Wednesday, September 18, 2019


The following video is my personal warning to every young man in America who is considering volunteering for Military service. Though the extreme evil exposed by this video is now reduced by some degree of restraint, the US Military has a long history of killing its own all too easily.

A man and his wife hired me to tune their piano while I lived in Arizona. They told a terrifying story about Desert Storm. They were not yet married when they were both in that war in the Middle East in an infantry brigade. But, they were assigned to the same unit. They were fighting against Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard, in this case, a tank brigade.

General Norman Schwarzkopf, commander of the Dessert Storm battles, gave the order for the infantry brigade of these two people, mentioned above, to attack a tank brigade on foot. In the Military this is what is known as a DIP order..... Dead In Place. The General knew full well that almost all of the US troops involved would be killed, but he did it anyway.

General Colin Powell was in command over General Schwarzkopf, but Powell was back in the Pentagon in Washington DC. Powell at once got on a plane and flew straight to the battle zone. Powell relieved Schwarzkopf of command and countermanded the DIP order, saving the lives of many soldiers. Powell then stayed in the Middle East to prevent Schwarzkopf from doing anything else deadly with the troops.

Schwarzkopf returned to the US, being relieved of command, and flew by way of England where Queen Elizabeth knighted him. It has always been a capital offense in America to take a nobility title from anyone, especially from the British monarch. The founders of America intended that lorded titles would never be part of American life, especially by American leaders and military men. General Schwarzkopf would have faced a firing squad back in 1780 for his impudence. 

When you volunteer to serve in the US Military, you need to understand that there are officers in the Army who will kill you in a flash if it suits them to. You are nothing but canon fodder. You will not have any control over your fate if you end up under the command of a killer.

I also tuned a piano in the home of Melissa Rathbun, the first lady Prisoner of War USA Military history. She was captured and put up in a hotel in Baghdad by Saddam Hussein personally. She said she was treated like a queen and was totally protected from any liberties by the guards. She said it was like a vacation except that she was held captive.

But, when I got to the home of Melissa, she was head to toe in a body stocking because of a horrible permanent rash she had. She had many other symptoms, and they were all caused by a vaccination given to  her when she was sent to the Middle East. The US Military KNEW that the vaccine had not been well tested, and thousands of US soldiers came down with the symptoms, which were with them the rest of their lives. These soldiers were used as guinea pigs, and the US Military tried for years to deny the vaccinations caused the problem. 

There are many many stories of US soldiers being used this way.


My own experience in the US Army tells me that this mindset of General McNamara has only changed as to degree. The will to commit US soldiers to death and dangers of chemicals and medical experiments is still with us. 

So, if you volunteer to serve under the US Military, count the cost. You will very likely be a victim of some policy or order which will trouble you. Or you will return home one day with you mind half destroyed by PTSD like thousands of soldiers are today in America. And, your officers and national leaders will not give a flip what they are doing to you.

And, you will end your life knowing you asked for it. That is a very sad destiny.

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