Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Jim Acosta is a creep who is being paid by CNN to try to destroy President Trump and rattle his mind so that Trump makes a fool of himself in public.

It is absolutely delightful to see Acosta slammed out the back door of the Press Room of the White House. I have been longing for this ever since the day of Sam Donaldson and his dirty sexual innuendos when he nagged President Reagan. Reagan laughed off Donaldson, but I longed desperately to see Reagan jerk Donaldson's press credentials.

It is long overdue to see the press brought under control of the President rather than to see jerks like Acosta managing the briefings. I would love to see the President can about half the press out of the room. Indeed, I would be happy if Trump simply stopped all briefings and made press releases on the White House web page. He could take questions and then answer them the next day on the web. The same information would be coming, and the wretched show of press members wanting to become famous as trouble makers would be history.

Acosta clearly is campaigning for something. He has dedicated himself to make President Trump into his porch monkey and the Press Secretary into his slave. CNN clearly wants this battle to rage until there is a showdown. And, they now have what they wanted. So, CNN has now sued the White House to get Acosta back in the Press Room. And, Fox News is declaring themselves the friend of CNN in the case. This shows how demented Fox News really is. There is no law or Constitutional statement giving anyone personal possession of a chair anywhere in the White House.

So, let the bodies hit the floor, and let Donald Trump slash and burn. Fill Acosta's chair with a reporter form the Paducah, Kentucky Tattler, and tell the guards to stand at the front of the room ready to bust the next Liberal bar fly out the door to go suck his thumb with Acosta if he follows Acosta's tactics.

For your information, CNN will sue the White House in Washington DC Federal Court. That court will rule in favor of CNN, and the White House will go to the Supreme Court where CNN will be told there is nothing in the US Constitution guaranteeing them a chamber pot, let alone a chair, anywhere in the White House.

I would prefer to be more blunt with Acosta and CNN, but young children may read here, so I have had to greatly restrain myself.


It is critical for President Trump to win this war with CNN. If CNN manages to force Acosta back into the Press Room, Trump will at once become the slave of CNN. We are about to see if Trump has what it takes to stand down the cannibals in the media.