Friday, January 18, 2019


It is time for White Americans to slap down the lies being told about them. It is not a form of patriotism or gentility to accept lies about you. The irony is that Whites are defending themselves a lot less than Blacks are defending Whites.


Are YOU being a White porch monkey for the myth of racism in America. The days of racism, White on Black, are over. There will always be the odd jerk who will not get over it, both White and Black, but the culture at large simply has no racism.

There are millions of Blacks who got hired because they were the best choice. They are Blacks who do not want to get their job, or make their way through life, based an integration entitlements. A Black retired Postmaster from Chicago told me he told his grandson never to ask for special treatment because he was Black. He told the grandson that if someone offered him a good job because he was Black, to take it. But, never ask for special racial privileges.

The cheapest Black in America is the one with his hand out and his butt sitting in a welfare office. And, the White man sitting next to him is just a cheap and worthless.

If you want to see Larry Elder totally engaged in intellectual warfare, watch Larry thrash and silence this Anglo Saxon Wetback, Peres Morgan.

Thursday, January 17, 2019


The malware has been uploaded. The blackmails have been finessed. The whole world of democracies and prosperity is set for total destruction. This appears to me to be the chaos and treachery which will cause the whole world to eagerly exalt and worship the man who can stop this..... the Antichrist.

Watch the video please.

I suggest you make your plans for survival. Not, to survive a nuclear war, but to survive the total destruction of nations and world commerce. This will not be a war between the USA and Russia alone. It will be a war between General Motors and Nissan, between Siemens and Halliburton, between Kenya and the EU.  Whoever is quick enough to hire the best hackers will win.

We may never again have a rational election in any of the world's democracies. The day WILL come when whole national leaderships will sign over their national autonomy to China or the USA. Empires will bloom in hours and be destroyed just as rapidly.

Watch for preparedness services who offer to strip all the technology out of existing devices and necessities of life. Also, watch for drug companies to be hacked and poisons to be added to prescription drugs, especially generics made in China. Chinese companies will use hacking to hit each other with industrial espionage. Watch for US Government agencies to totally lose control and become unable to provide essential services you need. Watch for Senators and the President to be mentally destroyed or driven to launch military attacks. Nations will hack leaders in a third nation in order to cause them to attack their actual enemy by proxy. 

Make your plans, and determine how you will live in a very basic world. IT WILL HAPPEN. There is no way to stop it.

Omar M Khalil5 months ago (edited)
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Regime was ousted via cyber attacks which caused the regular shutdown of power grids, water supply, and many basic services that lead people to revolt against the new government. You work out who was behind those attacks!

Gipsy Danger10 months ago (edited)
Israel probably has one massive cyber attack in their arsenal. To completely halt Iran's missile defence system, and its Joint Command System. In the event of a war against Iran.

Kevin Mitnik could launch nuclear war.

The challenge accepted- This will creep you out.

Will hackers eventually rule the world? One hour BBC documentary showing that hackers are deadly, and they have barely gotten started making their power known.



1. Your wife didn't marry Jesus. She married you. Pity the man whose wife sends him the message that if he were the perfect husband, she would become a perfect wife. That is a lot of horse leavings, sir. No husband is the man God wants him to be, AND, his wife is not the woman God wants her to be. We are all still growing and learning to be more like Jesus. So, if your wife is busy helping you to be a better Christian nice guy, tell her to cut it out NOW. Tell her that her job is to be more like Jesus. Only then will she become the woman and wife she wants to be.

Also, tell your wife she did not marry Dr. James Dobson or any other Christian shrink with an answer for every problem in life. AND, stop sending donations to those busy body gurus.

2. Lady, your Harlequin novel marriage does not exist. Oh, it was great on the honeymoon, but I am sure you recall the first time your husband did not come across like the handsome prince who grew up in Windsor Castle and rescued maidens six days a week. And, if your marriage is going bad, I can tell you why..... you are desperate to remake your husband, and you nag the living daylights out of him. Oh, you do it ever so lovingly, right? But, YOU ARE A BLASTED NAG. If you want to keep your marriage, you must let your husband do the marriage saving, not you. 

