Saturday, September 29, 2018


The Progressive Left is made up of the scum of the earth.

We need to stop talking about Hillary, Obama, and Maxine Waters in breathless terror. These creeps do not have the power to take control because they do not occupy the high ground. They stand for murder of babies, sodomy, and pedophilia. Where did we get the idea that they could prevail?

The whole issue is fear. Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, and other such hucksters of terror, have gotten the limelight as they try to stampede Americans into total panic in the face of Liberal Leftist Marxist loud mouths like Bernie Sanders.

Who should Bible believers fear?

Matthew 10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

The only entity to fear is God himself. He can send you to Hell. If you are born again, he will NOT send you to Hell. So, whom have we to fear ultimately? 

If Hillary and Obama have you in deep terror of what they may do to you, they already have captured your soul and mind. Fear is a prison which keeps its inmates locked behind the bars of their overactive imaginations. In all my life I have heard of conspiracies that are alleged to be absolutely impossible to stop. The Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, on and on it goes. The irony is, I have yet to find any of these boogie men doing me or anyone else harm. The only power they have is secrecy, and secrecy is a lot of rubbish if it never results in action and conquest.

We must have such fear of God that there is not fear left in us to fear men.

1 Peter 2:17 Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.

You are NOT told to fear the king, nor any of his cohorts and politicians.


When wicked men try to take power it is historic that they are soon taken down and often killed. They at least end up fleeing to some other nation in terror. Witness Idi Amin and Menguistu Heile Mariam of Ethiopic. When the day comes that God has exhausted his mercy on Hillary Clinton and George Soros, they will end up in a fancy box in a hole in the ground. Kings bleed just as easily as you do.

What is really deadly to the Church of Jesus Christ is when his people stand around in the church house foyer, or at church dinners, and trade horror stories to drive one another into dread and panic. And, the worst of it is that this is often done in front of little children so that these kids grow up with hearts filled with terror rather than the fear of God.

If you, pastor, preside over such a local church, you need a millstone tied around you neck and throw you into the lake. You are a bastard son who is unwilling to teach children to fear God. I hate you with perfect hatred because you are the enemy of God.

Isaiah 66:2 For all those things hath mine hand made, and all those things have been, saith the LORD: but to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word.

How does God feel when he looks at you and hears your conversation? Does God remember you?

Psalms 103:17 But the mercy of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear him, and his righteousness unto children's children;

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Here is a discussion of what to expect from the Republicans as they abandon Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh will be assumed to be guilty by Republicans. There will be no trial, and the man will be destroyed for life. Justice is not happening in this event.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


In the past, at this blog, I have warned you about an EMP potential. 

There are two kinds of EMPs. The first is a solar Coronal Mass Ejection which would, if large enough, blow up the power grids of most of the world. A CME is an event when the sun blasts of electromagnetic energy at the earth. The second kind of EMP is a nuclear explosion set off 300 miles over Nebraska which would take down ALL technology and the power grid.

Imagine if the lights went out, the water stopped coming, all food sources disappeared in three days, and all vehicles went dead. The irony about this potential disaster or nature or war is that it is much easier to pull off than conventional warfare. Since my last articles on EMPs, China and Russia have successfully tested hypersonic missiles able to fly at ground level, navigate around hills and through valleys, and all at 9000 to 12,000 Miles Per Hour. They are also capable of carrying EMP nuclear devices.

Either China or Russia could launch one of these new missiles 80 miles south of Cuba, and the missile would be 300 miles over Nebraska in just under 30 minutes. Our early warning stations would see one blip on their radar, and by the time the screen did the next pass, the missile would be gone. The likelihood is that the personnel watching for the enemy would never see anything.

The reason I keep dealing with this issue is that you are 100% on your own. The US Government and Congress are doing absolutely nothing to prepare for this possibility.

Here is the latest on EMPs.

Another recent interview with Dr. Peter Vincent Fry:

There is a morbid aspect to the EMP question. Is it really possible to get ready, and can we defend ourselves with our best efforts? The answer seems to be, NO. With these high speed delivery systems, any nation with the technology can get at us, and we could get at them. The problem is, the USA has generally got the correct inhibitions that prevent us from doing an EMP over Russia, China, or any of the rogue terrorist smaller nations. The devastation to life and property we would do keeps our leaders from seriously considering it. 

