Saturday, February 29, 2020


THIS ARTICLE IS BEING UPDATED DAILY. Most recent news is at the bottom.

Nobody knows where this epidemic will go and how long it will last. We are getting an idea what percent of the patients die. China reports 80,000 sick and 2500 deaths. That is a death rate of about 3%. That is not bad compared to the Black Plague, the Flu of 1919, and Cholera. It also means that health services can prevent the death of the vast majority of coronavirus patients.

So, if you are in good health with a robust immune system, you have a very good chance of surviving if you get the virus. It is being reported also that many victims have a rather light case of the disease and recover quickly. This is a problem though because these light cases may simply be taken for a bad cold, and the victims will wander about unconsciously infecting other people.

I joined the panic party several years ago during the SARS epidemic, and I posted two articles on the epidemic. Because of this, I do not intend to join the panic party this time around. If you want my wisdom, based on my experience living in Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia, and my familiarity with epidemic issues, go the the links below and read there. I reviewed the articles, and virtually everything in them applies to the coronavirus.

SARS- Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome- Article One

SARS- Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome- Article Two


I do not care who the official is, anyone who gives you alleged official information on a crisis, even an epidemic, who does not give you further information to empower you, needs to be ignored. The world is now at a fever pitch with talking heads who are telling us all about this terrifying epidemic, but most of them go mute when asked what we can do to prepare and defend ourselves. I hate this, especially in the media, the government, and on social media and Twitter. 

So, here are my suggestions.....

To my Christian friends who visit this journal, I have a couple of suggestions, most of which are already in the articles posted above:
1. If you come down sick with flu-like symptoms (fever,  cough, shortness of breath), STAY HOME. You Fundamental Baptists and Charismatics have been indoctrinated that you are duty bound to "be there every time the doors are open" at your local church. That is a lie of the devil, and it is not a teaching or law taught anywhere in the Bible. If  you go to church, or take you baby to church, sick, you are doing the devil's work. You could infect other people. Suppose you infect a visitor who is not born again. You are likely to send them to Hell when they die, and God will hold YOU responsible because you had the choice to stay home. 
2. Stock up on food, especially food that does not have a short shelf life. This is so that you do not have to shop frequently. If you, like many other dumb Americans, do not have more than three days of food in the house, you better change that NOW. Also, some items will disappear or have done so already. Stock up on things like salt, flour, sugar, disinfectants (especially aerosols), meat, eggs, canned food, and milk. Anything that comes from outside the USA should be avoided. No oranges from Chile or Peru etc. No tomatoes from Mexico. Spray all fruit and vegetables with hydrogen peroxide. If you see bubbling when you spray, you just killed something organic, possibly a virus. Handle fresh meat with gloves. A word on water and toilet paper..... this is not a hurricane. The water will not go off. And, a garage full of toilet paper is insane. A four week supply is about right.
3. Avoid large gatherings. Stop eating fast food, and do not imagine ordering pizza delivered will protect you. Many such businesses are notorious for letting sick employees come to work. No sermon some famous Amos is going to preach is worth dying for. Stay home. Shop late at night just before the store closes, or be waiting at the door when they open in the morning. Shop for the cleanest store, not for the best prices. Do not visit people who are sick. Call on the phone if possible and pray with them. Godly people will not be offended if you don't show up in person. Stop eating out. If you hear of a sick kid at school, keep your kids home from school until there is clear proof the school is safe. Deliver your kids to school rather than ride the school bus. Whatever you do, do not leave the USA to see some other place in the world. The USA is a bit isolated by oceans, and the disease may not be as bad here as in the rest of the world. If you are contemplating going to college or moving from the country to the city, DON'T. Put off such plans until the thing is over. Stop shaking hands with ANYBODY. No friendly hugs with ANYBODY. 
Epidemics in Africa are largely stopped by convincing the local population to pick one market and stop visiting several markets. This works in modern nations also. Pick one grocery store, one gas station, one church, one hardware store, and stop all migratory shopping. This helps to keep people from infecting one another so much. Remember, money is indeed "filthy lucre." When you get change from a purchase, you are getting pathogens from the last person to handle it. If you eat out, find a restaurant where the people using the cash register either clean their hands after use or the register person is not also preparing food. THIS IS A TOP PRIORITY RULE FRIEND. If you own a food service store, you will make faithful customers if you make provision to isolate the cash register from food preparation. Empty your wallet when you get home, and spray the money and the wallet cash pocket. Drop coins into a jar until the epidemic is over. Consider not using cash at all during the epidemic.
4. DISINFECT, DISINFECT, DISINFECT. Carry hand cleaner. Spray your shoes when you come home. Do not go strolling into the bedroom with your street clothes and shoes on once you hear of Coronavirus cases in your town or city. If you must use public restrooms, find ways to open doors without touching the handle. If you are tall enough, grab the door closer overhead and open the door a bit, then grab the edge of the door with the other hand and open it. Do not wash your hands using the facilities. Push doors open with your hand up high on the door, or kick them open. Grab a towel and open the door to leave and drop the towel behind the door. Consider using masks if you are forced into large crowds. Better to look weird than to lay in Intensive Care for a month. If someone in your family comes down with the virus, quarantine yourself and your family and break all contact with other people. Take the sick person to ER if they show symptoms for more than two days. Call ER for instructions. Keep your home under quarantine for fourteen days or until all others who get sick are well. This is another reason to stock up on food. Some people call for mega doses of vitamin C, but, not being a health professional I cannot tell you to do this. Caveat Emptor
5. Pastors: You are a fool if you do not take this seriously. You MUST tell your people to stay home if they are sick, especially babies that could end up in nurseries. You must not plan large special events. Cancel any such future events NOW. You are a fool if you think you can pray down God to keep your people from passing this virus around at the church house. And, I use the word "fool" advisedly. Any shepherd of sheep separates sick sheep at once. You are the spiritual shepherd of the people in your assembly, and you truly are a fool if you do not take action now. Appoint people to watch for sick people trying to enter your gatherings, and send them away, no matter who it is. Hay fever symptoms are a problem. They look a lot like virus symptoms. If you know from previous years that a person has hay fever, you may make an exception, but the safest course is to send them away also. Double your efforts in sanitation and disinfecting of your facilities. No church dinners where people bring the food. Cook it at the church, and do not order it delivered from food service businesses. Use disposable ware to serve all church food events. Food handlers must use gloves. No youth gatherings or parties in the park or going to camp until this is over. Discourage any students in Bible college from returning until the epidemic is over. Put top quality filters in your air conditioning system. And, preacher, if YOU get sick, stay home. You are a devil if you go to preach sick. You CANNOT take enough precautions to keep from infecting someone. If the numbers of sick get really significant in your community, cancel all services. Plan now on how you will minister to the people if you have to do this. If the Government orders all church services cancelled, DO NOT make a jerk of yourself by rebelling against such orders. Health rules are not persecution. Comply at once.