Your assignment, lady: Start LIKING your husband, not just loving him. Take an interest in some of the man things you think should be shucked off by him. Stop demanding that he make you happy. If your man likes to go bass fishing, ask him if you can come along once. You will have to be ready to catch him before he hits the floor. AND, make a serious effort to learn how to catch a bass. Listen a lot, and keep your mouth closed a lot.

If you don't have Bible reading together at the end of the day, ask your husband if you can do that. DO NOT jabber about how that might save your marriage. Do you want your man to see God as his therapist, or do you want him to be a man of Christ, and figure it out for himself as he reads the Bible?

Make a covenant with God that you will never tell your husband what is wrong with him, or how something he believes or stands for is wrong. Add to that covenant the promise to God that you will, until death do you part, always ASK your husband's opinion about something troubling you. Finally, promise God you will accept your husband's decisions or opinions and live with them, NEVER pointing out later if it did not work out like he expected.

If you will not make this covenant, you do not deserve a husband. There ought to be a convent in Antarctica for women like you.

Finally, when you are out and about and talking to friends, BRAG ON YOUR HUSBAND instead of joining the ladies (other word is B____) as they tell each other all their husband's oddities and foibles. By doing this, you will prevent yourself from falling into temptation with some handsome dude. He won't even try after he hears how you brag on your man.


The party who destroys a marriage is almost always the wife. She drives the man crazy with her expectations, she nags the man about his being manly, and she tells all the wrong people what she is thinking. I am talking about her parents, pastor, and other lady friends. These people almost always take up her cause, blame the man for everything that goes wrong, and pass the gossip about your husband around town. If you want to keep your husband, GIVE HIM BACK TO GOD.

AND, learn to live with the results. If you do not back off and become a woman of God in your home, your husband will find a lady who does not nag and bitch at him, and she will take your man away from you. Oh, society will join in eagerly to take up your side and blame your husband for destroying your marriage, but as of this blog post, you will know, for the rest of you life, that you were warned that YOU are the main problem, the she-destroyer.

OK, buster, you read all this and you are saying to yourself, "Boy, that preacher sure nailed my wife."

So, sir, when is the last time you told your wife you love her? She needs to hear that. Do you dress to make your lady look good. Most men believe their wife makes them look good. If that happens to be true in your case, it is because you dress like Early Neanderthal. 

I need to hit you again, Buster....... Does your wife feel like the man who follows her through the door at the restaurant or at church makes her look special? Does your wife shine as she goes through the door, like, "This is my man, and he loves me." Or, do you look like you just came in from a baboon convention, to include your grungy ball cap on backwards?

I hesitate to brag, but I decided before we got married that I would dress to the nines for my sweetheart. We always get better service when eating out. Waitresses are very good to me right in front of my wife, and it is not because I am hustling them. It is because my wife's man clearly makes her look good, and those poor young waitresses have to go out with a dork in crocks. 

I believe this doctrine, sir. A woman always wonders if she really looks good tonight. So, when she asks herself that, she looks at her man, and his effort to dress up for his wife will result in her answer to her own question..... "Yes. I look just fine."

Story One: My wife and I were assigned to Eldoret, Kenya where I was to be the headmaster of a pastor's training school. I was not as busy for the Lord as I wanted to be in that job, so I went to the local High School where there were classes offered in religion..... Protestant, Catholic, Islamic, and Traditional. I got a resume together, and I dressed in a suit, and I presented myself to the African headmaster applying to teach the Protestant class.

The African headmaster looked at my resume, and he stared at me for a while, and he said, "I have never had a European hand me a resume or wear a suit and tie for me. You certainly may teach the class." He then offered to buy new text books for the class, and he asked me to find the one I wanted. I had been told by other missionaries that most headmasters did not want White people teaching religion classes.