But, we have adversaries who may well be eager to put America out of commission for three to five years. The reality is, whoever nuked us with an EMP would never have to deal with the might and threat of American Military responses forever. The possibility of the USA coming back from an EMP is zero. Life would return, but never to the level of luxury and wealth we now have.

We Americans have a build in mental response to being attacked. Because we have not been attacked on our own soil since 1812 (except Hawaii), we have delusions that we can retaliate and somehow even the score. After an EMP attack we will NOT be retaliating for one simple reason. We will not know who did it to us. So, we will suddenly be a defeated nation groveling in our total mental sorrow and emotional malaise. Our leaders will have nowhere to turn for their next move, and they will not be retaliating. The emotional impact of this fact will make puddles of emotional jelly of all American survivors.

So, have you made any preparation for such a crisis? 

Added to the EMP possibilities is the super volcano at Yellowstone. If that blew, life would grind to a halt, and millions of Americans would die horrible deaths from inhaling the dust. Also, millions more would starve to death due to crops being killed from Wyoming to Ohio and north Texas. With the world turning in hate against America due to President Trump's big mouth, few nations would come to our rescue.

You will find here many ideas on preparation.

You can laugh this off as a conspiracy, but it is not that at all. The EMP threat is very real, and at any moment the lights could go out for many years. The master transformers needed to bring back the power grid do not exist. They take three years to build, and we do not build them ourselves. They come from Denmark, Malaysia, and South Korea. Our power companies have no plan. I have asked ours, which is one of the top rated companies in the USA for preparedness, and they do not have spare transformers on hand. 

I have gotten conflicting information on large power transformer production. The leading expert claims the only places in the world producing them are the three nations above. In US Government documents the claim is that we have nine manufacturing facilities in the USA. I have to conclude that the largest transformers are simply not being talked about. The problem with our own manufacturing companies is that they would need power to make more transformers. Are they prepared for an EMP?

Add to this challenge the feat of replacing 300,000 miles of high tension power lines around the USA. Than, how many million pole transformers would be needed? All of these bits and pieces would have to be manufactured with not power in the manufacturing facilities. Would the world go into high production just for us in order to bring us back? Why should they after the way we treat them?

In US Dept. of Energy publications I have seen, they only deal with terrorism and hacking to shut down individual power plants. They carefully avoid all mention of EMPs. I know they have been warned of the threat, so I have to assume they simply do not know how to get ready for an EMP.

The bottom line is this..... WE ARE ON OUR OWN. There is absolutely NO US Government agency or department which is prepared to take care of Americans. They will quickly run out of fuel for their vehicles and power plants, and they will go home. FEMA will run out of food after about three days. They too will go home. The same applies to the US Military. They also will run out of fuel and become helpless. US soldiers caught in foreign nations will be the best off, depending on how much they are hated by the local people.

The second most deadly issue will be people dependent on life support systems and life sustaining drugs like insulin. Have you decided what you will do if TSHTF? A loved one with diabetes might have a chance on half doses and a panic diet of absolutely no carbs. Otherwise, they will slowly die.

If you want to have a chance to be a survivor, you will have to make preparations now. If you live in a large city, you have the most serious level of preparation. Your first priority will be to get out of the city into the countryside where you can beg for food from farmers and possibly help on a farm for room and board. Do you who live in a large city even know what route you would take to flee the city. You will have about one hour to react in order to get ahead of the total break down of law and order.

If you live in Southern California, prepare to meet your God. There is no chance of walking out of the Los Angeles metro area. With a bicycle you might have a chance, but do have a hand gun ready to defend yourself. Those of you who have thought about this and decided you will loot and pillage to stay alive, are you prepared to kill everyone you meet to avoid being killed yourself?

The problem with an EMP and a Yellowstone super volcano is that today there is absolutely no chance that this is a real threat, at least if you look out your window at the peaceful neighborhood. But, in ten seconds, all this great life we live could be ancient history, and we would spend 24/7 trying to find food and protect ourselves from marauding killers. And, that plan could last for three years if everything goes ideally. 

All other thoughts on preparedness are in the article at the link above.

Finally, should we factor in God? If you believe there is a God, whose side do you imagine he is on? As he looks at America, he sees a nation that has allowed the murder of 70 million babies in the womb. He sees a nation that is exalting sodomy, divorce, and is showing no zeal to track down pedophiles in high places in our Government. He sees a nation that has killed nearly 2 million people in the Middle East based on the fairy tale of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

So, why should God protect America from destruction?