You will have to decide when to enforce these suggestions boldly and formally for your family or church. Explain to your kids the horror of being deadly sick and making other people sick. Do not expect your kids to act defensively if you don't teach them what this is all about, and, for pity's sake, YOU lead the way and do not take risks.

Remember, as with bad flu epidemics, seniors and small children are the most likely to die of the virus. Be especially cautious with them. Do not let them wander around the community or violate survival rules. That goes for grandpa also. You may want to consider bringing anyone in a nursing home back home temporarily if your community has many cases of the virus.

The odds of dying of the Coronavirus if you are infected are about 3%. This means that a strong immune system will probably save your life. Stop eating fast food and garbage. Eat healthy, take Vitamins, especially Vitamin C, and get plenty of sunshine. The point is, you will be VERY sick for several days if you do not take precautions. The virus is VERY contagious. Save yourself, and your family, from a lot of sorrow by being defensive and (here goes a buzz work) proactive.   

The Government is a day late and a dollar short. Trump and the Federal agencies for health will be slow to call for quarantine of cities and the shutting of schools. In Austin, Texas, the annual rock music event, South by Southwest, has announced they are still going to have the event. They are fools. This is because this is a democracy, and Americans simply rebel and violate all such calls from the government. So, the Feds will be very late in taking action. Donald Trump will be slow in calling for quarantines because the Democrats will make it a political issue and accuse him of unnecessary panic. YOU are the one who must decide when to take action in your own life and world.

All epidemics run their course and die out. That is historic. So, your precautions will be temporary. Don't play the fool and decide to make no precautions because you trust the Lord. The Lord gave you a brain to reason with, and he expects you to defend yourself and those who depend on you just like he expects you to lock the doors at night and use a seat belt.

Proverbs 13:20 He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

You can always find a fool that will tell you there is nothing to worry about. Will you go that route?


