Monday, October 1, 2018


It is starting to look like Dr. Ford is a plain and simple scam arranged by Liberal Democrats, probably by the use of bribes. Dr. Ford's testimony is a farce and deserves nothing by a trip to the trash can.

Here is Rachael Mitchell's report on the testimony of Dr. Ford, and the report is reviewed with commentary by Stefan Molyneux.

The sweet manners of Dr. Ford are the artwork of a Psychology PhD. Her lack of emotion when answering went way too far for me. 

There are three things the Democrats have totally missed in their war on Trump.

1. They are making it certain that good men will be declining service invitations to sit on the Supreme Court of the USA. No one will want the treatment the Democrats feel free to pile on their victims.

2. If Judge Kavanaugh is approved, the Democrats are making sure they have a very dedicated enemy the next time the Democrats own the White House. This whole scam will come back to haunt the Democratic Party one day.

3. The Democrats have to be driving their  own voters away from the Democratic Party. Americans are not all fools. The selfish trick to try to drive the next Justice selection on the Supreme Court past mid-term elections will result in millions of Democrats abandoning the Democratic Party.

While you, my conservative readers, may think this is great news, you are wrong. Some of the worst things have happened while the White House, Senate, and House AND Supreme Court were dominated by conservatives. We need the contrary voice in our system to prevent one party from totally changing America without any checks and balances.

The problem seems to be the Democrats who lead their party and are stuck on stupid with mindless hate for Donald Trump.

One last thing to remember. Judge Kavanaugh has made comments on Roe vs. Wade and abortion. With the possibility of his longing for revenge, he could lead the charge to reverse Roe vs. Wade. THAT is what the Democrats are the most terrified of and what drives them to commit any criminal act possible to get power back. Democrats are obsessed with killing babies.

I also suggest that the Secret Service post a heavy guard on Dr. Ford. She could be murdered by Madam Murder and her death claimed to be a suicide in order to blame Kavanaugh for it.