Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Any American who has any level of skepticism with Big Pharma and the corrupt Center of Disease Control and National Institute of Health has long ago walked away from flu shots.

But, this year has become a horror of murder by Big Pharma. GO HERE to see who makes the flu shots. The page shows that a number of the vaccine companies are still also using mercury as a preservative which causes brain damage, in particular Alzheimer's Disease. These vaccine companies have seen the news by now, and the gossip in their commercial circles must be intense. They KNOW that their vaccine is murdering hundreds of children, and the very fierce flu epidemic in the US right now is caused by their vaccine, not by the typical new virus mutation in nature.

President Trump has tweeted warning to people to not get the flu shot. What is horrifying is that the CDC does not follow Trump's lead and deal with the many deaths caused by the flu shot. Learn about Trump as well as many other facts about the deadly shots at the following link. 

Here are stories about children getting suddenly violently sick and dying only two days after getting the flu shot.

Democrats reading here..... you will lose the election in 2020 because of the thousands who get took the fly shot, got the flu, and then learned that President Trump told them not to. People remember anyone who tries to save their kid from being killed. 

With the facts now known, and with health officials risking their careers and talking openly about the shots, you are going to answer to God if you let anyone vaccinate your child. You are a blasted fool if you take the shots. They are said to be only 10% effective by the CDC. That percentage is easily explained as the percent of error in any research. What the CDC is really telling us is that this year's flu shot is totally ineffective in stopping the flu. Last year they said is was only 30% effective.


The only vaccines anyone should accept are those for traveling to tropical nations in the Third World, such as cholera, typhoid, and small pox. Children should receive no vaccines other than perhaps polio. All the other immunities are best gotten by exposing your child to those diseases when young so that they get the disease and make their own immunity..... the way Mom's used to do long ago.

Virtually any shot which involves biological factors used to get immunities will have something deadly included as a preservative, and Big Pharma is totally immune from litigation
since the US Congress passed a bill protecting vaccine manufacturers. Do not assume you can sue Big Pharma for killing you kid. You see, they have NO incentive to protect you from harm, and they do not care if they kill your child or destroy his brain.

Finally, you will see nothing about this on mainline media. They are well paid off by Big Pharma to bury all news about this holocaust. You are on your own this time, and I suspect many of you gullible folks will still get your kids vaccinated out of blind trust of Big Pharma.

For you who refuse flu shots, here is what I do if I get the flu and common cold. 

1. During the flu months, take 1500 units of Vit. C twice a day.

2. At the first sign of flu symptoms, take much larger doses of Vit. C. Linus Pauling of the Linus Pauling Institute took 18,000 units a day. At high does levels Vit. C also greatly reduces chances of heart disease and other illness.

3. Order Liposomal Vit. C now, and store in a cool place. This form of Vit. C is very well absorbed. Ordinary Vit. C is poorly absorbed which is why large doses are needed. Take 1000 units per day of Liposomal C. Add in Vit. E, and sit in the sun for at least 20 minutes in the midday. Better yet, take 10,000 units Vit. D-3 to be sure to get up on that.

4. For serious flu situations, go to your doctor and try to get him to give you  10,000 units of Vit. C IV. He will claim that is dangerous, but it could easily save your life. Your body will throw off all the Vit. C it does not need anyway. But, the IV dose is beyond a health dose..... it is therapy and kills disease.

[This advice is strictly what I do and is not meant to diagnose of medicate any illness.]

Finally, the rule still applies. The Government lies to us, the media is bought off, and you are on your own. If you will not start doing your own research on issues like this, you may be injured or killed by money grubbing medical entities. The same rule applies to everything in modern life, such as WI-Fi and food additives.

Romans 3:4 God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

I will add, though not under inspiration, that every Congressman has been bribed.

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Here are headlines from Jews News and other sources for today and yesterday to show what is happening with Muslim attacks on civilization, as well as other Israeli related news.

I have been telling you that you need to go to other sources around the world to learn the real news. All of the below happened today or yesterday, and even Drudge covered almost none of them.

‘Palestinian President’ Abbas Reacts to US slashing Aid by Viciously Slamming Trump: ‘Damn Your Money!’