UPDATE: March 3, 2020

From the articles I am reading, it is clear that well people are self quarantining around the world. This is because people do not trust their own governments. Officials historically want to keep the economy roaring along, and the Stock Market has already shown it is prone to panic over the coronavirus. The kings and princes of Europe long ago went into denial of the Black and Bubonic Plague. They did not want their nations shut down, so they pretended it would go away. It is clear that the USA does not have responsible leaders in this crisis. I say this because Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi cannot think of anything else to do than make a political football of the virus so that they can attack Trump. No matter what he does, the virus will be a political talking point to the godless idiots on Capital Hill.

Are the politicians' fears justified?

Answer: Absolutely

To totally control the spread of the virus all fast food and restaurant businesses must be closed down. All sports events must be postponed, and all concerts and crowd gatherings must be cancelled. Furthermore, all political rallies must be cancelled. That right there will prevent Donald Trump from getting totally serious about this epidemic. He is addicted to his rallies, as are all the candidates running for office. So, there is very good reason to distrust your leaders, America.

So, who should be quarantined? 

Answer: Sick people. 

It is historically proven that an epidemic will NOT stop until the sick are restricted from walking about infecting people. There is an effort to do this in most nations, particularly the USA. But, there must be teeth in it for it to work. It must be a serious crime to break quarantine. Quarantine prisons must be built to house people who violate the order. As long as people have freedom to disobey the quarantine order, it will not work. China has an advantage over the USA because they are a totalitarian state and can enforce quarantine orders. The USA is made up of 300 million people who believe they have freedom of choice, and no one can restrict that freedom. So, the USA is doomed to a total pandemic that will saturate the whole society.

Another factor in an epidemic in America is that people like you get the warm fuzzies and decide to come to the rescue of sick people. They infect themselves doing acts of mercy, and they then pass it on to their friends and family. If you want to be heroic, check into a health care facility and donate your time to help, but DO NOT go home please. Your emotional reaction right now proves I am right in this.

Thus, self-quarantine by well people seems to be the answer. You are on your own. From Trump down to your local officials, there will be much foot dragging. Denial will be the order of the day. Washington state is leading the way by not responding until people all across the state are infected.

One last observation..... Americans love to gamble. There is a rush many people experience by taking risks. The odds are in your favor if this is your philosophy. Only 3% of those who get sick die of the virus. Those are pretty good odds. So, you will decide to eat, drink, and be merry because, if you catch the virus, you will most likely survive.

I will now be ruthless on you. If you get infected and come in contact with babies or senior adults, you are a devil. You may very well get the virus and murder one of these most vulnerable people. Of course, you will laugh it off and take a good godly Calvinist attitude that they were predestined to die anyway. Why not be killed by you?

If this blog is too rough for your gentle soul, shove off. I do not intend to tone it down for you. This kind of editorial is not fun, but it is necessary in the devil-may-care society we now have.


UPDATE: March 3, 2020

All of the above editorial stands as is, BUT...........

I am getting concerned that the media, certain politicians, and some health officials are trying to start a panic party. This could mean that people in high places want an excuse for the President to use the Executive Powers Act and take over the nation from the Oval Office. Donald Trump's open belly aching about the inconveniences of he US Constitution on his plans makes me wonder if he will be the first President to use the Executive Powers Act to feed his soul on power.

Also, the run on goods in the stores is way out of hand. People are stocking up on the wrong things. They are buying things that are usually bought when a hurricane or blizzard is coming. Stop making a fool of yourself please. A basement full of toilet paper and Copenhagen is not needed for an epidemic.

The whole world only has just over 3000 dead from the epidemic, and 90,000 sick. Aside from the fact that it is not that fatal, the disease is not spreading out of control yet. The vast majority of American cities have no cornoavirus. Until it is in your city, business as usual please. Take some common sense precautions, but life should go on as usual.

Once your city has cases of the disease, make deliberate and informed decisions what you need to do to avoid infection.

James 1:5  If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.


UPDATE: March 11, 2020

Chanselor Angela Merkel of Germany is predicting 70% infection of the German population by the Coronavirus. Her own health people disagree with her and believe it will be well below 66%. This illustrates the way national leaders flip flop around on epidemics. They at first deny they exist, and then when they must deal with the truth, they panic and stampede the masses to try to stop the thing. You cannot stop an epidemic with a stampede and panic. You must convince people to take common sense precautions.

Here is Dr. Anthony Fauci testifying before the House Committee on the subject. His observations seem to be rational and helpful.

