Monday, November 19, 2018


This is the most bizarre story I have found in a long time.

Max Bloomenthal has uncovered the evidence that Israel is arming a Neo-Nazi group embedded in the Ukrainian National Guard. Israel is joining the US in this. The Pentagon is arming the Ukrainian National Guard, and a bipartisan effort is in progress to legitimize the Nazis in the Ukrainian military.

Again, I have told you several times during the past few years to watch the hand that seems to be doing nothing. The mainline media, including Fox News, are totally avoiding this story. This may be explained in the fact that both Democrats and Republicans are cooperating in promoting this stealth program.

It seems to be a story of very evil intrigue, in which, the USA, several European nations, and Israel are using many Anti Semitic movements in Europe to attack and destabilize Russia. I do not believe I have ever seen a conspiracy on the national and international level as evil as this one. Israel is supporting the very people who are attacking Jews in Europe. Is this a Zionist plot to drive the few remaining Jews out of Europe to move back to Israel?

The most deadly aspect of this is that the US Military is deep into this, and Vice President Pence is promoting and arming Neo-Nazi leaders in the Ukrainian Military who speak regularly to groups in America. In return, the Ukrainians are training American volunteers in their most famous and deadly military units. These Americans then return and lead groups of Neo-Nazis in attacks on Leftist demonstrators against Trump's supporters. This means that President Trump cannot be far behind Pence in at least passive approval of this asymmetric strategy against Russia. Indirectly, President Trump is receiving a insane right wing paramilitary mob to support him.

Thus, we must ask if Trump is secretly a supporter of Neo-Nazism or White Supremacy, at least in Europe.

I have warned you that the radical and violent Left in the USA could end up driving Trump to declare a national emergency and declare the Executive Powers Act, that is, making himself the supreme ruler of the USA. If he also has a tender feeling for Neo-Nazis, at least in Europe, he must also have a certain amount of agreeableness for fascism. We have heard a few words of frustration from him complaining about the restrictions on the Presidency and the balance of powers in our government.

Here is an interview with Max Bloomenthal


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"NOTHING CAN GO WRONG" This group, which your tax dollar pays for, is kicking sand in the face of many world leaders, including Vladimir Putin and Russia. This is a classic example of how the USA makes enemies and does so like it is just a cute little game.

You Fundamental Baptists and Evangelicals..... You may be cheering for fascism when you cheer for Donald Trump. Is it tome to shut your ever loving flap trap and start praying for the mercy of God on America?