It is refreshing to see President Trump take a stand on giving aid to terrorists who attack Israel.

Slovakian PM adamant that Islam has absolutely NO place in his country – is this racist?

SODOM AND GEMORRAH: California Gov. Jerry Brown To Force Schools To Show Kids ‘Gay Sex’ As Part Of LGBT-Inclusive Curriculum
California's resident faggot Governor is trying to queer California kids. This is one big reason Californians are moving to Texas. Governor Brown, during his first term as Governor in the 1970s, took Linda Ronstad on a trip to West Africe with him. It was touted as a cozy love trip, but when Linda left the plane after the trip, the media asked, "Did you have fun with the Governor?" Linda replied, "What fun." The whole thing was a trick to try to fool Californians into thinking Brown is not a faggot.

After Minnesota Welcomes Burkinis, They Find Something Horrifying In Pools
I did a post on this blog long ago predicting deadly tropical and Third World diseases would be cropping up in Europe and the USA due to open door immigration by Muslims from the Middle East and Africa. This is exactly what I told you would happen, and it will get worse. I predict now that the USA or Europe will have a Cholera epidemic due to immigration policies.

Controversial new viral cartoon has muslims and liberals outraged and the European right applauding…is this the fate of Europe or appalling Islamophobia, you decide
Tell me, what if Baptists starting raping non-Baptists and claiming it was their God given right to do so? Would you fair haired Liberal Dumbocrats defend those Baptists?

This means Governor Jerry Brown could theoretically be arrested for administering a sanctuary state.

TOM FITTON WARNS: “Tsunami of Information” Set To Expose “Obama/Clinton/Deep State Scandals” (VIDEO)

Erdogan, Pope to discuss Trump's Jerusalem move
This is the Jesuit thug, Pope Pancho, attacking Israel. He wants to rule Israel himself, and if he is the Antichrist as many Catholics believe, he just may get to do that one day.

Pope opening sides with Muslim activists against Isreal and Presidnent Trump.

Saudi Arabia to allow Israel flyover rights?
This is really old news. Clear back during President Obama's tenure, he threatened to shoot down Israeli planes if they attack Iran. Saudi Arabia at once invited Israel to fly over their territory if they needed to attack Iran. This deal with El Al is simply a commercial version of the same thing.

Kabbalist: New High-Speed Train Necessary For Third Temple

Poland REFUSES to take in third world Muslim refugees, and no amount of world pressure will change that

GET THE HELL OUT: Trump Administration Planning its “BIGGEST” Ever Round Up of Illegal Aliens

BOOM: Trump administration withholds $65 million from “Palestinians” – AND IT’S JUST THE START
Several fool Presidents in the past supported Yassir Arafat as he murdered Jews. It is time to stop financing the murder of innocent people.

IT’S HAPPENING: The ‘Palestinians’ are officially threatening war with Israel over Jerusalem
This should be interesting. Israel may be the second or third most armed nation in the world as to nuclear devices, and Abbas wants to go to war with them. LOL

SUICIDE IN SWEDEN: Swedish City to Offer Returning Islamic Jihadis Free Housing, Driving Lessons, and Debt Forgiveness

RELIGION OF PEACE: Muslims plot to blow up Statue of Liberty and ‘crush non-believers’

Christians Outraged As Facebook Says Group Wanting To Burn Christian Mom Alive Meets ‘Community Standards’

Muslim Migrants Arrive For Welfare, Irate When Officials Inform Them Of New ‘Requirement’

Do you like the new MISSISSIPPI Gun Store sign that says “sorry, we don’t sell guns to terrorists or Democrats…it’s too hard to tell the difference”
With the murderous behavior of ANTIFA and Obama, this is not just humorous..... it is fact.

The Libs and Dems are furious because Obama's doctor did not lie.