The ongoing message is, wash your hands a lot, do not depend only on hand cleaner, stay home if you feel sick, do not eat out in fast food venues, minimize restaurants in general. and do not go to gatherings of people unless it is an emergency. Bible believing Christians must stop "being there every time the doors are open." You are a fool if you observe that legalistic law that is commonly promoted by many pastors.

Find ways to make a barrier against infection at the door of your home by using disinfectants to decontaminate yourself and family as you come home. One way is to have a piece of carpet at the doorway, and spray it heavily with Lysol as the family enters. Make everyone swipe their shoes in the Lysol as they enter. You can spray your shoes as you enter your car when out shopping. If you worry about looking stupid to other people as you take precautions, you are pretty much doomed to get the virus.

DO NOT GO TO A TRUMP RALLY. God is not obligated to give you a pass if you play the fool my friend.

Shop late at night just before closing time or when the door opens in the morning. Keep your kids home from school as soon as you hear of a case in their school. No riding school buses..... deliver them yourself. If you are attending college and the virus arrives there, go home. Your BA or MA can wait a semester.

If you have heard no news of infected people in your town or city, you are not in great danger. Once you hear of significant numbers, your area is in a full blown epidemic mode. Take all precautions and do not back off until it is reported that cases of new infection have dropped off greatly. 

One bit of good news is that China is reporting a large drop in new cases. This means the window of infections and active precautions is not as long as was originally thought. But, China has also had a totally autocratic management of the epidemic by its leaders because it is not a democracy. America has 300 million people who will do exactly as they please and claim it is their "Constitutional Right." This is also why President Trump may have to declare the Executive Powers Act to force Americans to observe health orders. The Coronoavirus could result in the USA going into chaos with riots and military in the streets if Americans will not react better.

This just in from Aljazeera


UPDATE: March 12, 2020

This means our leaders are not letting out the truth, even though they claim transparency. Trump and Pence are now in a criminal mode for preventing information to be accessed to save lives. Pence has blood on his hands, and he is probably simply obeying orders from Trump. You Christians who exalt Trump and pretend he is a Christian..... this is your man. He is hiding the epidemic, and you praise him. Bah.

Trump turned down the WHO UN coronavirus tests knowing the US had nothing to replace it. This is murder.

Breaking News: CLOSE CALL: A Brazilian official who was part of a delegation that visited President Trump at Mar-a-Lago tested positive for the coronavirus, local reports said.

Breaking News: U.S. stocks had their worst day since the 1987 stock market crash, with the S&P 500 now in a bear market. Could this cause a 1929 crash and another Depression? The answer lies not on Wall Street but in the American public. If they abandon shopping, eating out, and moving around, the economy could easily crash for want of activity.

President Trump refused to push for better testing in January to prevent bad news during his election campaign. This may still explain the low numbers and lousy testing situation now existing:

Disneyland is closing in response to the coronavirus.
It has only closed 3 times since its opening: For a national day of mourning after President Kennedy's assassination in 1963, after the Northridge Earthquake in 1994, and after the Sept. 11 attacks.This is a sobering graph of infection in Italy.

To understand the destiny of the USA with the Coronavirus, you must understand how governments are able, or unable, to control the people.

China is a totalitarian state where the people have no choice or freedom unless the government gives it to them. They have no such thing as a Constitution which the leaders must submit to. Thus, when the epidemic began, Chinese leaders took total control of the movement of the Chinese people, and they are now seeing the epidemic diminish with only 19 new cases last week in a population of 2 billion people. 

Vietnam, another totalitarian state, reports they had 16 cases in the recent past, and all of them have recovered and gone home. They report they are watching 35 people who may have been infected. They, like China, went into total panic mode and locked down the whole nation. It worked great.

The model that America needs to look at is the democracy Italy. The Italians, like Americans, have freedom of movement and choice. If they do not want to submit to the government's instructions, they can flaunt them and wander about. They have now changed their minds, but it is too late. The epidemic is roaring through Italy unchecked.

Thus, we can predict that Americans will also do as they please and take chances and disobey instructions. They will claim, "I have a right to freedom of movement." The result will be that the only way President Trump will be able to bring the thing under control will be by declaring he Executive Powers Act, thus making America into a totalitarian state temporarily (we hope). He will then do as China did and send the US Military into the streets of our cities to enforce his control orders.

My problem with this is that President Trump has made it abundantly clear that he is a control freak. He has openly complained that the US Constitution gets in his way. He has joked about a third term. He may be very slow to return the nation to its freedoms. He may also cancel the party conventions, voting, and the whole election.

