Sunday, December 30, 2018


This is the classic kind of story the left and right media in the USA will not cover. The reason is that the White Race is killing off Africa so that they can get the African population down to a minimum population so that American, Chinese, and European nations can develop profitable industry in Africa.

They also want to take possession of African natural resources. Donald Trump has openly stated that he does not want to go to war unless he can end up controlling oil or natural resources.

So, here is how Bill Gates and the United Nations are killing off Africans:

Listen to Bill Gates explaining the wonders of vaccinations. He says they stop sickness, and people are healthier and do not die so easily, and then he makes another statement that is a total contradiction to his first claim. He says population growth goes down. The only way to reduce population with a vaccination is if the vaccine is laced with something to either kill or castrate people.

Bill Gates, in this video essentially tells us the he and the United Nations are planning to kill Africans via the vaccinations they give them by lacing the vaccine with a killer virus or infertility factor. This is nothing short of an Adolph Hitler murder campaign. Bill Gates is a serial killer of the first order, and if Trump cares about life, as he claims, he will arrest Gates and charge him with genocide.

So, the young women in Kenya, 500,000 of them, have been targeted for the attack of Bill Gates and his friends. The leaders of Kenya have taken the bribes from Gates and friends, and he will move on across the continent to strike over and over, first with his wealth as he bribes African leaders to allow the slaughter of Africans, and then with the vaccine propaganda to sucker the women into the clinics of Africa to be mutilated.

Why does the US Government do nothing about this?


It is the dawning of the age of nefarious,
It's precarious

The bug from Mad Maxine and Ben Johnson has migrated to Georgia, and the Leftists are going loco.

Here is the infected child in action.

This sort of thing will be happening more and more. Sanders Liberals and Hillary Hair Day Hags will be raging the getting violent. I see the day coming when the gun haters are all armed. They think they are going to get rid of guns, but they will be the ones who take up guns and start killing Trump supporters. This is the historic pattern for Communist Liberals.

Friday, December 14, 2018


Never have so many idiots been deluded by so few.

Scientists at Stony Brook University have been staring at pink poop on Danger Island in Antarctica, and they have concluded that the penguins on the Island are either going extinct, all 1.5 million of them, or, they are not pooping as much pink poop as they did twenty years ago.

It is good to contemplate that Al Gore warned us, long ago, of the coming age of diminishing pink poop.

You have no idea how upset I am about this. The world may soon have a shortage of pink poop, and you don't even care.

We must all so live that, after our departing into our next life, the world will say of us, "He sure was a great defender of pink poop."

Now, some reading here will mock and tell me there is no such thing as pink poop. So, here is the story just the way I heard it.....


Thursday, December 13, 2018


When I was a kid,  and when a cop pulled you over, you always wanted to get out of your car. Long ago it was thought that a driver who gets out of his car is showing he does not have a gun. I did that in Arizona when a cop pulled me over. He at once told me to get back in my car. He just wanted to know what I was doing with a paper bag picking something off of a thorn tree.

This is the truth. I noticed preying mantis chrysalises on the tree, and I wanted to collect some to put in my garden to eat bugs. I told him that, and he told me I had picked a spot to stop where illegals were dropped off. He was happy, but before he left he told me to never get out of my car when a cop stops me. He told me that the custom from long ago was found to be more common with attacks than just sitting in the car.

Another custom we observe here in Texas and in Arizona is, if you have a gun carrying on you or in the car, throw it on the dash top up toward the window just as soon as you pull over. This way, the cop knows you are not hiding it, and you are willing to answer gun related questions.

Now, here is the rest of the story. You jerks who sass and challenge cops, or you who imply the cop was not paying attention etc, you are just making sure you get the whole book thrown at you.

Ladies: If you think that being overly sexy or suggestive will help, consider this. What if the cop is a man who is zealous to be faithful to his wife? You will make yourself threatening to him by forcing him to communicate through an emotional fog of temptation to lust for you. Playing the whore is real dumb.

And, if a man cannot admonish you, lady, then go directly to jail, do not pass go, and DO pay the whole fat fine.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Many people in technology wonder when the day will arrive when our minds will be opened to the world by technology. When will government stealth agencies be permitted to read our thoughts? Indeed, when will Wal Mart be free to read our thoughts as we shop?

Here is a lady who works in these areas and is thinking way ahead.

It might be useful to start thinking, before the war for your mind begins, of ways to protect yourself.

1. Learn how to detect brain reading equipment.

2. Develop the discipline to brain shift. By this, I mean to put your brain into completely different mode in a second's notice. For a Christian, start reciting Bible verses mentally, or sing a hymn in your head. Learn a nonsense phrase and repeat it over and over until you feel you have left the danger zone. Besa me masa (Kiss my grits). If it is a foreign language, that is even better.

3. If you suspect a snoop nearby, start praying, and go through a list of your friends talking to God about their needs.

4. Talk to the eves droppers. Mentally launch a tirade telling the listener what you think of them. Offer to take them to dinner if they identify themselves. Tell them you saw there name in a list of suspects at the police station. Tell them that there is a gorilla standing behind them, then watch to see who looks behind themselves.

5. Carry on a conversation with an imaginary person. Lead the conversation into intrigue of some sort, and then give directions to the spot you are on, and tell the imaginary person on the other end, "When you get here, drop the bomb and blow us all out of here. The snoop will get to go listen to Satan's thoughts in Hell."

You can count on one thing for sure. When the technology to listen to our thoughts starts being used in public places, we will not be told about it in advance. The CIA, IRS, Homeland Security, and the FBI will start using it clandestinely at first.

So, develop a couple strategies for yourself to mess with their toys.

