Friday, May 18, 2018


AND............... The place for European nations to interfere to great profit is Africa.

The former colonial powers have never let go. They gave African nations independence, and then, very quickly, they turned around and meddled in African affairs with raging zeal. And, the USA has joined this neo-colonial circus as the US supplies arms to Africa, the US assassinates African leaders like Heile Salassie, and the US pontificates in the UN on what is good for Africa. As if, Africans are nothing but a mob of monkey-like porch niggers who need perpetual nannying.

I have watched this since the 1960s, and I was in Ethiopia when Henry Kissinger financed a Marxist coup to destroy and assassinate Heile Salassie, the best friend of the USA in Africa. No African leader can be immune from the bullet of the CIA simply be being the friend of America or the former colonial master. African leaders must sell off their natural resources to western companies, and sell their souls in the UN in order to stay alive.

Witness the attempt of President Obama to have Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta tried in the World Court. It was a close call, and at one point the CIA must have been involved inside Kenya trying to destroy Kenyatta.

Here is Prof. P.L.O. Lumumba in a brilliant speech defining the moment in Africa. Americans need to understand that America is a vicious beast trying to devour and rape Africa. Our tax dollars are being used to destroy governments and assassinate African leaders. Lumumba himself must be in constant danger of being snuffed by the CIA or the British secret police.

The classic example of the duplicity of American intentions is the case of Libya and Muamar Qaddafi. Qaddafi was talked into a peace deal and capitulation to US interests. For this, Qaddafi was butchered by rebels enlisted by the USA, and President Obama declared war on Qaddafi. Lumumba was not at all off when he suggested that cooperation by African nations with the USA and Europe is a deadly game that ends in death, war, and blood flowing in the streets, and I am not talking about Omaha.

I grew up watching this, and I saw it again in the 1970s in Ethiopia and Kenya when my wife an I served as missionaries there. But, of course, wave the flag and scream for blood. Kill whoever will not kiss the posterior of the world banks and US Presidents and European powers.