Monday, February 11, 2019


Representative Ocasio Cortez, as it turns out, is a lot brighter and dangerous than we thought. This performance by her is genius. Her claims that Congress is corrupt are not new, but she is learning how to make a major event of herself for anyone watching the Internet. And, in this performance, she is right.

Her Socialist and Marxist plans for America have been poorly covered by the media because CNN and other media WANT America to become Communist. So, they approve of her "soak the rich" plans for taxation laws that would bring down the USA economically. I do not pretend to understand why people like this want America, as we know it today, destroyed.

But, Cortez is spot on in the video of the Oversight Committee event. The USA does condone criminal activity in the legislative process in which thugs, 100% driven by self-interest, make billions of dollars for themselves as they pass laws for big business. And, those laws threaten the environment and are creating health and social harm to Americans. 

And, people like Cortez, and about five legislators like Ron Paul, are the only ones crying out against this. Donald Trump is playing the game on the side of the criminals and thugs. No one in the rest of the Government cares, and that is because they are ALL on the take. Bribery in Washington is every bit as bad in the USA as it is in Africa and Asia.

Soooooooooooooooooooo, I wish Ocasio every success in her campaign to stop corruption. I just hope the criminals in Congress are washed out before she can take us into Marxism so that she can then be stopped before she destroys the baby while she tosses out the bath water.

But, for the record, if America is taken into full blown Marxism by Cortez and Bernie and the rest of the Democrat mob, and if America collapses as a nation, God is the one in charge, and he is doing this, not Cortez. The end of such a time of terror will be what America has to pay for killing 70 million unborn babies.