Thursday, December 6, 2018


Vaccines, in recent years, have been causing Autism in children. This story is about a man who is now a vegetable because of the flu shot. The measles, and other vaccines, are just as deadly an issue.


Here is the story of the flu vaccine causing autism in children. It is proven the truth by a whistle blower who worked in the CDC who masterminded a cover up of the autism connection and destroyed evidence that there is an autism connection.

If you let anyone vaccinate your child, you could well be murdering your child. Minimum, you could be turning your child into a mindless vegetable. If your mercy on your child will not move you, then consider the lowest form of influence on your warped soul..... give your kid the flu shot, and you could end up giving them 100% full time care until the day you die.


This is far more than  a conspiracy by the US Government and Big Pharma to protect a murder procedure for the cash flow and bribes. This is murder, and they KNOW what they are doing.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


If you are a Republican, and you crave Democrat friends, it can be done after all.

All you have to do it die.

Democrats are climbing all over one another to get to the front of the crowd and say sweet nothings about Papa Bush.

RIP George HW Bush. You won the last election.

Friday, November 30, 2018


All I have for you this time is one documentary. It is a compilation of new facts and research. The video will show you that radiation from Fukushima is totally out of control. The plume which blew into the upper atmosphere in the first few days is now settling back to earth. 

Cesium is totally off the charts, it is being found at deadly levels in Montana, and Japan is absolutely covering up the deadly contamination of Tokyo. The population is being contaminated so badly that it is known that millions of Japanese will soon begin dying off.

The facts in the video confirm my suggestion from day one that Americans should not be eating vegetables and fruit grown in the California central valleys, wine from Northern California, and fruit from inland orchards in Washington State and Oregon.

We do not eat any fish or shrimp from Pacific Ocean waters. 80% of the salmon did not return to spawn in the rivers this last year. The Pacific Ocean is in the process of total die off, and the fishing industry is collapsing. You are insane if you eat any fish from the Pacific.

What we are talking about is the day some highly placed US Government official bells the cat. The food supply from California grown or harvested from coastal zones will be condemned, and California will go totally bankrupt. Even further inland, prevailing winds from Alaska and the northern oceans will be shown to be contaminating middle USA food supplies and crops. This could be the thing that pulls down the USA as an empire.

The harsh reality is that crops clear across the USA are contaminated to some degree. The only areas that may be fairly safe are Florida and Texas crops which are grown far south. The safest food in our stores comes from Chile and other points south of the Equator.

Here is the video:

If you live in California, my advice to you is, eat food imported into California from other states. Do not swim in the ocean anywhere on the West Coast of the USA. Best option..... leave California. Your air and water has to be red hot with radiation. If you do nothing to defend yourself from this danger, you will one day be told  you have cancer or Alzheimer's, and it will be too late to repair the damage.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Mixing the peanut butter is a pain in the neck, as you health junkies well know. If you buy the organic variety, it is not filled with additives to keep the peanut butter solids from separating from the oil and settling to the bottom. While you know you are eating healthy, you also know that your wife will soon say, "Dear, would you mix the peanut butter please?" 

At this point, you dig out a metal bowl, and you try to pry the peanut butter out of the bottle into the bowl. Once you have all the clods out of the bottom of the bottle, you find a large spoon and start trying to dissolve the stuff into the oil. The trick is to keep at it until there are no more lumps.

Now, for several years I have been thinking, "There is a better way to do this." Recently, I was watching my wife use the hand beater to beat up some eggs, and I thought that this great old faithful kitchen tool would be just the gadget to mix the peanut butter. The peanut butter was sitting on the kitchen counter this morning, and I decided to stop procrastinating and do the manly thing and mix it.

I dug out the hand beater, slipped one beater into it (only one would fit into the jar), and I went to work to justify my existence as the resident inventor of our home. I reasoned correctly that the beater should be submerged clear down into the peanut butter to prevent it tossing bits of peanut butter out onto the counter. I also determined that the jar should be held very tightly to avoid losing control of the jar.

I determined the beater should go a lot slower than its lowest speed in order to not lose control of something. But, in the spirit of all great discoverers, I flipped the switch on LOW anyway. 

I mixed the peanut butter amazingly well. I mixed it all over the counter top, and I mixed a goodly portion on the floor, and I mixed it all over the stove nearby, and I mixed an ambient portion on myself.

This was one of those rare moments of great discovery when the only thing you can do is have a good laugh at yourself for being so gullible. If you stop by for coffee, you will notice the seductive aroma of peanuts in the house. We figure it will be well into 2020 before we locate every last bit of peanut butter around the house.

My method of mixing peanut butter is so unique and progressive that I have patented it, so do please write and get permission before you reprint my instructions for mixing peanut butter.

Monday, November 19, 2018


This is the most bizarre story I have found in a long time.

Max Bloomenthal has uncovered the evidence that Israel is arming a Neo-Nazi group embedded in the Ukrainian National Guard. Israel is joining the US in this. The Pentagon is arming the Ukrainian National Guard, and a bipartisan effort is in progress to legitimize the Nazis in the Ukrainian military.

Again, I have told you several times during the past few years to watch the hand that seems to be doing nothing. The mainline media, including Fox News, are totally avoiding this story. This may be explained in the fact that both Democrats and Republicans are cooperating in promoting this stealth program.

It seems to be a story of very evil intrigue, in which, the USA, several European nations, and Israel are using many Anti Semitic movements in Europe to attack and destabilize Russia. I do not believe I have ever seen a conspiracy on the national and international level as evil as this one. Israel is supporting the very people who are attacking Jews in Europe. Is this a Zionist plot to drive the few remaining Jews out of Europe to move back to Israel?