Story Two: I was in Basic Training in the Army in 1968 at Fort Knox, Kentucky. We got our first weekend pass, and my wife drove down from Michigan to spend it with me. On Sunday, we went to a nice restaurant in Elizabeth Town. I was permitted to wear civilian clothes on pass, but I decided to wear my Class-A uniform instead. When the waitress came after the meal, she said our dinner had been paid for. I was astounded. She asked if I had seen the older man across the room who had just left. She said he was a retired Colonel, and almost every Sunday he paid for a soldiers dinner. The Colonel determined who to pick for this kindness by two things..... The soldier had to have his wife with him, and he had to be dressed in his Class-A uniform

You put fresh oil in your Camero regularly. Do you put fresh love in your marriage just as faithfully?

This preacher is going to ask a blunt question, whether you men like it or not.....

How often do you surprise your wife with a hug or kiss WITHOUT grabbing her nipple? Do you love her just as much for her mind and spirit as for her booty? 

Now, lady, never send me mail claiming I threw you under the bus in my blog. But, stop believing Hillary Clinton and the feminazi alliance when they claim that men do all the damage in marriage. My experience as a pastor has convinced me that the wife is more often the destroyer than the man.

Men, one last favor I happen to know your wife wants from you..... would you men who work at home PLEASE turn off Rush Limbaugh. Replace him with some of this.

Monday, January 7, 2019


The truth is being told. Doctors have terrible relationships with their patients because the doctors fear their patients.


Doctors are hiding their associations with drug companies. They are afraid you will learn how much they are making in kick backs. You may decide your doctor is flat out lying in order to get you hooked on a drug that enriches him.

They are afraid you will go online and learn about their education deficiencies. They are especially afraid you will go on sites that tell which doctors have been disciplined.

Doctors are terrified you will learn that they are hooked on uppers or downers, or worse, like Dr. Patel in Arizona who had needle tracks all the way up his arm. They are afraid you will learn they are alcoholics.

Doctors are afraid you will go online and read research that proves their diagnosis is way off the mark. They fear you will read the fine print in the print out for your tests. You may go online and read the correct analysis of your test results.

We had a doctor, a nuclear medicine specialist, who decided my wife needed a stress test and sonogram. We went to the have the tests, and she could not walk on the walking machine due to it starting  up too fast. So, they gave her a shot and did a cardiogram. The claim was made that the injection method was very safe. That was a lie. There have been people die having the test that way.

We asked for a total print out of the results, and they gave us two. One print out was an exact representation of the test stats. The other was a summery by the doctor. In the machine generated report my wife had an Ejection Fraction (the amount pumped by the left ventricle) of 53%, and in the doctor's summery the EF was 45%. 

The Nurse Practitioner (beware when the doctor sends a flunky to do the follow up appointment- he is hiding something) told us that 45% was very bad, and my wife would need an angiogram and probably a stent. The truth is, normal EF is 50 to 75%. This is because the left ventricle never empties 100%. The NP did not tell us that, so 45% sounded deadly. In fact, my wife was low normal, NOT low. The NP lied on purpose to push us toward an angiogram.

I did some serious research online to try to figure out why the doctor changed actual EF from 53% to 45%. I learned that the American Heart Association had recently done a huge study on the US East Coast, and they learned that doctors were pushing angiograms and not talking to patients about management options. They did a statistical study in end results and morbidity on people with 35% to 55% EF, compared with people who were only treated with management procedures. The results as to morbidity were three days different over the rest of the patients' lives. 

The AHA bluntly told that the problem is that doctors are trying to make the big cash. Management is all about talk and counseling and a cheap beta blocker, while angiograms are big bucks. Forty percent of the cash flow of a heart clinic or hospital is angiograms and stents. That is why they put the stent on the probe before they have seen the blockage. They intend to drop the stent in place and make a lot more cash.

Back to fear in doctors. They are terrified of people like me. I blunder sometimes in my digging online, but when I talk to the doctor, if he tells me I missed an issue, I listen close, and if he sounds rational at all, I back off 100%. But, I also am terrified. I am terrified of a doctor who recently told me, "Steve, you think too much and go online too much." He is not humble enough to let me look into the professional writing on my or my wife's health issues. 

