Sunday, December 30, 2018


This is the classic kind of story the left and right media in the USA will not cover. The reason is that the White Race is killing off Africa so that they can get the African population down to a minimum population so that American, Chinese, and European nations can develop profitable industry in Africa.

They also want to take possession of African natural resources. Donald Trump has openly stated that he does not want to go to war unless he can end up controlling oil or natural resources.

So, here is how Bill Gates and the United Nations are killing off Africans:

Listen to Bill Gates explaining the wonders of vaccinations. He says they stop sickness, and people are healthier and do not die so easily, and then he makes another statement that is a total contradiction to his first claim. He says population growth goes down. The only way to reduce population with a vaccination is if the vaccine is laced with something to either kill or castrate people.

Bill Gates, in this video essentially tells us the he and the United Nations are planning to kill Africans via the vaccinations they give them by lacing the vaccine with a killer virus or infertility factor. This is nothing short of an Adolph Hitler murder campaign. Bill Gates is a serial killer of the first order, and if Trump cares about life, as he claims, he will arrest Gates and charge him with genocide.

So, the young women in Kenya, 500,000 of them, have been targeted for the attack of Bill Gates and his friends. The leaders of Kenya have taken the bribes from Gates and friends, and he will move on across the continent to strike over and over, first with his wealth as he bribes African leaders to allow the slaughter of Africans, and then with the vaccine propaganda to sucker the women into the clinics of Africa to be mutilated.

Why does the US Government do nothing about this?