The most deadly aspect of this is that the US Military is deep into this, and Vice President Pence is promoting and arming Neo-Nazi leaders in the Ukrainian Military who speak regularly to groups in America. In return, the Ukrainians are training American volunteers in their most famous and deadly military units. These Americans then return and lead groups of Neo-Nazis in attacks on Leftist demonstrators against Trump's supporters. This means that President Trump cannot be far behind Pence in at least passive approval of this asymmetric strategy against Russia. Indirectly, President Trump is receiving a insane right wing paramilitary mob to support him.

Thus, we must ask if Trump is secretly a supporter of Neo-Nazism or White Supremacy, at least in Europe.

I have warned you that the radical and violent Left in the USA could end up driving Trump to declare a national emergency and declare the Executive Powers Act, that is, making himself the supreme ruler of the USA. If he also has a tender feeling for Neo-Nazis, at least in Europe, he must also have a certain amount of agreeableness for fascism. We have heard a few words of frustration from him complaining about the restrictions on the Presidency and the balance of powers in our government.

Here is an interview with Max Bloomenthal


Here are links where you can read more on this:

"NOTHING CAN GO WRONG" This group, which your tax dollar pays for, is kicking sand in the face of many world leaders, including Vladimir Putin and Russia. This is a classic example of how the USA makes enemies and does so like it is just a cute little game.

You Fundamental Baptists and Evangelicals..... You may be cheering for fascism when you cheer for Donald Trump. Is it tome to shut your ever loving flap trap and start praying for the mercy of God on America? 

Friday, November 16, 2018


Jordan Peterson is a warrior who stands his ground and attacks political correctness and the efforts of Progressive Liberal Post Modernists to annihilate free speech and live in a government managed culture.


Where ever you are in the social structure of life, you must take every opportunity to blast the PC nags and nannies. Show no mercy. It is time to let these pests know they are not welcome. When some hag says, "We really must not talk about this subject, you know," verbally slap them viciously. Do use decent speech, but blow away their message.

If you and I will not do this, we cannot complain one day when the First Amendment is replaced by a long list of speech content which is outlawed and classified as felony behavior.

You need to understand that the US Constitution First Amendment has been interpreted in the Supreme Court to mean that you say say virtually anything except yell "Fire" in a crowded room or threaten physical violence publically.

So, speak exactly what you are thinking. The only caveat would be for the Bible believer to make sure his speech is glorifying to God. Otherwise, what anyone in the market place thinks about your speech is irrelevant. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Jim Acosta is a creep who is being paid by CNN to try to destroy President Trump and rattle his mind so that Trump makes a fool of himself in public.

It is absolutely delightful to see Acosta slammed out the back door of the Press Room of the White House. I have been longing for this ever since the day of Sam Donaldson and his dirty sexual innuendos when he nagged President Reagan. Reagan laughed off Donaldson, but I longed desperately to see Reagan jerk Donaldson's press credentials.

It is long overdue to see the press brought under control of the President rather than to see jerks like Acosta managing the briefings. I would love to see the President can about half the press out of the room. Indeed, I would be happy if Trump simply stopped all briefings and made press releases on the White House web page. He could take questions and then answer them the next day on the web. The same information would be coming, and the wretched show of press members wanting to become famous as trouble makers would be history.

Acosta clearly is campaigning for something. He has dedicated himself to make President Trump into his porch monkey and the Press Secretary into his slave. CNN clearly wants this battle to rage until there is a showdown. And, they now have what they wanted. So, CNN has now sued the White House to get Acosta back in the Press Room. And, Fox News is declaring themselves the friend of CNN in the case. This shows how demented Fox News really is. There is no law or Constitutional statement giving anyone personal possession of a chair anywhere in the White House.

So, let the bodies hit the floor, and let Donald Trump slash and burn. Fill Acosta's chair with a reporter form the Paducah, Kentucky Tattler, and tell the guards to stand at the front of the room ready to bust the next Liberal bar fly out the door to go suck his thumb with Acosta if he follows Acosta's tactics.

For your information, CNN will sue the White House in Washington DC Federal Court. That court will rule in favor of CNN, and the White House will go to the Supreme Court where CNN will be told there is nothing in the US Constitution guaranteeing them a chamber pot, let alone a chair, anywhere in the White House.

I would prefer to be more blunt with Acosta and CNN, but young children may read here, so I have had to greatly restrain myself.


It is critical for President Trump to win this war with CNN. If CNN manages to force Acosta back into the Press Room, Trump will at once become the slave of CNN. We are about to see if Trump has what it takes to stand down the cannibals in the media.


Friday, November 9, 2018


The guy was wearing an "I love Jesus" hat, but he was tearing up Bibles. 

The man broke into a Chesterfield, Virginia Presbyterian church and went on a rampage. 


The mystery question is, "Why does a man love Jesus and tear up Bibles?"

Here are possible motives:

1. The man could simply be insane. We fail to give credit to the present culture and social order which exalts insanity. Liberal Democrats have a daily feast of hate and rage, and then they are shocked when some weak minded person loses control and does evil in the name of some cause. There will be more and more of this as weak minded people are driven to react with hate and rage inspired by Progressive Liberals and Communists in our Government.

2. The "I love Jesus" hat may have been a calculated mockery choice, and the man was, in fact, a witch of Satanic Church member. In this case, we should be happy he did not come through the door on Sunday morning with a machine gun blazing.