When a doctor wants you dumb, and when he refuses to explain why something is the way he represented it, run like mad right across town to another doctor.

After watching the above video, I intend to be more direct with doctors. When they show signs of fear, or when they try to put me off when I ask a question, I intend to ask them why they are afraid of me. This is very important with cancer. Cancer is the one issue were the most lying is done.

The last thought is this..... medical schools are funded by Big Pharma, and Big Pharma gives out billions of dollars in scholarships to doctors. The schools spend most of the teaching time telling med students how to treat symptoms with drugs. The average med student gets eight hours on nutrition, and no time at all on healing with diet and supplements. There is almost no teaching on prevention. The whole objective is to teach doctors how to get patients hooked on Big Pharma drugs. 

This is why so many doctors today make NO effort to diagnose your problem. They do not want to treat the cause and eliminate the problem..... you will not keep coming back with your cash donation. They are quite happy to keep you on drugs the rest of your life, and they will tell you so.

Taken together, all of the above thoughts are why doctors are terrified of you. They fear that you will figure out the scams and go find a real doctor who wants to heal people.

Some of you have been so mentally warped by the lies of doctors that you believe every word they say, and you do no research online to check on the information handed you. When is the last time you went online and checked on the research and issues with some new drug a doctor gave you? 

The classic example is statins. They were invented to lower cholesterol after Dr. Keys did his alleged research back in 1953 and claimed that cholesterol caused heart artery blockages. He later denounced his own research, but Big Pharma and the medical associations had run with the thing, and it has maimed millions of Americans.

Artery blockage is caused by inflammation. The cholesterol is in the blood and does not stick to anything until there is an injury. It makes scabs on the skin, and it covers injuries to arteries. Get rid of inflammation, and you will have no blockages. Inflammation can be eliminated by detoxing with supplements and diet changes. 

When the doctor terrorizes you with his lies about cholesterol, you give in and take the statins. The body senses a drop in blood cholesterol, and the body goes looking for more to replace it. It robs the cell walls of the body of cholesterol, leaving the cell walls perforated. This allows toxins in the body to enter the cells, and pain is the result.

You go back to the doctor, and he tests your cholesterol, and it is back up. So he ups your statins. The body again goes looking for cholesterol and finds it in your brain which is 98% cholesterol. Your brain cholesterol is robbed to get the blood level back up. The end of that is dementia, which is the experience of almost everyone who is on statins for any amount of time.

The lie is very close to murder. The only question is,  do you want to be mugged and killed in Chicago, or do you want to die sitting in the corner of a nursing home drooling on yourself?

The fact is, you must let your body set the level of your cholesterol where it wants it. If you tell your doctor you want off of statins, and if he resorts to sly threats that you will die a horrible death of arteriosclerosis, go shopping for a doctor who will at once drop the subject when you ask not to discuss cholesterol. There are such doctors.

One last shot. Research has been done recently to see if lowering salt intake helps you live longer. It does, exactly 3 days longer of a whole lifetime. The conclusion by one heart association was that lowering salt is a waste of time. When my salt gets low, I get tachycardia. Salt is the electrolyte which keeps the electricity flowing.

You would be terrified of patients too if you were lying and passing on bogus information knowingly. The Internet has made it possible to check up on the lies of the market place. You are a blasted fool if you do NOT do your own investigation into things you are told by doctors and Big Pharma. There is no worse source of devilish propaganda than the TV screen in your doctor's office.

Caveat: There is one reason why doctors will suggest statins, coumadin, and vaccinations and flu shots. If they do not suggest these, and you die the next week of a heart attack or flu related pneumonia, your family can sue the doctor for not suggesting these killer drugs, and your family will win in court. So, if your doctor brings up such deadly drugs as options, tell him you do not care to talk about them, and if he drops it at once, he is probably informed of the truth and will not bring it up again. The worst time you will have will be with the nurse. They have been known to virtually rage and attack patients for turning down a flu shot. Never believe a nurse who throws fits. 

