Friday, April 5, 2019


It would not be surprising to learn that Donald Trump is fed up and wants out. The hate and rage of the Democrats is way over the top. Nothing like it has ever been seen in the history of America.

So, what must Trump do to lose the election? He must follow the lead of George Herbert Bush when he threw the election to Bill Clinton long ago. Trump must promise no tax hikes, and then he must raise taxes in a way that really hurts Americans.

Thus, Tucker Carlson discussion:

Why would Trump do this after winning his first term and making so many improvements to the nation and the economy?

1. He is not going to get to build his wall. And, the illegals are flooding into the US by the millions in spite of his efforts.

2. Kim, dictator of North Korea, is not submitting to the Deal. The big summit in Singapore has turned into a large international fart. Trump will end this one looking like a loser.

3. Europe is a disaster for Trump. Most European leaders hate him. The next generation of EU leaders may love him, but EU love is fickle, and that love may not last.

4. He did not get to normalize relations with Putin. Putin is saber rattling in a big way, and it looks like there will be no rapprochement for a long time.

5. All his Executive Orders can be reversed by the next President who follows him. This means he will have no legacy.

6. The Southern District of New York hates Trump and is determined to convict him of high crimes. They have the power to demand and review the whole file from Mueller if they can make even the most vague connection of an ongoing investigation with the file contents. This will make it possible to find leads to high crimes Trump committed clear back to when he first wet his diaper. He needs to get the heat off of himself. This means lots of golf games and schmoozing of New Yorkers with power, and the media would not permit him to do that unless he returns to civilian life and gets off of the bull's eye.

7. Trump may have been blackmailed by Hillary or Obama or any of a thousand other players in the war games in Washington DC. There is the strange fact that Trump is an old party guest of Jeffrey Epstein, the ex-con pedophile and sex pal of Bill Clinton. The media has yet to dump this one.

8. Trump is a play boy and a wheeler dealer, and he may long very much to end his life making deals that have a return on investment. Being President returns pain and sorrow and not much else.

Thus, Trump may throw in the towel. The honorable thing to do would be to tell the Republican Party to find another candidate for 2020. But, Donald Trump is not a man of honor. This is a man who throws away his wives when their breasts start sagging, and then he marries a porn queen. You simply cannot expect Trump to do the honorable thing. 

This whole picture may be why Nancy Pelosi is walking back the impeachment possibility and telling Democrats to go back to work on America instead of hate and rage. She may see that she and her Democrat beasts of prey could be blamed for breaking Trump's spirit etc etc. That would make a dog of the Democrat who wins the election, and if Trump behaves like a whipped puppy during the campaign, his base could take back the House to punish Pelosi and company.

Personally, I see the real possibility that our whole system of government could collapse into chaos if Trump wimps out on 2020. The emotions of Americans would end up running in so many directions that equilibrium could be totally lost. With all his warts, Trump needs to keep on course and raise the level of hostilities even higher and give the Democrats another four years of The Deal. The Democrats need another four years to see if they will all become Stalinists and Socialists or return to the moderate days of Harry Truman and Patrick Moynihan.