3. The tearing up of Bibles is a clue to a possible motive. The "I love Jesus" hat could belong to a man who has had his soul sent into hate and rage for people who publish and use fake bibles. These offended people champion the King James Bible, and some of them will burn NIV and RSV bibles to prove their zeal for the KJV. The problem here is that the KJV, along with the Geneva Bible, are the ONLY two Bibles which are based on non-Roman Catholic Greek texts and manuscripts. Well over 200 bible translations have been made since about 1900 which are based on Vatican Greek texts. This whole debate is very rational and hammered out on both sides with civility and restraint. But, if a man is weak, or if he is wicked and looking for a cause to hide behind, he may become a warrior for the KJV who is willing to do violence to churches. The irony is, the pew Bibles at the church in Chesterfield may be the Geneva Bible which is taken from the non-Catholic Greek manuscripts. The fanaticism among KJV only people does not allow for the Geneva though.

4. The man may have been offended by a member, or the pastor, of the Chesterfield church, and he wanted revenge. The pastor and members will never admit that they offended the man in any way because Presbyterians are Calvinists, and John Calvin was a murderer and never repented of burning Servetus at the stake. Presbyterians are often very offensive and proud people, and to admit they offended the man in question would simply be too much like Jesus, and Jesus in still under probation in most Presbyterian churches.

What lessons do we take away from this?

1. Crazy men who attack churches are not typical of all conservative Christians. All the media and morning shows will talk this around until they have this man made into your average conservative Christian. Blast them to Hell for this creepy trick. It is really getting old.

2. Also, Presbyterians are not all offensive with Calvinist hate for anyone not like them. Be careful about dumping Presbyterians into the "them" and "they" category.'

3. But also, if you are a Presbyterian or any other kind of Reformed Church, take heed to your conduct. As you offend and gossip and trash someone in your church who is not totally conformed to you prejudices, consider the possibility that you are making a very zealous enemy. There are consequences. When you claim that crappy young lawyer John Calvin as your guiding star, instead of the Carpenter of Nazareth, you are investing in damnation my friend.

4. When someone behaves in an insane manner, they need to be locked up and throw away the  key. America has become way too patient with insanity and rage turned violent. If every nut case in America knew he was headed for a padded cell, for life, if he decided to go native for an evening, there would be a lot of allegedly insane people who would find a way to pause and restrain themselves. I believe some politicians like Maxine Waters need to be tossed into prison for their murderous words. This would restrain some Democrats.

5. This is SOP for the devil's mob. Jesus told us about what we should expect for following him, and in America we have so little of it that we think that we deserve to be treated better. I noticed a tinge of resentment and hurt feelings in the pastor of the church. How pathetic! What did Jesus suggest should be our response

Matthew 5:11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. 
12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

The moral of the story is, maybe the Presbyterian church in Virginia is getting something right, and they now have the right enemies. A pastor is worthless as tits on a boar hog if he has no enemies when he arrives one day in Heaven.

And, that is how I see it from Texas.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


The hate and rage in the souls of Democrats, especially in the House of Representatives, reminds me of the days of Richard Nixon. Nixon was opening up China to the USA and the world, and Nixon was seen by the world as a hero for breaking the resolve of the Chinese Communists. 

When the Democrats in Congress started hounding Nixon in order to destroy him, the world, especially European nations, could not understand where all the hate came from.

I fully expect that the next two years will cause the Nixon impeachment to pale. The Democrats really have very little to work with as to any felony or impeachable crime by Trump. But, the Dems will go stark raging mad in a frenzy to destroy Trump.

Will Trump be able to stand the onslaught? Maybe, but maybe not. Trump may simply resign one day and walk off and let the Democrats have what they want. Pence will pardon Trump, and it will all be over. 

Who will lose? 

Answer: The American people. The USA will sink into tribal warfare that will make an African tribal war look like a Sunday School picnic. There will be killing and burning in the streets, and racial warfare will also return with a vengeance. 

Then again, Trump may go for the ultimate show down, especially if we have an invasion of illegals across the border. Trump may declare the Emergency Powers Act and send Congress home. Martial Law will follow, and the Pentagon will become the enforcer of America.

The Democrats have a death wish for America, and there are quite a few of them that are saying so right out loud. They may very well get their death wish, and once the die is cast by Trump, the Democrats will all end up in FEMA camps whining and weeping.

1 Samuel 15:23 For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.

Rebellion is the way of the masses. Rebellion is how all democracies eventually collapse. The Democrat leaders are telling us out loud that they plan to launch a full scale war against Trump. 

I have no hope for America. I believe that the sins of abortion, and the exaltation of sodomy and perverted sex, are about to make God puke. And, the wonder of it all is that the Democrats are looking forward to being park of God's vomit.

Revelation 3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.


This is what a feminist terrorist looks like. She demands that the Police respond to her on her terms. She threatens the Police with revenge by using her position as a public servant.

There was a very good reason for not giving her any information. If the cop gave out one detail to her that differed in the least from what he got from the driver, the case would be thrown out of court, and the cop could end up being reprimanded. 

Also, the cop needed the permission from the driver to give out information. That is why the woman kept the kids away from the conversation. She was setting a trap for the officer to incriminate himself.

Men..... stay away from Jezebels like this woman. They will do anything to destroy a man. Just walk off and leave them stewing in their own juices. If they grab at you, that is physical assault. What you do next is your choice under the law.

It has been a long time since anyone seemed to qualify for our famous Dead Skunk Award, but this woman is worthy.

When you answer a woman, and she refuses to accept the answer, you have a faminazi on your hands. If you keep talking, you will end up in court and paying some big cash to the woman. Indeed, you may end up being accused of sexual assault.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Nancy Pelosi will now introduce a landmark feature as the chair of the House..... the stuttering gavel.

