance to be a survivor, you will have to make preparations now. If you live in a large city, you have the most serious level of preparation. Your first priority will be to get out of the city into the countryside where you can beg for food from farmers and possibly help on a farm for room and board. Do you who live in a large city even know what route you would take to flee the city. You will have about one hour to react in order to get ahead of the total break down of law and order.

If you live in Southern California, prepare to meet your God. There is no chance of walking out of the Los Angeles metro area. With a bicycle you might have a chance, but do have a hand gun ready to defend yourself. Those of you who have thought about this and decided you will loot and pillage to stay alive, are you prepared to kill everyone you meet to avoid being killed yourself?

The problem with an EMP and a Yellowstone super volcano is that today there is absolutely no chance that this is a real threat, at least if you look out your window at the peaceful neighborhood. But, in ten seconds, all this great life we live could be ancient history, and we would spend 24/7 trying to find food and protect ourselves from marauding killers. And, that plan could last for three years if everything goes ideally. 

All other thoughts on preparedness are in the article at the link above.

Finally, should we factor in God? If you believe there is a God, whose side do you imagine he is on? As he looks at America, he sees a nation that has allowed the murder of 70 million babies in the womb. He sees a nation that is exalting sodomy, divorce, and is showing no zeal to track down pedophiles in high places in our Government. He sees a nation that has killed nearly 2 million people in the Middle East based on the fairy tale of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

So, why should God protect America from destruction?

You may have the sick notion that God is impressed with Donald Trump and will preserve him. Why should God preserve a man, and his voting base, who believe in the doctrine of "grab 'em by the p_____?" Why should God bless a man who throws away two wives in order to get hot new flesh? And, why should God protect a man whose mouth is boastful of himself in the extreme?

There is NO diplomatic immunity from judgment with God. When a nation has filled the cup of the wrath of God, he dumps that nation over the edge.

Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.