Saturday, July 4, 2015


A bottle with a transponder inside has made the trip from Japan to Vancouver Island. The drama in this story is all about the bottle being over dry land on the island several times recently. Did someone carry it from the shore to their home and then throw it back into the surf?


But, there are two issues not read between the lines which are far more important than the mystery of finding the transponder.

1. This proves that it takes around three years for trash and pollutants to flow from Japan to the USA. The bottle was dropped into the Japanese current about one year after the Fukushima nuclear power plant blew in 2011. This means that we have been receiving radioactivity along the coast of Alaska, Canada, and the coast of Washington and Oregon. Given the one year lead on the bottle, we must assume that the Fukushima nuclear laced ocean current has reached as far as Baja California by now. 

This then justifies the fear of many people about eating sea food caught in the Pacific Ocean. Aside from the fish caught by Japanese fishermen who are cheating on precautions, ANY fish or shell fish taken from the Pacific Ocean must be considered as deadly. This includes all food and health products derived from sea weed, and, THERE GOES YOUR ICE CREAM BUNKY-- Carageenan

2. The bottle's trip shows us the danger of trash in the ocean. The ocean has a fantastic ability to absorb and process soluble trash. There is a great paranoia over ships dumping septic waste directly into the ocean. That is nonsense. The ocean is a fantastic septic tank as long as ships dump when far out to sea. The issue is, solid trash which does not degrade can carry pathogens which could indeed carry diseases from Japan and Asia to North America. The experiment was trying to learn just that.

So, once again, your Uncle Steve, sitting at his desk in the Hill Country of Texas, receiving inspiration from watching his bull dog chase squirrels around the back yard, is reading between the lines of news stories and passing on what he deems useful to his readers. It is up to you to decide if I am full of bull, or if the ocean is full of Strontium 90.



It is the 4th of July, and according to President Obama, the NSA, Homeland Security, and the PWD*, we are all encouraged to watch for ISIS snooping about trying to chop off some heads in the USA. Frankly, you are in a LOT MORE danger from eating Chinese in Los Angeles or San Francisco than of being beheaded by ISIS in Omaha.

* PWD- Public Works Department, maintain the roads- Tanzania and Kenya