Monday, August 5, 2019


President Donald Trump has met three times with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, and Trump keeps telling us that he is moving Un to behave himself more and more.


Here is what Kim Jong Un is doing to banks and financial institutions, and Trump seems to be looking the other way.

There are only two explanations for Trump's reluctance to put the hammer to this criminal nation.

1. Trump is obsessed with being famous and thinks he is pulling off a diplomatic coup in North Korea.


2. President Trump is a sucker.

Pay your money, and take your chances. This is the new America of buffoons and baboons, and idiocy is an equal opportunity exercise. Both political parties are susceptible. 


When I was growing up in Africa in Tanzania my Dad did business in a nearby city with an Indian merchant from India named Walji. Walji told us, over and over, how he considered us among his best friends, and he showed sincere concern for our health and prosperity. I really think he meant it.

But, Walji was also a classic Hindu merchant shark. He would rip off his own mother to clean up on a deal. The thing that was hard for us to deal with was that Walji was really both people..... concerned and affectionale, and a viper. 

President Trump has failed to figure out that his young buddy in North Korea is the same sort of creep that Walji was. Kim really likes Trump, and he acts like a disciple of the great guru from America whenever Trump visits him. He really means it.

But, Kim is also quite willing to destroy America, starting with our banks. He kills anyone who makes the least error in demeanor within his circle of power, including his own brother.

As smart as Trump asks us to imagine he is, and he may be at that, he is being suckered big time by the fat boy from NK. The question is, in what other areas is President Trump being suckered by criminals and creeps? 

Or, to put it another way, the band is playing, and Trump asks you and me, "Shall we dance?" And, you and I are supposed to waltz to Nirvana with him.

Count me out please.

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