Sunday, October 14, 2018


The US State Department, obviously at the request of the President, offered helium to the engineer and builders of the Hindenburg well before the US went at war with Germany. This was a decision to reverse a previous decision to not supply Germany with helium for security reasons.

The engineer decided that helium could not be moved to Germany and stored due to lack of tank space. Furthermore, keeping the supply of helium on hand would have been vastly more expensive than using hydrogen in the air ship.

So, the Hindenburg was ballooned up with hydrogen, and a freak disaster in the strangest of circumstances caused the air ship to ignite and burn.

If the engineer had accepted the US offer, the Hindenburg would not have crashed and burned. The engineer had what seemed like good reasons for not accepting helium.

The US President and US State Department did the right thing. But, they could not force the Germans to do the right thing also.

The moral in this documentary is this. When the President makes a decision and tries to do what he thinks is right, we are fools when we jump at once to the conclusion that the President is a traitor because he tried to help our enemy. We do not know all the factors which enter the discussion when our leaders make a decision.

It is getting very old to hear the news media attack President Trump every time he takes an action or tries to solve a problem. The hate for Trump is so intense from the Progressive Left Wing of the USA that they seem to feel obligated to blow their brains out and curse Trump every move he makes.

America is slowly sliding into the abyss of hate and rage. Let us all see if we can resist to hate these mindless people on the Left. Let them go their way. They will one day be shown for what they are. 

I believe I detect a move by some Democrats to walk away from the mental midgets on the far Left. We need to give these people a new home, and I do not mean the Republican Party. I mean that we must welcome them to rational thinking.

And, remember the Hindenburg the next time you are offered an alternative to some choice you are about to make. Someone out there just might be smarter than you are, and God will hold you responsible if you commit to a deadly option.