Tuesday, November 19, 2019


While Donald Trump has the right under the First Amendment to verbally abuse anyone he wants to abuse, it is a cheap shot to attack a US Military Colonel for telling what he believes is the truth.

As of today, I pray that Trump is impeached.

Military men are REQUIRED to pass up to Command anything they deem as threatening to the USA and its people and the Military. He is doing this in committee testimony. Only a cheap draft dodger would attack the man for doing as he is commanded.


"When you are given an immoral order, you are morally obligated to disobey the order and take the consequences."Napoleon Bonaparte
If the ego maniac Napoleon can figure out the there is a over arching moral obligation for military men, so could Trump. Instead, he has chosen to become America's most vicious stalker.

We are rapidly approaching the point where the Presidents of the world declare themselves the only power. In America, courtesy of your gullible former President Ronald Reagan, President Trump has the Executive Powers Act. By declaring this Act, which he can do all alone with no reference to the House of Senate, Trump would become the one and only ruler of America. He could dissolve Congress, and he could command the Military to do anything he pleased, including arrest all of YOU and confiscate your guns. 

Trump has a perpetual urge to destroy anyone in his way. He built a business empire by destroying many men, and he did a TV program based on whom he could fire and destroy.

The Military is now prepared to bring a retired Colonel onto a Military base, which is not standard Military process, in order to protect him from being harmed. Now, my dear reader, who would want to harm the Colonel? The answer is the man who is attacking him..... Donald Trump and his son.

It has come to this, and some alleged Christians are telling us that a potential killer is sent by God to save America? Can you not see that you are making giant fools of yourselves, you alleged Bible believers?

Trump is rapidly approaching the point where tyrants do a false flag in order to distract the masses. Our only hope is that Trump will not be able to find anyone who will do a false flag for him. Every false flag in history has been bigger than the last one. George Bush's 9/11 was the last one, and that one took out 3000 people. Trump's false flag will take out a whole city, like Omaha, Pensacola, or Austin. This will bring all of America out waving flags, and we will start a war with Iran that lasts for another 15 years in the Middle East.

Let us pray that the US Military will "stand down" this time and refuse to play the Emperor's game.

Also, pray that State Legislatures vote to refuse to submit to the Executive Powers Act. Arizona already has.

Then again, the 25th Amendment may have to be used with President Trump. He is showing signs of short term memory loss. This means focal seizures, which last only seconds but can cause memory loss. Or, it may be Alzheimer's Disease. In either case, he would be totally unfit to be President and should be removed from office at once.


The problem with this possibility is that Trump would become enraged, and anything could happen. Also, if he was told he had to step down, and if he refused, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff would start all over with hearings and hate in order to finally finish him off. The whole thing would become cannibalistic politics. You dull brained Christians who bow in reverence to Trump may get egg on your face yet.