You may have the sick notion that God is impressed with Donald Trump and will preserve him. Why should God preserve a man, and his voting base, who believe in the doctrine of "grab 'em by the p_____?" Why should God bless a man who throws away two wives in order to get hot new flesh? And, why should God protect a man whose mouth is boastful of himself in the extreme?

There is NO diplomatic immunity from judgment with God. When a nation has filled the cup of the wrath of God, he dumps that nation over the edge.

Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Project Veritas has exposed the real swamp, and it is not Hillary and Maxine Waters. It is the US civil servants your tax payment supports.


So, inside the bureaucracy lurks a mob of civil servants who do not serve. They live to destroy the USA and our freedoms. They hate America, and they love Karl Marx. This is no longer an Alex Jones conspiracy theory. It really exists.

As long as Trump makes no effort to fire these people, and as long as Congress refuses to take control, America will continue to be dismantled by these creeps in the shadows. The far left Democrat leaders must know all about this, and they will defend it if and when any legislation is proposed in Congress. It will only happen when the House, Senate, and White House are all under the control of the Republicans.

Firing Comey and Bannon was a good move by Trump, but the millions of low ball players below that level are the real problem. A rattle snake can kill you sometimes, but if you really want to be killed by deadly varmints, take on a million bees all at the same time. Trump needs to be told that he has not yet found the real enemy of America.

A great start would be to enforce and prosecute violations of the Hatch Act, and raise the penalty for such crimes to twenty years in Leavenworth with no parole. 

America is toast. God wants America destroyed because of its sins. If God wanted America to prevail, he would have empowered some President to take control of the civil servant mob long ago. Since God is actually making sure these people can sustain their war against America, we must face the possibility that God is the one in charge of them, and he is using them to take America down.

If that shocks you, you have not been reading this blog for long. I have told you long ago that the USA, sitting all over the Middle East, and playing nurse maid to Israel, is smack dab in the way of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. So, God will degrade America to a banana republic to force our Military out of his way in the Middle East.

Wise Christians will believe the Bible, and they will prepare for hard times and living in a nation which will soon attack all Christians and try to force them to kiss the posterior of a Socialist Communist State. We already hear this plan from Hillary and Obama who have publically made it clear that they will change America to a nation with "freedom of worship" rather than "freedom of religion," as noted in the US Constitution. Freedom of worship means you can worship and talk about your religion in your church house only. Praying in public will result in a prison sentence in Hillary's new world.

Proverbs 22:3 A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

Monday, September 17, 2018


I have talked about this, and now I am vindicated. 

Here are a group of valid and informed doctors have reviewed the statistics and results of years of statins as a preventative of heart issues, and they are bluntly blasting statin prescriptions.



Chief Judge Frank Caprio of Providence, Rhode Island.

There are special moments in American life that the Internet now makes known to all of us. As much as we do not trust technology, I have to say that Judge Caprio has brought me many choice moments of pride to be an American.

Can a judge make a difference?


Friday, September 14, 2018



So, the U. of Maryland, home of the free, is making a "safe zone" for White students.


We now offer two possible reasons for the "safe zone."

1. The U. of M. has sincerely decided that Whites are being discriminated against, and they want to balance the Liberal road show. (Somehow, this seems impossible, given the hate for Whites in the hearts of White University management.)

2. The U. of M has found a way to get White kids alone, under color of being fair, in a place where the U. can blame White kids for all the social ills of the University. The kids will be given all sorts of seminars in how to not be hated by kissing the posterior of every ethnic soul on campus.

Knowing the hearts of Progressive Nanny Liberals, I will assume you are well able to figure out which of the above is most likely the real motive of U. management.

I will believe the U. of Maryland is serious when they call in Federal Agents to escort White kids to class, like long ago in Bogalusa, Louisiana. Ruby Bridges revisits her defender.


Will CNN and the Liberal Democrats rejoice that Trump is the most powerful tax collector in US history? I suspect they will not. Even though the Dems LOVE taxing the masses, they will not ever give Trump credit for collecting tax, even though this could be used to criticize Trump for raising tax.


We must approve of the Pope being apologetic for anything, especially for people abused sexually by his faggot pedophile priests. But, his apologies are all to the rich and famous. The ordinary peasant Catholic who was sexually used by his faggot friars gets no notice at all.


