Thursday, April 25, 2019


Joe "Fingers" Biden has jumped into the race for President. What chance does he have?

It all depends on who can dredge up the most dirt.

Trump's people will now do some serious mining for proof that Biden is a pedophile. There are some very juicy stories about Biden and his lust for children in the past AND the present. If he can be tied to pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, that would put him out of the race.


So, whatever Hillary had on Biden, which she used to cause him to decline running for the nomination during the last election, will now be haunting Joe Biden this time around. Other Democrats who want the nomination will also be mining for dirt on Biden, and, having seen how utterly degraded the Democrats were to one another last time around, I personally expect something really ugly to come froth on Uncle Joe soon.

The final thought is this..... Joe Biden has to decide if he is going to pull the Democrat line 100% or not. Bernie and AOC are forcing the discussion to the extreme left to the point of being almost Marxists. Biden will not want to go there, and furthermore, pledging allegiance to the Green Manifesto and other AOC Marxist blather and bluster will definitely lose him the election. 

Biden will also have to decide if he is going to support impeachment of Trump. The kill Trump mob, especially Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters, will destroy Biden if he does not demand Trump's impeachment. But, no nominee in his right mind wants an impeachment attack in full on mode during the run up to the election. There will be a large voting block who will not know what the real issues are if CNN et al ignore the election in order to help the Dems destroy Trump.

So, Uncle Joe "Fingers" Biden has now got the ultimate challenge..... turn America his way while convincing America that groping woman and young girls is really just OK. And, he has to park in the DMZ of Democrat Party rage and hate and hope he is not noticed.

I personally do not believe he can pull it off simply by being jolly and grinning a lot. The crocodile always looks like he is sleeping, but he is really faking it and is wide awake.

Finally, it is significant to note that only 5 Vice Presidents have been elected President after they were out of office. The odds for Joe Biden are bad. There is a peculiar mind set among Americans that a man who held an office which distinguished him as a second place man will later tempt American voters to see him as a loser or less than number one material. 

Joe Biden's association to the loser Barak Obama, with the smell of the death of the Obama Health Care fiasco on him, will linger around Biden. Also, the independent voters Biden needs may not be willing to overlook Biden's connection to a ex-President who has dedicated his life to destroy Donald Trump. All the Obama and Hillary dirt is still wet and smelly, and Biden cannot get rid of that by any trick.

Can I see Biden pulling a rabbit out of the hat?

Yes, possibly. If Biden would start talking about the US Constitution, and if he would make even a slightly pleasant comment about the Second Amendment, he might grab some Independent voters. He would have to kiss AOC and the angry old man from Vermont, Bernie, good-bye, but those two will be kicked under the bus soon by either the media or the DNC, and they will be history by election time.

Frankly, I personally see Joe Biden as a friendly old uncle who cannot keep his hands off of the ladies. If I am not alone in this assessment of Uncle Joe, then he is dead in the water, and he will soon crash. You do not win elections by being the most tolerated candidate. You must do what Trump did..... drive the masses to you and see you as The Man Sent From God.

For the record, I am about to vomit from hearing gullible Christians claim that Trump is sent from God to be America's Messiah.