Pelosi has the power now to do great harm to Trump and try to impeach him. We will see if she makes a big fool of herself and attacks the White House.

Frankly, I believe the Democrat House is a great thing. This improves the balance of power so that Trump and the Senate are restrained. The only way Congress will do anything is by compromise, and Trump will also have to wheel and deal. We will see if he still believes in making America great again. Or, will Trump stamp his feet and do everything by executive order only to see it all reversed when a Democrat gets into the White House?

The good thing about this Republican / Democrat split Capitol Hill  is that the US Government will get very little done. That is good for we the people.

Monday, November 5, 2018


This woman refuses to consider Jordan Peterson's wisdom. She wants only one thing...... to make a jack ass of Peterson. You need to be very good at debate to deal with hags like this. There comes a time when it is best to dismiss women like this.

Sunday, November 4, 2018


Richard Dawkins is the most mean tempered angry creep from the discipline of Evolutionary Science. His rage is well known, and many Evolutionists consider him a very poor "scholar," and a embarrassing pest.


Dawkins made this video to mock at faith, and he tries to justify his rage and hate which he makes no effort to restrain. In the video, Dawkins shows no examples of joy and love as taught in the Bible. He only shows symbolic examples of times when religion ran into the ditch. He gives the impression that God likes these horrid examples of backslidden religion.


The famous evolutionists who run the seminar and speaking circuit, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens, have no smile. They have no joy. They have no message of hope that they preach. They are mean tempered and raging mad. 

A reasonable man, if he were a mature minded Evolutionist, would not become a missionary for Evolution. He would not spend his whole life trying to help other people hate God and Christians. He would live his life out, knowing he had only one life to live and then oblivion. Why spend a life raging around the world preaching hate in the name of Charles Darwin?

The reason is, Richard Dawkins BELIEVES there is a God, and he hates that God. He needs to hear himself blasting Christians and the Bible, and he feeds his terrified soul on the applause of the mob before him. There is no other explanation why Dawkins wastes his life as a missionary for hate and rage.

Have you ever noticed that Evolutionists have no smile.

They have no music. They do not sing when they gather to rage and puke up their hate.

There are no proverbs or sayings that encourage moral behavior in Evolution. Like, "As thou wouldst that men do unto you, do ye also unto them."

There are no hospitals anywhere on earth that were built by Evolutionists. There are Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, heretic Seventh Day Adventist and Mormon, and even a couple Muslim hospitals. But, Evolution has no instinct to do good to other men.

So, what are the redeeming qualities of Evolution? The answer is, there are none. This is because Evolution has no moral ground to stand on, and because of that, there is no incentive in Evolution to do good works.

Now, come with me to Washington DC. We will visit the House of Representatives and the Senate. In these political bodies we find about 50% angry raging complainers. They are also called Democrats. Many Americans are asking why the Democrats are so full of hate and rage. The answer is this.....

Democrats are Atheists. They may claim a religion, but in their souls they hate God, and they love murder. They are absolutely terrified that Roe and Wade will be revisited, and the conservative leaning Supreme Court will come to the rescue of unborn babies and rule against abortion. Democrats virtually live to see babies killed, and they crave news every day that another man has been emotionally and professionally destroyed by a feminazi making sex abuse accusations.

It is time for Americans to see that The Democratic Party, and the Atheist Evolutionists of America are one and the same animal. They hate God. 

This is why Hillary, Obama, and all the Liberal Democrat leaders are all talking about "Freedom of worship" instead of freedom of religion. You see, religion is something that defines your zeal, and religion is found in the soul of man. Worship is something you do in a piece or real estate which is licensed by the IRS to do business. Once religious freedom is vested in a worship place, under the auspicious of the IRS, religious zeal can be outlawed in public life.

Thus, Liberal Progressive Democrats, and Atheist Evolutionists, are raging mad and belching hate non-stop. They live for one thing..... to kill God.

Here is Billy Joel singing about Richard Dawkins

And he'll go to the grave as an angry old man.....

Monday, October 29, 2018


That was the line a radio commentator came up with the afternoon Kennedy was killed long ago. These talking heads all have a need to blast the world with hyperbole when a black hour passes. It made me mad then to be accused of contributing to the murder of Kennedy, and it makes me furious now to be blamed for the synagogue shooting.

Some pin head motor mouth on Fox News was being used by a fluff head woman as a bouncing board to toss ideas at. She made some remarks about anger and nasty talk in America, and the resident pin head said, "We are all to blame for the rage and angry talk." This discussion was in the context of the shooting at the synagogue.

Really, son?

This is one of the sly tricks of the New World Order, and it is now infecting Fox News. I have recently detected a bit of a change at Fox. They are playing with new speak and political correctness in some of their programs.

When someone grabs your stuff and slams you into a collective mob of people to blame for something, slap them back (verbally) forcefully. What is really behind this is the instinct in people who are highly placed, as in the media, to herd the masses and the asses into guilt. The objective is to break the resolve of the average American to be free and speak his thoughts.

The only way we can stop this is slam it whenever it crops up. Give no quarter, and see if you can make the talking head nanny, who tries the blame trick on you, to pee their pants in terror. We need to help this specie go extinct if possible.

This is not an incitement to riot. What I am suggesting is to slap this trend down so that we don't all become cur dogs who roll over and pee on ourselves every time the nagging nanny butts in.

Generally speaking, blame is a deadly sport. When you blame someone out of hand for something that went wrong, even if that person has some real faults, you may soon learn that the blame is being placed on someone else who turns out to be guilty. At that point, you become a false prophet. 