Nowhere in the Apostolic writings, or in the teaching of Jesus, is Caesar encouraged to defend the Christian faith, Jesus Christ, or Mary. The day the state starts defending God is the day they can also dictate which god you worship and how you worship him. This is not a noble event in Spain. God can very well defend himself with natural disasters and assassinations.

History tells us that the day the true Church of Jesus Christ thrives the best is when Caesar attacks the Church of Jesus Christ and the Word of God, not when they defend it. The day may soon come to America when some Conservative President of Congress will start defending Christ, and that will be the day the Church dies in America. We are on the way to that point now as church leaders cling to the President as if he were the Messiah.



This is a landmark for New Jersey. They watched across the river as the Towers burned, but now they are making a hero of the terrorist who is said to have planned the day of horror. New Jersey ought to be put on probation as to its statehood.



Paul Manafort is plea bargaining with Mueller. Manafort will soon be singing like a canary, telling Mueller all he knows about Trump's secrets. The only question is, does Trump's Teflon exterior still prevent sticking? We knew this was coming. Trump would have pardoned Manafort, but the young child decided to get his own immunity and back room pardon the old fashioned way. The day when men were loyal to the king, as with Richard Nixon and his boys, is over. Joining the Mueller Opera Company, as with Cohen, is now the thing to do.


This will warm the hearts of the talking heads at CNN and the New York Times.


It seems like someone is drilling holes in the space station from the outside. The plot thickens as NASA and the Russians refuse to talk about it. We must now give way to the conspiratorial mob who will soon tell us that space aliens are drilling the holes. Or, was it Michael the Archangel? 

Just when you thought the plot could not get any thicker, some idiot shows up with a Dewalt drill and depressurizes your cabin in space.


This information came in while I was doing this news special.



Seldom in the life of a conspiratorialist does such a moment happen. The Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico has been shut down by the FBI. 

Why the FBI? Why not NASA? The FBI exists to find criminals and arrest them. So, is there a criminal aspect to stopping the sun watchers? The U. of New Mexico now runs the observatory, so we have to wonder if someone on the staff at the location was spying or trying to sabotage the toys.
The ongoing favorite conspiracy theory is that the sun is about to fry the earth, and the Government wants to hide it from us. But, if that were the case, the FBI would not shut it down completely. They would replace the staff there with top security space personnel and want them to keep watching for more trouble from the sun.

Finally, the fact that no one is even giving a fictitious explanation for the closing is very strange. The US Government has a long history of making up fairy tales to explain their strange antics. It seems to me that the Government WANTS the suspense for some reason. I predict that the Feds will eventually make an announcement which will be about some emergency that is coming our way. They are orchestrating this thing to create as much suspense as possible.



We might be able, for once, to assume security is the real issue. Hence, the presence of the FBI. It may be possible that the U. of New Mexico, driven by mad hatter Liberals, decided to give the Russians of Chinese access to the observatory, and the Government is evicting them in order to secure the thing and reopen it.



The CEOS of technology sincerely believe they can rule he world, and they are trying hard to do that. For this reason, they also believe you and I are suckers ready to believe every word that drops from their vile lips. If this picture does not change soon, the big tech giants will find the US Government demanding to be given the power to totally regulate them. That will be a sad day for we the people, but the blame must be laid at the feet of oligarchs like Bezoes.


The police seem to have lost the battle on this one. I think that part of the problem is the spirit of lawlessness in the air. The California State Legislature is belching hate at Donald Trump and intentionally inviting illegals into California. This causes especially Hispanic young men to feel arrogant and macho. If they have a hot car, they then want to flaunt their disdain for the law just like their state leaders do.


You cannot have it both way, California. You cannot slap your national leaders and law and order agencies and expect your youth to obey the law. This is historic, and Europe is loaded with history of rebellion and the deaths that followed it.


The Dalai Lama gave Europe a karate chop that is causing the Liberals of the world to quake. The powerful thing about his statement is that he was a refugee long ago when he walked from China to India to escape persecution. So, the Liberals cannot say he does not "feel the pain" of the moment.



Canadians have only one hope to avoid being killed by a Muslim with a gun. That is, he will probably shoot himself first. 