Saturday, January 5, 2019


This first video is almost a year old, but it is horrendous to listen to. Imagine what it is like in California a year later.

Understand this please. Gays from San Francisco, Marxist style Liberals, and second generation Hispanics totally control the California State Legislature. The Gays hate straights, and they think there is limitless cash to be leeched off of working straights. Second generation Hispanics are not tempered by a history of parents and grandparents who came to the USA the legal way and became red, white, and blue Americans. The governing Hispanics are sons of leeches and illegals. And, finally, the Marxist Liberals believe in their souls that they can tax all Californians until they are starving and totally demoralized, just as Joseph Stalin did.

So, what does Governor Jerry Brown do about this. Brown is the most polished brown nose in America. He has sucker friends on Wall Street with loads of cash, and he is convincing them to buy long term bonds on the promise that California simply HAS TO recover.

Well, it ain't necessarily so.

California is on a collision course to self-destruction. The problem is, the state government is owned by extreme Leftist nut cases who hate the rest of Californians. They are willing to rape anyone they have to in order to keep their vice grip on power.

What to watch for:

1. Depopulation of California will soon reach critical status as welfare payments cannot be made because taxes are not being paid. Blacks in California are already complaining that they are getting less welfare than illegal Mexicans.

2. Welfare Hispanics and illegals will riot. Formerly law abiding citizens will be forced to loot and attack working Californians in order to eat and survive.

3. California will go to the US Congress and demand the rest of the USA carry Californian debt and make welfare payments to illegals. Detroit and Chicago will then get in line for hand outs.

4. If we happen to have a Democrat majority in the House and Senate when this happens, they will tax Americans more to "save California." There will be a revolution in the state legislatures of the USA. This is called the Connecticut Solution because it is being talked about NOW in Washington DC. It involves canceling pension plans at the state level unless Washington forks over cash to cover losses. New Jersey is talking about doing the same thing NOW.

5. Some states will start seceding rather then let their citizens be raped by Democrats and Marxists. Republicans will sit on their hands because they are helpless wimps, just like right now. The media will blame Trump of course. The Secret Service will be quadrupled to keep Trump alive.

6. President Trump, or whoever is in power, will declare a national emergency, and he will invoke the Executive Powers Act and become the American Dictator. He will send the National Guard to the streets of American cities. He will ask the Pentagon to send the Army into US cities, and the Generals will refuse, resulting in a soft coup.


The Bay area gays and leeching Hispanic legislators of California, with their Marxist associates, are quite willing to destroy the USA in order to keep power in Sacramento. There is absolutely NO sign of remorse or second thought in the government of California.






There is only one reason for Fox News, the self-justified promoter of honest news, to do a promotion article for the flu shot. Fox must have been paid off by Big Pharma.

The truth (flu shots do not work, and they kill people, and the cause autism in kids) has been exposed by a large number of sources, AND the CDC has admitted that the flu shot two years ago was a 100% worthless product. It totally missed the target.


Millions of Americans have friends or family who got the flu shot and got the flu anyway. Others had horrible side effects, some died, and millions of kids now have autism from the mercury used as a preservative in many vaccines given to babies and school children.

There ARE vaccine producers who still use mercury as a preservative in the flu shot.

A previous variety of flu pathogen is used to make the next flu vaccine. That means they are aiming at the wrong target virtually every year. It is impossible to predict what the next flu mutation will look like, and flu pathogens mutate virtually every year. Making flu vaccines is the sloppiest medical procedure in the whole industry because it is genetically impossible to predict.

This is why the Democrats are attacking President
Trump. The Dems are being paid huge bribes by
Big Pharma to destroy Trump. This is the first
time a high official of the US Government has
taken a clear stand on vaccinations.

Having had the flu in recent past years is as good immunity or better then getting a shot of man made biological products. I may get the flu this year, but I have not had the flu since 1952. That was the year of a national epidemic of very vicious flu when many people died. My family all had that flu.