The most grievous place to find this is in the Lord's Church. The blame artist at church needs to be given one warning and then run them off if they keep it up.

Let's all be more eager to give a bit of slack to the other guy until we hear the whole story.

Proverbs 3:29 Devise not evil against thy neighbour, seeing he dwelleth securely by thee.


The Democrats have a real problem. They have nothing to blame Trump for, and Obama is taking credit for everything Trump has done right. Never mind..... the Democrats are blaming Trump for being Trump. Watch for the Democrats to try to set up a crisis nationally, as a false flag, for which they can blame Trump.

Never in my lifetime have I seen a political party with so little to talk about. What is even more insane is that Hillary is telling the world she wants to run again. I can think of no one with less to offer America than Hillary. I predict a full on Donnybrook at the coming 2020 Democratic Convention. For a change, they will be trying to murder one another instead of Trump.

The whole platform of the Democrats will be, "Make America a disaster zone." It is time you understood that the Democrats are fancy clever people who hate average Americans, AND, they hate America as a nation. It is like we have secret agents from Hell in our nation trying to totally destroy the country. Let's face it, what sort of people live for the right to kill babies?


Here is an item that the mainline media totally avoided. It is much to positive and feel good news for the hate and rage boys at CNN et al.

This story is about people doing an artistic sculpture in the sand to commemorate the 9000 men killed at Normandy during WWII as they took France away from Hitler. Someone remembers, and someone is thankful for what America did for Europe.


If America had not stopped Hitler at Normandy, there would be no Brexit, there would be no EU, and millions more Jews would have been gassed. It is impossible to imagine the whole of Europe under Nazi control.

But, sadly, there will be another war, an even worse one. The Bible prophecies that the nations of the world will all gather in Israel in the Valley of Armageddon for the last great war. The blood will fly to the height of the horse's bridles. 

What is the moral? 

Answer: When you scream for hate and rage to take the day, like Maxine Waters and hundreds of sicko Democrats in America, remember............. the end of it is all about blood flying. Is that REALLY what you want?

Saturday, October 27, 2018


Winston Churchill said, "Broadly speaking, the short words are the best, and the old words best of all."

Now, there is something we can all agree on. 

So, I have a Kindle, and I load old out of print books onto it, books about exploration, discovery, and big game hunters from one hundred or more years ago. These books are out of print, but no one is republishing them, and when bought used they cost a fortune as collectors items.

The book I am reading now is by an early settler and farmer from Kenya who wrote about his experiences in the early 1900s. He gave one chapter to a lady who had lived in Kenya to write suggestions for ladies in England who were considering moving to Kenya with their husbands. The lady gave a list of essentials she thought they should bring with them from England, and at the bottom of the list was an "aguascutum."


Don't that just make you want to go, "Blip?"

Now, this is my first introduction to the aguascutum, and I assumed it was some old word from very proper upper crust English. Maybe it was an air tight box for storing tea biscuits in. 

Not so.

A gentleman in England named John Emary was busy in 1851 trying to improve on cloth made of wool. What he came up with was wool cloth which shed water 100% in the rain. This was in the days before chemical treatments, so whatever he came up with was a fantastic discovery. So, he patented it and opened a factory and store on Regent Street to make the cloth. He next decided he needed a copyrighted name for his wool cloth, so he named it "aguascutum," which means "water shield" in Latin.

John made a coat for King Edward VII, and he was soon given a royal warrant to the Crown, an honor which has never been retracted.

Now, is that not a perfectly respectable and handy little word to hang on a hook in your effulgent mind? See a photo of aquascutums at the top of the page.

This wool cloth was a total success and the British Military ordered John Emary's cloth to make overcoats for their men, and I suspect that is what the olive drab uniforms were made of in WWI. Now, technology has wiped out all these old inventions by making a better product. But, old John Emary never had to abandon his product because of obsolescence. Aguascutum coats are still being made by a company by that name today, and the company was recently bought by a Chinese company.

So, you are now wondering why I told you this story, right? 

Well, if you learn a new word every day, and don't store it in the closet, but get it out regularly, dust it off, and toss it into a conversation, several things will happen:

1. Most importantly, you will seem intelligent to your friends. As you drop old and impressive words here and there along the path of life, everyone will be moved to admire your command of the English language. Well, at least they will go, "Huh,?" and you will have a chance to tell the above priceless little story from old England.

2. Also, you will be able to use some of your new words to create confusion. This is helpful when you are in the company of a boring effete snog. You can say, "Do you think the price of aguascutums would be better from Amazon or Alibaba?" The snob will cough, claim to need a drink of water, and he will creep around behind a door and find the word on Google so he can keep up with you. Just keep doing this every other sentence, and you will keep him hiding all night behind a sofa looking up words.

3. Sometimes, if you want to end a conversation with something shocking that will terrify the mob you got stuck with, you can drop the sly use of a word, like, "I've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to wash my aguascutum in days." You will be amazed how much fresh useful confusion this method will produce.

Now, kiddies, off you go to The Wayback Machine or Gutenberg Press, and load down the old books onto your Kindle, and start reading and harvesting words to terrorize the snob mob to which you belong.


A number of Polish schools were planning to exalt sodomy yesterday, Friday. In what is a very refreshing move by a government, that is, the Polish Government, the schools were put on notice to cancel the sodomite event or be punished.