Trump is hitting China with another bundle of tariffs. This is no shock. He is playing the Big Gun game, one he knows so well as a business man. He has every reason to believe he can prevail unless the Stock Market double teams him. The big boys who manipulate the Stock Market may decide to play tricks to make the market drop seriously and spook Trump.

What Trump is doing is trying to convince Xi, and the whole world, that he has a big gun, and he will use it. Xi is playing tricks while counting on public opinion in the US to threaten Trump. Xi is going to soon come begging for mercy when he finally reads the US population correctly. The average American is sick of Wal Mart being owned by China, and Trump's base in particular would probably just as soon see China nearly destroyed if it got more business and manufacturing returned home to bring jobs to Americans. I, for one, am tired of walking the aisles of chain stores and realizing that 90% of the gongs and trinkets I need to buy are made by slave labor in China, while Americans stand in welfare lines to survive.



I find it ironic that Goldman is taken seriously. They are the ones who helped in the economic disaster of 2008. How did they become the prophet of fiscal responsibility?


Thursday, September 13, 2018


Harvey Weinstein is a sleaze bag and predator. He is a classic man of Hollywood. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who has ANY knowledge of how Hollywood and media professionals work knows that these men are animals.

So, why did this woman allow Harvey to continue the meeting after he shut the door and locked it? She should have fled the room at once. Instead, she pampered Harvey and dropped any walls of propriety by stupid suggestive comments. She was selling her sex appeal to Harvey in the hope that it would get her what she wanted.

These naive women need to be ignored when they scream "Rape" months or years later. They knew they asked for trouble by dealing with vipers, and now they come back hoping to get rich on the story.

This is why true Bible believers, under the same protocols we had back in the 1950s, will stop watching and buying products from Hollywood. They are ALL produced by animals and sex perverts. I have inside information of my own from relatives and friends in the S. California area where I was born and lived several times in my life.

Hollywood produces Satanic rubbish at its worst.


I would not go so far as to say Ms Thompson deserved what she got, but by playing the game, she got raped, and she has no business whining now. I find it hard to believe she had never heard what this sort of man, in her profession, would do if he was alone with a woman.

Furthermore, he was toying with her, and she allowed the game to progress to the point where Harvey believed he could rape her. Why did she not take the first question about flirting as a red light and flee the scene? When Harvey asked for permission to flirt, he was telling her he was a lot more interested in her sexually than in her product.

Finally, what woman takes a man like Weinstein seriously? He looks like a drunk from Skid Row, with his tie crooked and one of these "three day drunk" alleged beards. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why any woman lets these slop hogs near them, but this jerk fashion is now the sort of alleged man that women seem to admire.

Romans 3:12 They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one.

Friday, September 7, 2018


If you are a Republican or Democrat living on the extreme end of you political scale, get out of here. This post is for people, whatever their political preference, who THINK.

I have a TED Talk for you, and it is very well done. It also agrees with the Bible.

King Solomon weighs in on this concept:

Proverbs 16:2 All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the LORD weigheth the spirits.

Proverbs 17:27 He that hath knowledge spareth his words: and a man of understanding is of an excellent spirit.

Proverbs 17:28 Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.

Proverbs 18:1 Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.
2 A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself.

This fool separates himself from other people for the sole purpose of using wisdom and knowledge to exalt himself. In the end, he discovers himself, and the rest of the world is rejected. This is the ultimate picture of self-delusion. The word "separateth" in verse 1 has absolutely nothing to do with the separation from sin and the wicked, as taught by the Apostle Paul. It is about rejecting useful sources of wisdom in bigotry.

I have watched, all my life, as many Christians present themselves as the absolute authority on some issue in life. It is usually about some sin they imagine could never stick to them, and they damn anyone else caught in this sin. 

Also, I have met many Fundamental Baptist, and other denominational, preachers who are arrogant and obnoxious to everyone around them. They project the clear message that they have arrived as the fourth member of the Godhead. If you pastor is like this, why are you sitting there taking this rubbish off of him? Can you not find another local church where the leader is like the Proverbs 17:27 man above?

Finally, back to our question as to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is always right. He rages with extreme hate and arrogance at anyone who disagrees with him. Where is the "Aw, shucks" response of Ronald Reagan? I do not believe I recall one other politician in my life time who had such a brash and self-serving attitude about himself as Trump does.

What did the man in the video say was the cause of this?

Answer: Lack or self-confidence.