TRUTH HURTS: 30 Years of Trump FIGHTING RACISM Against Blacks That the Media Doesn’t Want You to See

PA LEADER ABBAS: May G-d Demolish Trump’s House, Israel Isn’t Jewish, I’ll Keep Paying Muslim Terrorists

“Christian Girls are only Meant for One Thing, the Pleasure of Muslim Men”

WAR ON NEW WORLD ORDER: Hungary thinks about permanently banning George Soros from entering the country
Soros has dual citizenship in Switzerland, Hungary, and the USA. If he cannot enter Hungary, he will have to settle for Switzerland or the USA. He needs to be put on the US terrorist list.

BOOM: Israel said to hit Hezbollah weapons depot near Damascus
Damascus is due to be totally destroyed according to Bible prophecy. This could happen soon, and Israel may be the one to do it.

The Muslim-loving Pope says its a SIN to be hostile to Islamic refugees, no matter how much they threaten your security
I bet the guards of the Vatican are not under the same orders. What do you think?

Could Ivanka Trump become president? Donald’s Orthodox Jewish daughter is ‘in it for the long haul’
She sure would be a better choice than Oprah Wingnut.

THE NEW DEUTSCHLAND: Mass raids across Germany in hunt for Iranian Muslims ‘plotting attack on Israelis’
The decline of Merkel's power in Germany seems to have also helped Germans wake up to the novel possibility of self-defense. They are so terrified of being accused of being Nazis that they have rolled over and peed on themselves. It is refreshing to see them taking action against Muslims.

Obama gave Hundreds Of Millions Of Taxpayer Cash To Muslim QATARI ROYALS – And Trump Is PISSED!

Muslim clerics order END of suicide bombing in terror crackdown – ‘It is HARAAM!’ (forbidden)
The day may come soon in which Muslic clerics issue a Haraam edit against killing Christians. There are sayings of Mohammed which can be used to justify this. This would cause Christians and world nations to drop their guard and imagine Islam is becoming civilized.

HORRIFYING ENDING: Noah’s Ark Crashes in the Netherlands [WATCH]
This is what happens when you play games with the truth in the Bible. These fake arks are a lot of rubbish fetishism which distract people from faith in the Word plus nothing. They are no different than the rosary Catholics finger in fetish fear of the holy God.

A NEW LIBERAL LOW: Now they claim Global Warming is the cause of the Islamic refugee madness
I think it is time to blame Global Warming for the feral hogs that roam all over Texas. We need to have a hog poop tax to pay Texas for all of our suffering.

Canada is now shaming citizens with large families because they are taking up resources and services that could be used to help Muslim refugees
I believe it is time to break diplomatic relations with Canada. We need to make sure these mental midgets do not immigrate and bring their inhuman notions to our country. Most of all, to all you Canadians who voted for Trudeau, do NOT come to Texas. We have laws against bringing trash to our state.

PRAY TO ALLAH, SOAP OPERA SAYS: German kids should convert to Islam, state-funded TV suggests

Israeli doctors successfully operate on Syrian refugee baby with heart defects – MEDIA SILENT

I assume, based on Hillary Clinton's long list of murders, that the Deep State is actively trying to assassinate President Trump. Did you know that the first Assassins were an Islamic cult in Turkey?

WW3 RED ALERT: India retaliates against Pakistan KILLING 7 SOLDIERS as tensions mount

Poland opens up their wallets and gives aid to Muslim refugees…BUT IN THEIR HOME COUNTRIES ONLY
What a genius concept..... pay the killers to stay home.

Yet again Islamic -loving Trudeau has egg on his face after publicly condemning a ‘cowardly attack’ on a Muslim girl – problem is she made the whole attack up
This twink needs to be banned from every crossing the northern US border for any reason. What a dog.

Remember when the Obama Administration called Israeli PM Netanyahu a ‘CHICKENSH*T’ – do you also remember the media being silent?

Catholic ex-Muslims to Pope Francis: “Naiveté in the face of Islam is suicidal and very dangerous”

OUTRAGE: Trudeau’s Canadian Government Is Enabling Female Genital Mutilation
Get this straight please.... a clitorectomy is meant to deny a woman to ever have the pleasure of having an orgasm. This is done by Muslims to keep women from leaving their husbands to have sex. Muslims believe a woman does not need sexual pleasure. She is a sex exercising machine for her husband. For this reason, a second tragic effect develops. Muslim men get frustrated because their wife cannot enjoy sex, and these men then go to other men for mutual sexual satisfaction. Many Muslim men are secretly bisexual for this reason. Once again, Allah, most gracious, most merciful..... he is NOT.