I believe we all need to keep this in mind as we talk and chat on the technology highway. Our words may soon be used by Military over lords to determine whether we are submissive or not. If we are found unsubmissive, we could end up in some sort of detention center.

Be careful what you say. Someone is already listening at Homeland Security and other government agencies.

Ecclesiastes 10:20 Curse not the king, no not in thy thought; and curse not the rich in thy bedchamber: for a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and that which hath wings shall tell the matter.


UPDATE: March 13, 2020

A word of caution is in order. The whole world seems to be sinking into a panic party over this virus. It certainly has caused some deaths. But, millions will get it and survive just fine. Why did all the panic take hold of people?

The media are responsible for most of the panic. They either are conspiring to drive people to riot and chaos, or it is simply lust for ad money. So, they compete to see who can shock the masses and win ad clicks from panic stricken people like you.

There are many stories out there, if you look for them, of people having very mild cases. Admittedly, there are stories of quite healthy people dying of the thing, like a health minister in Italy who was not that old. Then again, who knows what other health issue he was fighting already? Without the media, this bug would be an unknown threat basically. Life would go on, and the deaths would be chalked up to complications, like long ago.

My advice is this..... STOP, face yourself, and do your own reasoning. Think for yourself. Reason out the story without dwelling on the media. Even my information in this article needs examination. See if you can come up with a rational perspective of your own to carry you through the thing. And, stop letting the media stampede you over the cliff in stupid lemming-like behavior.



UPDATE: March 14, 2020

It seems to me that total precautions need to be taken from this day forward. Dr. Anthony Fauci seems to be a decent and honest doctor, and he is at the epicenter of the battle. If he is secretly trying to stampede us, I cannot see any evidence of that, though all politicians have their price. So, I would suggest you watch him closely. The problem is, he cannot force the President, House, and Senate to do the right thing. They will keep dragging political warfare into the mix, and the epidemic will not be dealt with at the highest level of efficiency. This is how kings and rulers have dealt with epidemics for hundreds of years. Every emergency is milked dry for its political potential, and the USA is no exception.


I am 77 years old with hypertension. I am not enjoying this story. But, if this is how I have to go out, God knows when I have finished my work, and he can throw the switch any time he wishes. Are you ready to walk into eternity if your time is up?



Do you have a will or trust?

Is there someone responsible on your bank accounts with you?

Are your vehicles registered in your name and someone else you trust so that they will not go into probate?

Have you written down the things you do throughout the year that your spouse knows nothing about? Don't leave them in the dark. I am talking about things like cleaning the dryer duct, changing the heater filter, cleaning the leaves out of the eaves, removing soot from the fireplace chimney, and so forth. Some of these could cause disaster to your survivor.

If you are a single parent, where would your kids end up if the virus took your life? Get a legal document ready, and tell the person you choose where it is.

Should you quit claim your home to one of your kids you trust?

Do you have a stupid long term war going on in your family or church in which you have offended people? Do you want to walk up to God and have to explain why you did not confess your sins against these people? I do not give a fig if you are right. You are NOT called to go to war with your family or the Lord's Church. Go clean up the mess so you can go to Heaven clean.

Go sit on the patio and spend some time thinking about what you have not done to prepare your loved ones if God lets the virus take you out. See if you can go without leaving a mess behind. Carry the trash out please.


Update: March 15, 2020

I have a summery of the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic. This is from my correspondent, and it is based in real facts. It now appears we have been stampeded for sure.

