Monday, October 29, 2018


That was the line a radio commentator came up with the afternoon Kennedy was killed long ago. These talking heads all have a need to blast the world with hyperbole when a black hour passes. It made me mad then to be accused of contributing to the murder of Kennedy, and it makes me furious now to be blamed for the synagogue shooting.

Some pin head motor mouth on Fox News was being used by a fluff head woman as a bouncing board to toss ideas at. She made some remarks about anger and nasty talk in America, and the resident pin head said, "We are all to blame for the rage and angry talk." This discussion was in the context of the shooting at the synagogue.

Really, son?

This is one of the sly tricks of the New World Order, and it is now infecting Fox News. I have recently detected a bit of a change at Fox. They are playing with new speak and political correctness in some of their programs.

When someone grabs your stuff and slams you into a collective mob of people to blame for something, slap them back (verbally) forcefully. What is really behind this is the instinct in people who are highly placed, as in the media, to herd the masses and the asses into guilt. The objective is to break the resolve of the average American to be free and speak his thoughts.

The only way we can stop this is slam it whenever it crops up. Give no quarter, and see if you can make the talking head nanny, who tries the blame trick on you, to pee their pants in terror. We need to help this specie go extinct if possible.

This is not an incitement to riot. What I am suggesting is to slap this trend down so that we don't all become cur dogs who roll over and pee on ourselves every time the nagging nanny butts in.

Generally speaking, blame is a deadly sport. When you blame someone out of hand for something that went wrong, even if that person has some real faults, you may soon learn that the blame is being placed on someone else who turns out to be guilty. At that point, you become a false prophet. 

The most grievous place to find this is in the Lord's Church. The blame artist at church needs to be given one warning and then run them off if they keep it up.

Let's all be more eager to give a bit of slack to the other guy until we hear the whole story.

Proverbs 3:29 Devise not evil against thy neighbour, seeing he dwelleth securely by thee.


The Democrats have a real problem. They have nothing to blame Trump for, and Obama is taking credit for everything Trump has done right. Never mind..... the Democrats are blaming Trump for being Trump. Watch for the Democrats to try to set up a crisis nationally, as a false flag, for which they can blame Trump.

Never in my lifetime have I seen a political party with so little to talk about. What is even more insane is that Hillary is telling the world she wants to run again. I can think of no one with less to offer America than Hillary. I predict a full on Donnybrook at the coming 2020 Democratic Convention. For a change, they will be trying to murder one another instead of Trump.

The whole platform of the Democrats will be, "Make America a disaster zone." It is time you understood that the Democrats are fancy clever people who hate average Americans, AND, they hate America as a nation. It is like we have secret agents from Hell in our nation trying to totally destroy the country. Let's face it, what sort of people live for the right to kill babies?