Here is the story from AP

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Several schools in Poland have canceled activities promoting tolerance for gays and lesbians following government pressure and threats in some places. 
More than 200 schools had planned to take part in “Rainbow Friday,” an anti-discrimination event that a civic rights group, the Campaign Against Homophobia, had promoted in hopes of building greater acceptance for LGBT students. 
Private broadcaster TVN reported that some schools pulled out of the event following an outcry. 
The education minister of Poland’s conservative government, Anna Zalewska, had warned ahead of time that any principals who allowed such events to take place could face negative consequences. She also asked parents to report any such activities to authorities. 
It was not immediately clear how many schools canceled their plans to participate.
There are many such stories coming out of Slavic nations in recent years. The problem is, the media are trying to cover up such stories, or they write them up with blasts and accusations against those who resist sodomy in their nations.

Poland is a great role model to American state governments. It is time that states which do not want to be known as Sodomite Heaven make some Hell for those who exalt these vices.

Here are the youth of Poland, several years ago, breaking up a gay pride event and burning down their rainbow. It is interesting that when people go out and demonstrate and show hate for sin, it is a "hate crime." When sodomites parade naked and shake their stuff at children along the way, it is "pride." 

God will destroy the USA for abandoning the laws it once had to restrain sodomy. There is no longer any hope of God showing mercy on America.

Friday, October 26, 2018


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has visited Oman as the guest of Sultan Qaboos. Oman is an unlikely nation to broker peace, but both the Palestinians and Israel have visited Oman in some sort of peace process.

Long ago, around 1840, Sayyid Said bin Sultan al-Busaid moved his capital to Zanzibar off the coast of Africa and ruled Oman from a distance. The thing worked well for many years, and the Sultan enjoyed the benefit of a better climate and plenty of wealth from the trade in cloves and slaves.

Now, Sultan Qaboos, not willing to be the end of the train, has printed his own name in the history books. It would be hilarious if a real peace deal was pulled off by this unlikely old fellow. It would certainly make mockery of all the Anglo-Saxons who have done the Kissinger shuffle all over the Middle East trying to get a deal signed for the "Palestinian Problem."

It will now be interesting to see if Jered Kuschner pays the Qaboos a visit to see if he can claim some credit for any peace deal upcoming for the Trump empire. It would not hurt my feelings if Trump ended up at the tail end following the Qaboos.

The Sultan's whole name is Sayyid Qaboos bin Said Al Said. What you now know from this is that, at least in Oman, if anything needs saying, it has been Said.

Thursday, October 25, 2018


This is astounding. China is now in control of three Israeli ports. The port of Haifa is one, and it is a huge staging point of the US Navy. Private Israeli companies, along with an Israeli government agency, have bypassed the Israeli Military, and Israeli top officials to write a contract with China giving China control of the port of Haifa.

Jewish News has reported on this story, and it seems that the whole scheme is still under the radar in the Pentagon and in Israel. This sort of thing tells us one obvious fact..... The US State Department, and the Israeli Government are both out to lunch. Take this horrific blunder, along with my next post showing that Russia has now got us out gunned, and you can see that the USA is now headed for Third World status..... we ARE a Third World nation. When a small fry news entity like Jewish News can break a story before the State Department and Pentagon make a comment, we are toast as a nation.


Back during Bill Clinton's presidency I defended Bill for approving that China be given a lease to Long Beach Harbor in the Los Angeles area. That was because China only had use of the port to off load all our toys to be sold at Wal Mart and other US businesses. This trick by the Chinese in Israel is another whole issue. China has combined their whole Military with their commercial enterprises for strategic purposes. This means, in the event of war, China will decide when and where the US Military pulls the trigger in defending the USA.


Combine this capitulation to China to watch the US Navy from close quarters with the fact that 50% of our US leaders and population WANT America flooded with illegal immigrants and terrorists, and you cannot prove me wrong when I say the USA is now a Third World nation. Our lack of a sense of self-preservation is trash and treasonous. Our leaders call for the killing of the President, and 50% of our politicians and population want to burn and rape America, while they take payoffs from George Soros, a man who openly has said he gets great joy our of destroying nations, and you must agree that America is just a richer version of Zimbabwe.

And, frankly, I see Donald Trump playing the wimp in so many ways that I fully expect him to lose control completely. God is done with America. Prepare for the soon collapse, and get your survival plan in place very now.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Lew Rockwell has some inside information which makes it very clear that the Russians have the upper hand right now. The reason for this is that, while we invented mob and terrorist fighting weapons for the peanut gallery in the Middle East, like a Psy Ops toy that can make soldiers wet their pants en mass, the Russians have been making monster submarines and WW III class missiles. Thus, the US is unprepared to take the high ground in a world war.  


The only question is, when will Putin take heavy action against a US target in order to show the world that we cannot defend ourselves? Or worse, will Putin simply have a war of nerves that our Military cannot win? And, will the ego maniac, Donald Trump, push a bunch of red buttons and commit the USA to be attacked asymmetrically by Russia?

You idiot Fundamental Baptists who are praising Trump as "God's man to save America" may get to watch him destroy America instead.


Tuesday, October 23, 2018


An Iraqi man in Akron, Ohio was a friend of mine. He had a strange mix of fear and respect for Saddam Hussein. This was because of Hussein's startling generosity for any Iraqi who was loyal to him, and for the way he treated the parents of Iraqi soldiers killed in the war with Iran.

My friend also told me there were five Saddam Husseins. Hussein had a custom of going into the streets of Baghdad and handing out cash and candy, especially to children. No one knew if the Saddam giving them gifts was the real one or one of the five stand ins. 

The fear of Hussein was based on the suspense when he went to pay a visit to a citizen. He might walk up to the door with a new TV, or he might walk up, and when the door was opened, he would blow the person away with his own revolver. He also would drive the Jeep himself.

