Sunday, December 30, 2018


This is the classic kind of story the left and right media in the USA will not cover. The reason is that the White Race is killing off Africa so that they can get the African population down to a minimum population so that American, Chinese, and European nations can develop profitable industry in Africa.

They also want to take possession of African natural resources. Donald Trump has openly stated that he does not want to go to war unless he can end up controlling oil or natural resources.

So, here is how Bill Gates and the United Nations are killing off Africans:

Listen to Bill Gates explaining the wonders of vaccinations. He says they stop sickness, and people are healthier and do not die so easily, and then he makes another statement that is a total contradiction to his first claim. He says population growth goes down. The only way to reduce population with a vaccination is if the vaccine is laced with something to either kill or castrate people.

Bill Gates, in this video essentially tells us the he and the United Nations are planning to kill Africans via the vaccinations they give them by lacing the vaccine with a killer virus or infertility factor. This is nothing short of an Adolph Hitler murder campaign. Bill Gates is a serial killer of the first order, and if Trump cares about life, as he claims, he will arrest Gates and charge him with genocide.

So, the young women in Kenya, 500,000 of them, have been targeted for the attack of Bill Gates and his friends. The leaders of Kenya have taken the bribes from Gates and friends, and he will move on across the continent to strike over and over, first with his wealth as he bribes African leaders to allow the slaughter of Africans, and then with the vaccine propaganda to sucker the women into the clinics of Africa to be mutilated.

Why does the US Government do nothing about this?


It is the dawning of the age of nefarious,
It's precarious

The bug from Mad Maxine and Ben Johnson has migrated to Georgia, and the Leftists are going loco.

Here is the infected child in action.

This sort of thing will be happening more and more. Sanders Liberals and Hillary Hair Day Hags will be raging the getting violent. I see the day coming when the gun haters are all armed. They think they are going to get rid of guns, but they will be the ones who take up guns and start killing Trump supporters. This is the historic pattern for Communist Liberals.

Friday, December 14, 2018


Never have so many idiots been deluded by so few.

Scientists at Stony Brook University have been staring at pink poop on Danger Island in Antarctica, and they have concluded that the penguins on the Island are either going extinct, all 1.5 million of them, or, they are not pooping as much pink poop as they did twenty years ago.

It is good to contemplate that Al Gore warned us, long ago, of the coming age of diminishing pink poop.

You have no idea how upset I am about this. The world may soon have a shortage of pink poop, and you don't even care.

We must all so live that, after our departing into our next life, the world will say of us, "He sure was a great defender of pink poop."

Now, some reading here will mock and tell me there is no such thing as pink poop. So, here is the story just the way I heard it.....


Thursday, December 13, 2018


When I was a kid,  and when a cop pulled you over, you always wanted to get out of your car. Long ago it was thought that a driver who gets out of his car is showing he does not have a gun. I did that in Arizona when a cop pulled me over. He at once told me to get back in my car. He just wanted to know what I was doing with a paper bag picking something off of a thorn tree.

This is the truth. I noticed preying mantis chrysalises on the tree, and I wanted to collect some to put in my garden to eat bugs. I told him that, and he told me I had picked a spot to stop where illegals were dropped off. He was happy, but before he left he told me to never get out of my car when a cop stops me. He told me that the custom from long ago was found to be more common with attacks than just sitting in the car.

Another custom we observe here in Texas and in Arizona is, if you have a gun carrying on you or in the car, throw it on the dash top up toward the window just as soon as you pull over. This way, the cop knows you are not hiding it, and you are willing to answer gun related questions.

Now, here is the rest of the story. You jerks who sass and challenge cops, or you who imply the cop was not paying attention etc, you are just making sure you get the whole book thrown at you.

Ladies: If you think that being overly sexy or suggestive will help, consider this. What if the cop is a man who is zealous to be faithful to his wife? You will make yourself threatening to him by forcing him to communicate through an emotional fog of temptation to lust for you. Playing the whore is real dumb.

And, if a man cannot admonish you, lady, then go directly to jail, do not pass go, and DO pay the whole fat fine.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Many people in technology wonder when the day will arrive when our minds will be opened to the world by technology. When will government stealth agencies be permitted to read our thoughts? Indeed, when will Wal Mart be free to read our thoughts as we shop?

Here is a lady who works in these areas and is thinking way ahead.

It might be useful to start thinking, before the war for your mind begins, of ways to protect yourself.

1. Learn how to detect brain reading equipment.

2. Develop the discipline to brain shift. By this, I mean to put your brain into completely different mode in a second's notice. For a Christian, start reciting Bible verses mentally, or sing a hymn in your head. Learn a nonsense phrase and repeat it over and over until you feel you have left the danger zone. Besa me masa (Kiss my grits). If it is a foreign language, that is even better.

3. If you suspect a snoop nearby, start praying, and go through a list of your friends talking to God about their needs.

4. Talk to the eves droppers. Mentally launch a tirade telling the listener what you think of them. Offer to take them to dinner if they identify themselves. Tell them you saw there name in a list of suspects at the police station. Tell them that there is a gorilla standing behind them, then watch to see who looks behind themselves.

5. Carry on a conversation with an imaginary person. Lead the conversation into intrigue of some sort, and then give directions to the spot you are on, and tell the imaginary person on the other end, "When you get here, drop the bomb and blow us all out of here. The snoop will get to go listen to Satan's thoughts in Hell."

You can count on one thing for sure. When the technology to listen to our thoughts starts being used in public places, we will not be told about it in advance. The CIA, IRS, Homeland Security, and the FBI will start using it clandestinely at first.

So, develop a couple strategies for yourself to mess with their toys.

Thursday, December 6, 2018


Vaccines, in recent years, have been causing Autism in children. This story is about a man who is now a vegetable because of the flu shot. The measles, and other vaccines, are just as deadly an issue.


Here is the story of the flu vaccine causing autism in children. It is proven the truth by a whistle blower who worked in the CDC who masterminded a cover up of the autism connection and destroyed evidence that there is an autism connection.

If you let anyone vaccinate your child, you could well be murdering your child. Minimum, you could be turning your child into a mindless vegetable. If your mercy on your child will not move you, then consider the lowest form of influence on your warped soul..... give your kid the flu shot, and you could end up giving them 100% full time care until the day you die.


This is far more than  a conspiracy by the US Government and Big Pharma to protect a murder procedure for the cash flow and bribes. This is murder, and they KNOW what they are doing.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


If you are a Republican, and you crave Democrat friends, it can be done after all.

All you have to do it die.

Democrats are climbing all over one another to get to the front of the crowd and say sweet nothings about Papa Bush.

RIP George HW Bush. You won the last election.