I have thought for months that Donald Trump behaves like a very insecure man. He is the boy on the playground who is a bully because he has nothing in his mind or soul to commend himself to others. But worse, he knows it, and he must find a way to project self-confidence. This results in a vicious mouth and wounding other people in the hope that he will feel more powerful after the attack.

It never works, and in the end you get Adolph Hitler of Marilyn Manson. I truly hope this is not where we are headed. The insecure bully all too often ends up shooting up a school yard, or himself. To Trump, the shooting up of a school yard could easily be acted out by nuking a whole nation like Iran or North Korea.

If that sounds like a good idea to you, you are probably one of his supporters, and you are the one who keeps telling us that Trump is a perfect model of what Messiah Jesus Christ will be like.

It may be too late for Donald Trump to make a serious shift in his persona, but for you and me, HERE IS A MAN WHO DID.

After thought- Donald Trump has done some very useful things for America. But, when a man does well, is it necessary for him to intentionally make half the people hate him? Trump's Twitter posts are 100% meant to drive his detractors away from him. A man who claims to know God should have the grace to call his adversaries TOO him, and to reason with them, not bully them.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Here is an article in which the real problem is not spoken. There is an understandable reason to not speak the key nasty word..... it would cause panic  in NYC,



Now, the plot thickens. Here is a cholera scare from Algeria by the airlines to France.


In both New York City, and in France, I would doubt if the health care and emergency workers were vaccinated for cholera. This means that they will be likely infected. Also, the Emirates plane had estimated 100 passengers ill according to the pilot. Only ten were taken into quarantine. If either, or both, planes were carrying cholera infected passengers, it is now certain that the cholera will be spread to other people in the USA and France.

So, was it really cholera as your cynical editor suspects?


Cholera outbreaks are currently occurring in many countries especially in the Horn of Africa and the Gulf of Aden, including Yemen, Somalia, and Ethiopia. Outbreaks are also reported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria. All of these nations have huge Muslim populations, and the Hajj this year was from August 19-24. Thousands of Muslims from these cholera infected nations would by in Mecca for the Hajj. Saudi Arabia claims they are diligently trying to prevent this, but the Saudis also are highly motivated to help Muslims get to the Hajj. Islam has always put health and life second after zeal and hubris.

See cholera on page 4. 

Could the passengers have had the MERS virus?


The MERS virus kills slower than cholera, but cholera is easier to treat than MERS. Cholera can kill an adult in 24 hours after symptoms appear, and a baby can easily die in 8 hours after presenting symptoms.


How do we recognize MERS and cholera?

MERS- Severe flu like symptoms. If it seems serious, DO NOT hesitate to go to ER to be checked.

Cholera- Flu like symptoms, but the way you KNOW it is cholera is that the victims stool will be nearly all water and will be white. The photo is unpleasant, but you need to know that this is a deadly disease and will kill you if untreated. The victim will be having diarrhea nearly constantly. If you hesitate at all, they could die of dehydration. Give them water if they can keep it down. Do not try to self-treat with cholera. The patient MUST have IV saline water and antibiotics. If you get them to ER soon enough, and if your ER is not totally stupid about cholera, the patient can be saved in rather short order. If someone in your home gets cholera, YOU ARE INFECTED ALSO. Seek treatment at once. 

If cholera breaks out in your area, especially New York City, get vaccinated for cholera. Some of you know I am a serious skeptic about vaccinations, but NOT with cholera. The vaccination will save your life if you get with infected people. Do not let doctors of medical staff try to talk you out of the vaccine if you have reason to believe you are at risk. If they still refuse to vaccinate you, tell them you are traveling to the Congo.

PANIC ATTACK: If your baby or young child suddenly has very frequent white or very pale yellow diarrhea, go to ER at once and tell them you suspect cholera. If you wait even over night, the baby will probably die from dehydration. Cholera is strangely a very fast killer, but it is also a relatively easy virus to stop and save the patient. The same applies for adults.

Do not wait
If the poop is white.

In this ongoing travel situation with the Hajj and Muslims, I would add the following to my precautions listed at the link to my journal above:

1. If you are a Muslim and know anyone who went on the Hajj this year, I suggest you stay away from those friends and their friends for another four weeks to see if anyone in your circle of friends gets sick. If someone does get sick, DO NOT VISIT THEM to comfort them. You WILL get what they have. Both cholera and MERS are easily passed in the air.