When a soldier died in the war with Iran, Hussein would order up a massive celebration for the family. The soldier's body was driven through the streets in a truck decked out with flowers, and the parents of the soldier, who almost always lived in humble places in country towns, were given a new home in Baghdad, and they got to keep their home in the country to rent for income.

This is the Saddam Hussein you never heard about from the US propaganda media machine who printed what the US State Department told them to print.

My friend told me that if I ever heard that the US claimed to have killed Saddam Hussein, it would be almost certain that they did not get the real Saddam. That was why the five look alikes.

All of the above was introduction to my prediction. I am 100% convinced that as I write some company is producing a Donald Trump look alike robot. The same would be true of Vladimir Putin. I believe that all noted world leaders will one day have look alike robots to walk from here to there, and these leaders will only be real when they stand before the cameras to speak. Even then, with technology advances, we may have robots almost 100% of the time standing in for world leaders.

The justification for this will be the likes of Maxine Waters who boldly said she would like to kill Trump. As the threats escalate, and as the FBI and Homeland Security keep holding back enforcement for death threats, leaders will demand robots to stand in for them.

Indeed, the day may come when there will be no human behind the robot, and America will have its first robot President. When that happens, enemy nations will be trying to hack the President.

Monday, October 22, 2018


Jordan Peterson explains why evil seems more with us than good.

In society, when talking with people in the market place, the barber shop, or in political discussions, the subjects which dominate are all about how bad things are getting. This is universal. The media exacerbates the thing by headlining bad news and disasters. If you feel I am being too broad in my observations, consider how often YOU have dropped into talking about the evil in someone else or in some group in society.

Again, in the Lord's Church the same is true. People, and especially pastors, easily slip into descriptions of evil and Satanic things going on around us. Try preaching a series on Heaven and the blessings of eternity for the believer while the pastor across town is doing a series on the Great Tribulation. You will have several members abandon you until you get back to exposing cults or talking about sin and wickedness.

I have seen people in churches I have been involved in who gave their whole attention in life to destroying the church. One man was very active in his church, doing missionary trips to Central America to take supplies to missionaries. He also smuggled exotic birds back into the US to sell. He finally got caught, and his image of a zealous Christian was totally destroyed. He turned in rage on his home church, started filthy rumors about the pastor, and came close to being killed by people he tried to destroy. God took his wife with cancer, and the man soon died of cancer as well. All through this era he was writing books on Christian victory and promoting them online.

You may find it hard to believe that story. I believe it because I was attacked by the man online, and men who saw his writings on Christian victory helped him attack me. My offense to him was, in his mind, that I did not help him destroy Dr. Peter Ruckman. Perhaps someone reading here, who hates the memory of Ruckman, will give that wretched hate of theirs a second thought. Things are not what they always seem.

How does so much evil seem to crop up over and over in Bible believing churches. I refuse to give Satan all the credit for it. I believe the human heart is more evil than that of Satan himself. Here is my proof text for that:

Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Meditate on this, fellow believer, as you dabble in porn or some other evil attraction. 

Why is it that evil seems to be with us more than God himself sometimes? You do not like my question do you? Well, there is a reason for this strange reality. And, do not tell me that you see more evidence of God than evidence of evil.

The reason for this is that evil is right there in front of us every day. Hell, and the works of Satan, are the largest part of world history. The Holocaust is real and can be felt by just reading a book written by a Holocaust survivor. Heaven can only be defined and understood by faith in the Word of God and the descriptions of what Heaven will be like.

After this discussion in the video, Jordan Peterson talks about the ongoing hate and rage being promoted for anyone who will not submit to the redefinition of gender in society. This is an evil which is building up to a virtual social war around the world. I see the day coming when all societies will be divided in cultural civil war over the myth of multiple genders.

Romans 12:17 Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men.
18 If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.
19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.
20 Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.
21 Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

If there is no Heaven, no God, and no message of hope and love, who invented this world? It is unimaginable that this Hell on earth could exist without an alternative. If there is no God, then we humans are, at the pinnacle of our alleged evolution, beyond description and indescribably evil.

Sunday, October 21, 2018


I told you this was coming. The whole west coast of the USA, from Alaska to Southern California, is experiencing a fish and marine life die off of epic proportions. Radioactivity is now moving inland via environmental processes.

After seeing this video update, I hope you will stop eating food from Washington, Oregon, and California. The San Joaquin Valley is regularly hit by fog from the Pacific Ocean. Even inland orchards and vegetable farm products are dangerous because the US Government is intentionally stopping all radioactivity testing on the West Coast.

The US Government is quite content to hide the truth from you in order to protect the fishing industry in the Pacific and the Ag culture in California and Washington. This is, in reality, murder by default decisions to hide the facts and avoid learning the facts.

Here is the video

It is too late when your thyroid is burned up,  and it is all over for your life if you bones become infected with radiation. You will soon die after you learn that.

Understand this..... US Government agencies are being told to hide the radiation levels in the food you eat. If you do not avoid ALL FOOD from the US West Coast states, you will one day die of radiation exposure.

The radioactive level above the USA, at about 30,000 feet in the sky, tells us that the whole nation is soaking in radioactive air. You need to get Lugol's solution, an iodine compound made for taking orally, and take about two to three drops a day. At your next appointment with your doctor, ask for a blood test which measures your iodine. Iodine will protect your thyroid, but you need to check the level periodically to make sure it is not too high.

When you eat out, do not eat sea food unless the owner can absolutely assure you that the sea food was wild caught south of the equator below the Pacific or in the Atlantic. Buy fruit grown in the northern Middle West of he US, or from Chile or other nations clear away from the northern Pacific Ocean. My policy is taken from the Bible:

Romans 3:4 God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.