Thursday, October 25, 2018


This is astounding. China is now in control of three Israeli ports. The port of Haifa is one, and it is a huge staging point of the US Navy. Private Israeli companies, along with an Israeli government agency, have bypassed the Israeli Military, and Israeli top officials to write a contract with China giving China control of the port of Haifa.

Jewish News has reported on this story, and it seems that the whole scheme is still under the radar in the Pentagon and in Israel. This sort of thing tells us one obvious fact..... The US State Department, and the Israeli Government are both out to lunch. Take this horrific blunder, along with my next post showing that Russia has now got us out gunned, and you can see that the USA is now headed for Third World status..... we ARE a Third World nation. When a small fry news entity like Jewish News can break a story before the State Department and Pentagon make a comment, we are toast as a nation.


Back during Bill Clinton's presidency I defended Bill for approving that China be given a lease to Long Beach Harbor in the Los Angeles area. That was because China only had use of the port to off load all our toys to be sold at Wal Mart and other US businesses. This trick by the Chinese in Israel is another whole issue. China has combined their whole Military with their commercial enterprises for strategic purposes. This means, in the event of war, China will decide when and where the US Military pulls the trigger in defending the USA.


Combine this capitulation to China to watch the US Navy from close quarters with the fact that 50% of our US leaders and population WANT America flooded with illegal immigrants and terrorists, and you cannot prove me wrong when I say the USA is now a Third World nation. Our lack of a sense of self-preservation is trash and treasonous. Our leaders call for the killing of the President, and 50% of our politicians and population want to burn and rape America, while they take payoffs from George Soros, a man who openly has said he gets great joy our of destroying nations, and you must agree that America is just a richer version of Zimbabwe.

And, frankly, I see Donald Trump playing the wimp in so many ways that I fully expect him to lose control completely. God is done with America. Prepare for the soon collapse, and get your survival plan in place very now.