2. If you live in New York City and are a Muslim, you might want to skip the mosque gatherings on Friday for four weeks to see if you hear of any Muslims in NYC becoming ill.

3. If you are a non-Muslim, and you have Muslim friends who have been on the Hajj, including friends of friends etc, stay away from that circle of Muslims for another four weeks to make sure someone in that group does not get cholera or MERS.

This is not racial of religious advice. It is purely based on epidemiological considerations.

I must, however, add a caveat on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. These Arab nations have a high tolerance for letting people they do not care for die. Saudi Arabia, during the last couple of years, has bombed all of the hospitals, market places, and water supply of The Yemen, the nation on their southern border. Saudi Arabia has been helped to do this by the USA, President Obama in particular supplying Saudi Arabia with the arms to do it. Saudi Arabia wants all of Yemen depopulated so they can take it over, and thus, they destroyed all the medical help now needed for the cholera epidemic in Yemen.

The Emirates, for centuries, have been ruled by leaders who have no qualms about letting people die if it serves their purposes. This explains why a decision was made to let sick people board the plane in the UAE against international air travel rules. The sick passengers should have been quarantined in the UAE. Instead, someone there made the decision to send the sick people to America. This is how the UAE thanks America for our help to them.

Add to this the problem of the US Government to instantly deny anything is wrong in potential epidemic situations. This is old history. Denial is the order of the day with the CDC and the State Department. Even Trump will easily be convinced to cover up any danger to prevent panic. Admittedly, it is horrific to contemplate NYC in a cholera panic, but how many people will now die from being infected by the 90 sick people allowed to leave the plane and walk into the city or transfer to other flights?

Also, see my article on PANIC AND HOW TO DEAL WITH IT on my online journal.


I told you the CDC would cover up anything really frightening, and I believe that is now possible. There is a second and third arrival of sick people, now in Philadelphia. A flight from Munich and one from Paris. The Paris flight may have included transfers from the flight from Algeria mentioned previously in Paris.


The CDC will never tell the truth if cholera or MERS is involved. These are the people, along with the President and Surgeon General who covered up AIDS for nine months in the early 1980s and lied and lied about it. 

So, nothing has changed for me. I anticipate that we will hear, by the grapevine, that cholera is in the USA. Consider also, cholera is in Mexico, and the border leaks like a sieve. So, we may soon have our own Third World epidemic, and "Make America Great Again" could come to a fast end.

The bottom line? No fear, my friend, but DO take precautions for a while until all the Muslims get home from Mecca.

Sunday, September 2, 2018


This is as close to the edge as I have gotten on this blog. I do not know any background on this guy. He is ordinarily health related, and this video seems to be a departure for him. If he and his alleged contact are for real, something bordering on terrifying is coming down from the CIA. It sounds, from the video, like the indictments have been written, and they will soon be served.


Here is the video as posted on Real Video.

I cannot speculate where this is going next. If the CIA, by any chance, let this information loose to prepare the world for what is coming next, then it would seem that someone at the CIA is actually clean and wants to blow the pedo mob wide open worldwide.

This is the sort of thing, if it is actually true and happened, that could cause the world to scream for the Antichrist to come and clean up the mess. This could trash whole governments and leave some  nations reeling with no direction at the top as the rats run for cover and abandon their posts.

Here is another discussion I found in the pedophile horror. The source, as usual, needs vetting, but I know no way to do that. Here are the links to their results.


This is very ugly. Several of the videos above have been very limited in loads. I do not know why people don't want to know about this. 

Again, I feel that the connection of Donald Trump with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein will one day show that Trump is a participant in these pedophile activities. If Trump is not guilty of any wrong doing, he will prove it to us by turning the CIA or FBI loose on this scandal, and Trump will stand back and keep his hands off of it and his Twitter mouth closed.

I will try to update this with anything I can find to confirm the video information.Stay tuned.

Saturday, September 1, 2018


Look where Jesse Jackson is looking. He is saying silently, "Bishop, baby, you done da wrooooong thing."

But, the worst thing came when the bishop did a mia culpa. Trying to clean up the mess he made was appropriate, but turning Ariana from an Italian into a Mexican was no sin, it was just dumb.


My suggestion to the pastor of that local church:
Add a board to the communion table below the existing one which should read, "One Seventh Commandment."