‘Palestinian’ Authorities paid $350 million of YOUR money to Muslim terrorists who stabbed, shot and killed Jews in 2017 – does this bother you?

WW3 RED ALERT: Russia has an underwater nuclear drone capable of carrying a 100-megaton warhead, leaked Pentagon report says

Obnoxious Black CNN Reporter Shouts ‘Are You A Racist?’ At Trump While He Was Honoring MLK – WATCH How Brilliantly He Responds
CNN needs to be evicted from the White House press corps. They are a mental and social terrorist agency.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Rev. Thomas Littleton exposes the Southern Baptist flight from the City of God to Sodom.


I have long encouraged Southern Baptists to leave that ship that is sinking into the Slough of Despond. This landmark of slippage morally should help those of you who are slow acting on the holiness of God.

What is terrifying in this article is to see how the SBC leadership are pandering to the same moral depravity that Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton have promoted. This is 100% Laodicean, and the SBC has just told Jesus to get out of the Church and knock to get back in after he apologizes for burning up Sodom.

This is all about rubbish religion. 

Romans 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.
18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


We are now under the gun of a rogue outlaw nation. That is NOT Russia or China. Both of those nations have many good reasons to not want war with the USA. The problem though is the principle of "The Mouse that Roared" and Kim Jong Un.


When a mad man like Kim Jong Un builds an empire in a small weak nation, that nation eventually fails and fades unless the mad leader has something the surrounding nations do not have. 

There was a group of islands in the South Pacific long ago which were all at war with one another. That is, except for one island. No one attacked this island because they were the only ones which had the secret to making the poison used by the other islands on their poisoned arrows. For this reason, no one attacked the one island because they all bought the poison from them.

North Korea now has the weapons wanted by Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Sudan, Egypt, Turkey, and a lot of other small nations seeking to dominate bigger nations. Not only does North Korea now have a big gun pointed at the USA which we cannot block, they also have a market for that gun. Don't kid yourself..... that is the principle reason Kim is developing these missiles. Life in NK is said to be improving in some respects. No one predicted this because of the horrible oppression in that nation.

So, Kim needs to keep making bigger and bigger missiles to add to his show room for other nations to buy. The only thing Kim has not done yet is prove that his missiles can do what he claims they can. This means that, sooner of later, Kim must blow an American city off of the map. 

During the US invasion of Iraq under President George W Bush, Saddam Hussein shot missiles against Israel. The US Patriot missiles were used to shoot down the Iraqi missiles, and they worked quite well. At once, Bush had Patriot missiles put on display in US embassies around the world, and thousands were ordered. Kim needs real life proof that his toys work.


Everyone keeps forgetting that mad men leaders are in deed mad. Kim believes in himself and in his power. Like the mouse and the elephant, Kim sees US Presidents cowering before him, terrified to preempt him with an attack on his facilities. Add to this the fact that we cannot stop his missiles, and our early warning system is rubbish. He knows that his first strike will work well. If this were against Washington DC and the alternative command bunker in Nebraska, the USA would be treacherously crippled.

So, to imagine that a mad man will suddenly become reasonable is also madness. Trump has proved to be totally helpless in the face of Kim and his attacks. China is actually trying to help the US deal with the threat of Kim. This is not because China feels vulnerable from Kim. It is because China knows that they will not sell many wing wangs in Wal Mart and the American market place if the US Government is blown off the map. So, China is now trying to help the US survive for its own personal reasons.

The bottom line is this..... North Korea has the gun to the head of Donald Trump, and Trump will not attack North Korea. America is a virtual hostage of North Korea. World history has many such stories, and the citizens of the threatened nation always thought they were still all powerful. Their leaders used propaganda to convince the citizens that they were safe. The recent false alarm in Hawaii underscores the Keystone Cops aspect of US defenses.

What is the moral of this story?