So I boiled some thoughts down about this nonsense they are calling a Pandemic. 
1. The name of the virus is: SARS-CoV-2 
2. It's basically a slightly different mutation of SARS. 
3. It's being under reported and mis-reported. New cases are being tested but they don't have specific tests for SARS-CoV-2 so they are very likely testing for "Coronavirus" and then when positive, adding the person to the list. 
4. This is just like the normal "flu", except the normal "flu" IS nothing more than a previous Coronavirus that has already been classified and one they have created a vaccine for... Except... 
5. This is nothing worse than a flu season where the mutation of SARS or MERS was worse than normal and they missed it completely in the common flu vaccine, as the CDC admitted in 2019. Fact is, the Spanish Flu, SARS, MERS, etc are still hopping around the globe every year in the form of a common flu that mutated into a form that affects some people. This is normal. 
So, this whole issue is simply made worse by two things: Incessant Global Travel, "experts" panicking, and the media. 
If those three things weren't present, this would barely be mentioned. No one remembers MERS. It was more deadly than this but it came out of Saudi Arabia and therefore wasn't spread as fast. 
The reason Italy had such a huge outbreak is because they have Chinese owned manufacturing in Italy so the Chinese can put "made in Italy" on those products. Apparently a large population of those Chinese were from Wuhan or close by. 
"Many Italians in Northern Italy sold their leather goods and textiles companies to China. Italy then allowed 100,000 Chinese from Wuhan/Wenzhou to move to Italy to work in these factories, with direct Wuhan flights. Result: Northern Italy is Europe’s hotspot for Wuhan Coronavirus" David Vance
Hysteria. That's 90% of the problem here.
We will do the standard stuff that we do when the flu is abnormally bad. 
Here's a quote from someone who might know what he's talking about: 
“The one thing we really don’t need is mass hysteria. Eighty percent of people have such minor symptoms, they don’t actually require any medical care at all. The 20 percent who do feel quite ill need to be evaluated, and some of them will require hospitalization and some of them will require intensive care.” —  
Dr. Robert Murphy, executive director of the Institute for Global Health at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and an infectious diseases professor.
Yes, I think there's no more reason to panic about this than there is every year when the flu comes out. We don't even know if half the reported "cases" are COVID-19... I'm guessing not. They are likely "coronavirus" but that's like walking into a used car lot and identifying a vehicle as a car... we know it's a car but not what kind.
It is becoming clear that we are NOT being told the whole story by the media and our national leaders. Someone seems to have a motive to stampede us all into panic. 

The most scary thing about this epidemic is not that it might get us. The clear fact is this..... our governments, worldwide, cannot work with one another to solve a global problem because our national leaders have to make the whole thing a political circus. Witness Pelosi and McConnell.


Finally, I am now convinced there is a reason why the US leadership are intentionally holding back the development of tests. I believe they WANT the stampede to continue. They WANT the suspense to grow and grow. I wish I could tell you why, but the answer to that question might cause far more panic in our souls if we knew what they want for America. 

We had a war that seems to never end after the 9/11 false flag of George Bush and his pals. Do we get an even bigger surprise after the Coronavirus?

So, the message seems to be, "Wave the flag, and pee your pants."

I am ending this coverage of the Coronavirus. It is a real problem, but I believe it is also largely a hoax, at least for the time being.

Watch for President Trump to come down with the Coronavirus and check into the Intensive Care Unit at Walter Reed. He will survive, and he will become the world's poster boy of the epidemic. This will give him carte blanche to declare the Executive Powers Act and take total control of America. And, most of you will believe God sent him to enslave you, and you will submit gladly.

So, as people stop talking to one another out of terror of being infected, are we simply be doing what the overlords designed in this epidemic?

But, Trump could end up like Brutus for playing such a trick. 

This is not a prophecy..... it is my sense of straw in the wind.


Why does Africa have almost no cases of the virus?

Why does all of South America have just over 160 cases in all of South, Central, America and Cuba. AND, their new case reporting in VIRTUALLY EVERY NATION shows that new cases are drastically dropping. Why is the epidemic ending so soon in South America? There is something we are not being told about this epidemic, and all the secrecy now in Washington DC is downright wicked.

In Africa, Nigeria has two cases, and they were imported. It would appear that the Coronavirus is a White Race problem. But then, Russia has only 59 cases.

Africans pass diseases very well because of their high population and their way of life which involves crowding together for all manner of activities. It cannot be that the heat of Africa explains this lack of cases. Nations like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Cameroon, are largely at high altitude and very temperate.

The first case stories have come in from Kenya and Ethiopia and several other African countries, but it is very mysterious that this epidemic started in White Race nations, and all African cases have a back history of contact with Europe or China.

The question now can be raised: Will this epidemic end before it can really be the monster our leaders and the media are predicting? Is this why they are doing such a lousy job of dealing with it and getting tests out to the nation? Does someone WANT this epidemic to linger in order to change America permanently?

If any of this post is useful to you, I suggest you copy and paste it and print it. This last bit of information could get this post blocked. 

This report from Colorado may shed some light:
The Colorado CDC came to Montrose where there are "no cases" and told them a bunch of blown out of proportion numbers about how many kids were going to die and advised them to close the school for 2-3 weeks and disinfect the schools.... Where there are no known cases.... 
So now we know that they are purposefully hyping this thing. What are they not telling us? Why are they inciting panic?