Having the flu is not a serious event for a healthy person. Any lie to the contrary is criminal propaganda by Big Pharma. If I thought I had the flu, I would take 5000 to 10000 mg of Vitamin C every day spread out in several doses each day for about five days. I would personally take Liposomal Vitamin C, which is biologically altered in order to enhance assimilation. Regular Vitamin C is not well assimilated, so I would want my C Liposomally or IV if I could find a doctor who would do it. This is not my advice to you. This is ONLY me telling you what I would do. I am not a medical expert in any sense of the word, and for legal purposes, I am a crazy old man telling lies and fabrications. Let the wise make their own deductions.

Here is a statement from Live Science online. The idiots reading here will think this sounds OK. Use your brains, friend. What are the odds of the shot preventing the flu when the vaccine is NOT a good match if a good match year prevents 60% of flu victims?


The effectiveness of the seasonal flu vaccine depends upon several factors, including how well the flu strains in the vaccine match the strains in circulation. Some studies show that when strains in the vaccine are a good match with the ones that are circulating, vaccinated individuals are 60 percent less likely to catch the flu than people who aren't vaccinated, according to the CDC.
Flu vaccine effectiveness can also vary depending on the person being vaccinated — the vaccine tends to work best in healthy adults and older children, and less well in older adults. 
For instance, a 2013 study from the CDC found that the year's flu vaccine was not very effective in adults ages 65 and over: Older people who got the vaccine were just as likely to visit the doctor for flu symptoms as those who did not get the vaccine. 
But other studies suggest that individuals who do get sick develop less serve symptoms if they are vaccinated. A 2013 study published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases found that people who got the flu shot were less likely to be hospitalized with the flu.

Remember, these facts are sourced from the CDC themselves.

So, who gets nagged the worst to get the flu shot?

Answer: Seniors who are least likely to be helped by it. Doctors are threatened by Medicare and other official agencies if they do not push the flu vaccine. And, parents are threatened to have their children taken away from them if they decline the flu shot for their kids. California is considering a law right now to put kids in foster homes whose parents refuse the flu shot for their kids.

All of this is the result of Big Pharma lobbying government officials with bribes and threats.

Several years ago, Governor Rick Perry of Texas admitted to accepting $30,000 from a vaccine producer to force Texas girls to get the cervical cancer vaccine. That vaccine was a killer and maimed thousands of girls.


My last comment is based on logic.

What do you need to know to make an intelligent statistical claim like the first quote above, to wit, "vaccinated individuals are 60 percent less likely to catch the flu than individuals who are't vaccinated."? According to the Gospel of the CDC

To calculate the percentage increase: First: work out the difference (increase) between the two numbers you are comparing. Then: divide the increase by the original number and multiply the answer by 100.

You have to have two mathematical bits of information- that is, two integers. In the case of the flu, you need to know the total number of people who were infected with the flu. Then you need to know the number of people who were infected but did not get sick. With these two integers you can use the formula described above to find the percentage who were infected but kept well by the flu shot. 

This is a filthy lie. The obvious alternative to being
poisoned by mercury is to not vaccinate people.
And, there is an alternative to being poisoned by
mercury in a vaccine..... that is to be poisoned by
lead from a hand gun. The death is instant, and
the victim does not die a slow death or get autism
from a hand gun. What this lie is meant to do
is cover up all the bribes received from
Big Pharma, and all the dead bodies.
United Nations and EU national anthem.
The CDC is blowing off a lot of classical gas. They may have the number of people who got the flu and visited a doctor. That statistic has to be reported to the CDC by the nation's doctors. But, they do not know how many people got the flu and toughed it out without seeing a doctor. The CDC also does not know the total of all people who were infected, both those vaccinated and those who declined vaccination. And, most importantly, they have NO way to be sure who got infected with the flu but did not get sick. Thus, their 60% statistic is a lot of rubbish, AND IT IS A LIE.

This actually encourages me about American education. It seems that 40% of Americans read these fake news statistics handed out by the US Government, and they realized that the CDC was lying. The truth is, the CDC has NO WAY to prove that the flu shot does anything to prevent people from getting sick with the flu.