Get yourself ready to survive a nuclear attack, especially if you are in a large city. Kim must convince his potential customers that he can deliver killer hardware. If Kim finds customers for his missiles in other nations and terrorist organizations, he will be able to bring North Korea back to some level of normalcy as regards social and economic order. At that point, Kim will own the USA. The big bully is now whipped, and the media, left, right, and alternate, are unwilling to bell the cat.

Maybe Kim Jong Un will use his missiles to force the world to stop nuclear proliferation. I must admit, this thought is loaded with facetiousness, but who knows...............?

A pop up window will load. Delete it, and you can play the movie.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


The whole fake nuclear attack in Hawaii on Friday the 12th was a diversion to make sure the news did not get in front of your face that the Hillary Clinton Uranium deal is being opened wide open with indictments.


 The media, at least the alternative media, got the real news out.


Trump may very well be getting some serious traction with Kim Jong Un toward peace talks and walking back North Korea's nasty process of slapping the USA. 

Thus, the Liberal mob had two reasons to launch the fake warning in Hawaii.

1. The news distraction away from Hillary and the Russian Uranium deal, including the possibility that Mark Lambert may be only the initial move to get someone to sing like a canary. Lambert only needs to be offered immunity if he agrees to finger the big movers and shakers. That would bring Hillary under the guns of the Justice Department. Lambert needs to watch his back. Hillary has killers ready to strike.

2. The Liberal and Deep State thugs do NOT want Trump to succeed at anything. So, here is what no one has mentioned in the articles I have read. Just as Kim is meditating on backing off and talking to the world, Hawaii goes into a nuke panic. This could well be calculated to make Kim embarrassed for talking to South Korea and the USA. He would see the false attack warning as a propaganda move to make him the enemy. Asians do not think the way we do, and our Liberal thug friends have studied Asia well and know how to make trouble.

You read Alex Jones on the process for any alert, which is not one button. How was this done? Answer: Hillary and Obama have very good friends in the Liberal political mob in Hawaii. Even the governor looks guilty. He did not immediately demand a retraction in a few minutes. He made sure they waited 45 minutes to call off the alert so that the total effect of panic could mature into a total crisis and get fully engaged in mainland media. THAT was calculated.

So, President Trump has his work cut out for him. He must soon do something to destroy the warriors of the New World Order and Satan. He also needs to see the Justice Department press forward with indictments and nail Hillary's hide to the shed.

This may turn out for the good of America in the end. Trump is an old hand to playing tricks and doing deals. He may already have given Kim a secret hug and consolation. Let us be optimistic about these things. Wicked people have a way of over playing their hand.

Psalms 57:6 They have prepared a net for my steps; my soul is bowed down: they have digged a pit before me, into the midst whereof they are fallen themselves. Selah.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


This is not click bait.


Since the US has locked down Kazakhstan's banking investments in the US, it is rather obvious that President Trump may decide to lock down Russia's banking deposits in the US, as well as their gold.

This is why you need to read the news from other news sources from other nations. This story is nowhere in the US media, conservative of liberal.

If Trump locks down the Russian assets in the US, Russia's banking credibility in the world will crash. No one will trust Russian investments because they cannot trust the US to keep their hands off of Russian funds.


The US State Department is terrified that Putin's status in the world will grow and prosper in spite of sanctions. Russia has been doing projects in Africa for nations there, and the good will is great. Russia built three dams on the Blue Nile in Ethiopia, and this sort of thing wins good will.

Donald Trump is a loose cannon. That is very clear by now. But, men like John McCain and Lindsey Graham would also love to have a showdown with Russia. And, they would not care if they started a nuclear war. Indeed, I can see McCain finding a way to rob Russia of gold assets in the US.

This is the sort of way that our mindless leaders in the Congress and State Department could persuade Putin to blow off an EMP nuke over the USA. If we grab enough of Russia's toys, they have nothing to lose by trashing the USA and sending us back to 1900. Such a world would leave Russia in number one position.

This is the sort of thing that might be brought up in your weekly church prayer meeting. Ask God to give President Trump a reason to stop slapping Russia. Ezekiel 38 indicates that Russia will be around for a while, but not the USA. Our leaders are so full of themselves, and they have no fear of the rest of the world, that they might do just about anything.

