Tuesday, October 23, 2018


An Iraqi man in Akron, Ohio was a friend of mine. He had a strange mix of fear and respect for Saddam Hussein. This was because of Hussein's startling generosity for any Iraqi who was loyal to him, and for the way he treated the parents of Iraqi soldiers killed in the war with Iran.

My friend also told me there were five Saddam Husseins. Hussein had a custom of going into the streets of Baghdad and handing out cash and candy, especially to children. No one knew if the Saddam giving them gifts was the real one or one of the five stand ins. 

The fear of Hussein was based on the suspense when he went to pay a visit to a citizen. He might walk up to the door with a new TV, or he might walk up, and when the door was opened, he would blow the person away with his own revolver. He also would drive the Jeep himself.

When a soldier died in the war with Iran, Hussein would order up a massive celebration for the family. The soldier's body was driven through the streets in a truck decked out with flowers, and the parents of the soldier, who almost always lived in humble places in country towns, were given a new home in Baghdad, and they got to keep their home in the country to rent for income.

This is the Saddam Hussein you never heard about from the US propaganda media machine who printed what the US State Department told them to print.

My friend told me that if I ever heard that the US claimed to have killed Saddam Hussein, it would be almost certain that they did not get the real Saddam. That was why the five look alikes.

All of the above was introduction to my prediction. I am 100% convinced that as I write some company is producing a Donald Trump look alike robot. The same would be true of Vladimir Putin. I believe that all noted world leaders will one day have look alike robots to walk from here to there, and these leaders will only be real when they stand before the cameras to speak. Even then, with technology advances, we may have robots almost 100% of the time standing in for world leaders.

The justification for this will be the likes of Maxine Waters who boldly said she would like to kill Trump. As the threats escalate, and as the FBI and Homeland Security keep holding back enforcement for death threats, leaders will demand robots to stand in for them.

Indeed, the day may come when there will be no human behind the robot, and America will have its first robot President. When that happens, enemy nations will be trying to hack the President.