Flu Shot Deaths

Deaths linked with the flu shot are far more common than most people realize. Recent flu shot victims added to the growing death list include 5-year-old Kiera Driscoll of Nevada, 26-year-old Katherine McQuestion of Wisconsin, 37-year-old Kristie Green of Kansas, 14-year-old Amber Grey, 3-year-old Ayzlee McCarthy of Iowa, 37-year-old Chad Rattray of Washington. In the U.S., more people have died from the flu after the flu shot than from Ebola. Is this a “good” vaccine?

Hundreds of people have been paralyzed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) after receiving the flu vaccine. A 20-year-old nurse’s aid, Susan Behie of Pennsylvania, was awarded $11.6 million in the arcane federal vaccine court in 2014 after being paralyzed by the flu vaccine.

Given all the serious side effects that ARE known from the flu shot, it is very cavalier and stupid to get the flu shot since it is impossible to prove the shot accomplishes anything other than make billions of dollars for Big Pharma.

If you are older, you know your doctor, AND ALL NURSES, will nag and nag you by telling you that at your age you could die from getting the flu. That is only true if you have some physical condition that has weakened you. I am old and weazened myself, and I simply tell the doctor or nurse that I do not want the flu shot. 

If they push, I tell them that I have not had the flu since 1952. If they keep pushing, I tell them I do not want to be poisoned by mercury. They then tell me mercury is not used anymore. I then tell them that I know three vaccine companies which still use mercury as a preservative. That is when they stop nagging and change the subject. You need to understand that doctors know the truth, but they lie and push. The reason is they belong to a medical association which forces them to nag you and lie. Nurses are worse. Most nurses are dumb as a door knob about vaccine dangers. They believe the lies like people believe in their religion. Then again, there are nurses who flat do not care if you die. You are old, and they are satisfied to help you die. And, nurses are also under threats to their job if they don't push vaccinations.

I recently visited my doctor, and I shared with him some of my concerns and information I had learned online from raw research reports, not from opinion based articles like what you are reading here. When I dig online, I look for reports on serious double blind research projects. My doctor, at one point, did not have a clue what I was talking about. Another time, he contradicted researched information. Finally, he told me, "You are thinking too much." I have had another doctor tell me, "Stop surfing the Internet." I was learning things he knew nothing about. I must say that I have had a hand full of doctors commend me for doing my own digging.

Thus, I must warn you that if you inform yourself about vaccinations, and about any physical issue you have, your doctor will very likely tell you to stop informing yourself. Doctors are terrified of people who do their own thinking. If you come up against this sort of thing, find another doctor. There are doctors out there who are integrative about medicine and actually appreciate patients who are informed.


CAVEAT: The horrible consequences of diseases in Tropical Third World nations, like typhoid, cholera, small pox, typhus, and yellow fever, are so terrible that it is folly to not get vaccinations for those diseases. We lived in an area in Ethiopia where cholera showed up about every ten years. Cholera will kill a baby in eight hours and an adult in two days or less. But, there is NO comparison to the seriousness of tropical diseases with the flu. To use these other vaccinations for killer diseases as logic to get the flu vaccine is the same as comparing the danger of a rattle snake to a tick.




This is a landmark event. Transexualism is where sodomites go who get bored with their vulgar sex. Thus, we assume another sodomite has made the journey to Sodom, AND he is sitting on the US Senate now. The whole nation is thrilled. God is not.


Arizona is well known for its tolerance of any perverted and devilish low life. I met them while we lived in the southeast of the state. Arizona was the last state, long ago, where outlaws and people fleeing from sin and sorrow could disappear, and the Feds would not pursue them.

The problem in Arizona is that a lot of low lifes still hang out in that state. So, it is not so shocking that the first tranny congressman would come from Arizona.

And, it is no shock that our Roman Catholic VP friend of the faggot in the Vatican would be shining on him.

Romans 1:19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.
20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.