Saturday, January 11, 2020


The Ukrainian airliner shot down by Iran "unintentionally" is a harbinger of things to come. Their explanation that some military person went  out of control and pushed the button is exactly what we all worry about. The casual explanation of the Iranian leaders, as if their mia culpa is all that is needed, is on the order of the highest arrogance.

The day will come when some ruler in Iran goes loco and pushes a nuke button, that is, if someone does not destroy Iran's nuclear weapons program. They will nuke Washington DC and claim it was an accident. 

And, being a rabid Muslim state determined to destroy the Kaffir world eventually, they will expect us all to give them a pass when the US Capital city is nuked. That was the temperament of Mohammed in 625 AD, and it still is with many Muslim nations.

Iran has promised to destroy Israel. When will our Military and leaders believe them. We now have Muslims in our Government who are committed to the religion of hate and rage from Mecca. They fully intend to destroy the USA from within. That is historic with many nations in the past. Islamic leaders live for one thing........ destroy the whole world which will not submit to Allah.

Thus, the only answer with Iran is to destroy ever vestige of nuclear activity in Iran. This will require the most powerful weapons we have to root them out of the ground. 

Because the US Government, House of Representatives, and Senate are totally given to hate one another, and because Donald Trump is actually a dove as to war, this will never happen. There are times when a nation has to take action first instead of react after the fact. That is what God told King Saul and King David to do with the Philistines and Amalekites. 

So, plan on it, Iran will one day possibly totally destroy the order of life in America.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is obsessed with taking Americans' defensive weapons away from them. With the central power of America nuked, Americans will be at the mercy of the powers of Islam to plunder. Once Iran has done their worst to America, the rest of the world will be complete cowards and let Islamic leaders destroy America.

Plan on it. Iran has promised it. Iran will destroy the Great Satan, the USA...........

if the USA lets them.

Hey, you guys at the CIA..... Iran is having street demonstrations. Wake up, please. Get over there and do what you are famous for..... turn these demonstrations into a revolution.

Thursday, January 9, 2020


This blog has exposed the deadly nature of statins in the past. Many other drugs have hidden side effects that are NOT listed in the literature that comes with the drug.


The key is to always do your own research on ALL meds your doctor prescribes. I will tell you how to get the truth on just about any drug or diagnosis. 


Do not go to doctors online like Dr. Mercola and others. I sometimes read their information, but I then go on to my own search process to find the facts. Here is my plan of attack.

In Google search type in keywords from the diagnosis a doctor gives you. If you are checking on a drug he prescribed, type in the drug.

Then add keywords like "side effects," "dangerous," or "suspect." Add other words that reflect your concerns.

Finally, add the word "abstract." This word is very uncommon in everyday topics and articles online. The only place it is common is in research reports published by legitimate medical sites like the National Institute of Health and similar government agencies in other nations of the world.

The results you get will be heavily populated with research reports. Stay away from print media unless it is similar to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). 

For example, to learn if more research has been done and reported online on the topic of statins and personality changes, as in the linked site above, type something like this into Google search:

Statins  personality changes violence cholesterol aggression abstract

I did this, and I found that the first four pages of listings of links was solid bad news about statins, and almost all of it was scholarly reviews of research or actual official research reports. Read to your heart's content, and you are going to get off of statins if you are sane. 

Do not be put off by the very complicated trade talk in the body of a research. You may be able to psych it out if you do a lot of searching for definitions of terms. But, simply read the "Abstract" at the beginning of a research report, and then read the conclusion. Some diligence will be rewarded.

What I have just told you will help you determine if your doctor is making the best effort to diagnose the cause of your medical issues, or if he is just treating symptoms with drugs and letting the cause remain unknown and untreated.

When you carry a print out of a research to your doctor and ask him to look at it, you know you have a real doctor if he at least reads the abstract and conclusion. I can assure you, there ARE some doctors out there who approve of patients who check things at with Dr. Google. Doctors are forced to guess part of the time. This has always been the case. A good doctor will listen to a diligent patient. But, do be ready to learn that you missed some important information that the doctors knows.

If your doctor gets cranky about your checking on diagnoses and drugs prescribed, FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR. Your doctor could kill you before he admits he missed something. No doctor has the time to read every research that comes out. When you tell your doctor what you learn in searching online. be firm in your concern, but be humble. Just do not let an arrogant doctor kill you because he is too lazy to do a little more homework.

Disclaimer: In no way should you use my advice to determine how to handle your health issues. The above content is ONLY my opinion and should not be used to diagnose or treat anyone's health issues. So THERE! Do your own Googling.

Here is an example of what you can do with research sites as a concierge to your health destiny.

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