The most disgusting aspect in all of this is that the American public have no ax to grind with Russia. If we end up at war with Russia, it will be because twenty of thirty thugs in Washington decide we need a war.

Friday, January 12, 2018


Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan had one special trait in common..... optimism. Most of you were asleep in history class, or you attended a Liberal school that hated all American Presidents, so you would not know about the optimism of Teddy Roosevelt.

Teddy thought everyone standing in front of him was great in some way or other. When he traveled in the world, especially after he left office as President, he was constantly telling people he met what a great thing they were doing. I am reading his book on his hunting trip to Africa, and he was a tremendous hit there. He told the White Settlers that they reminded him of his ranching friends in Arizona, and by the time he left Kenya he owned them. On his hunting trip, he was always encouraging his porters who carried loads for him. He always shared his lunch, while hunting on the plains, with his gun bearer and sais ( horse groomer). 

Teddy believed America was great, not that he needed to make it great again. Talking about becoming great again implies that America is a disaster zone. That may sell well with those who hate Liberals, but the whole population responds to being told America IS great. Even if it is not true, it still buys a lot of good will.

Ronald Reagan was a great optimist, as was Harry Truman, and it is interesting that Reagan put a bust of Harry Truman in the Oval Office. Is that what Reagan liked about Truman? Truman was the most patriotic Democrat America has ever seen, and he loved America. If Truman were back now, burning the American flag would be a felony.

Eisenhower was also very optimistic about America. He truly loved the American people and liked to be with them. But, beyond America, Ike loved to wander the world, especially after his Presidency, to visit other peoples. He was frequently getting his Secret Service into a panic by walking into the barrios of the world to visit with poor and low income people. He did this in India, and he found a man with no radio antennae above his home. He asked him if he had a radio, and the Indian man said he could not yet afford one. Ike ordered his aids to buy the man a radio at once. India loved Ike like they loved Gandhi.

In the video you heard that the largest crowd in Indian history turned out for the US President. This sure was not because Ike referred to them as a s___hole.

We have not had a real optimist in the White House since Reagan. Presidents, for the last forty years, have been cranky too much of the time. No one in America should be more optimistic than the President. There is a cheer leading factor to the office. "Great again" is a grumpy reference to Obama, ugly as his era was. And, what harm can it do to tell Africa that they are great people? Just enforce the immigration laws, and stop belly aching over their s___. If they come smelling of it, send them back, and welcome the winners.

So, the Tweeter of bile and better herbs has outdone himself. He has reduced all of Africa to a s___hole. I grew up in Africa, and my wife and I worked there as missionaries. No one has seen more s___ in Africa than I have. There are slums that are literally crawling with s___. There is government housing in Kitale, Kenya where nomads have moved in from the deserts and have no concept of picking up trash, and human waste is everywhere. The stench is beyond imagination. My African pastor associate and I held a church service in that community, sitting under a tree smelling s___. Imagine that the next time you sing, "What a Fellowship."

But, in Nairobi today there is a huge middle class, and these are university educated upward mobility young adults. The ladies are stylish and use skin lighteners to try to look chique. There are men in slick business suits driving a Mercedes and walking with long strides to appointments. To reduce all of Africa to s___, according to the world's premier bully, has set the USA back many years in relations with African nations.

And, how does Trump's reference to Haitians help? We are about to learn that the Clinton's used the Haitians to launder money into the Clinton Foundation. Those people must have caught on that they were used by rich American thugs. How does it help to refer to them as a s___hole nation? Could they have people like these in the photo who could make great American citizens?

So, you who are Bible believers, for whom I primarily write, please stop exalting Donald Trump as God's gift to America. He has a mouth full of s___, and, if you cannot figure it out any other way, ask yourself if you want your young children to hear you exalting a s___ talking man.

Colossians 4:6 Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.

Titus 2:7 In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity,
8 Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you.

Psalms 19:14 Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.

Do you have the above Bible standard for you and your family while exalting a potty mouthed President?

I have an S word for you............ SHAME.

Saturday, January 6, 2018


It is time to call Steve Bannon what he is..... a fellow traveler with Marxists.

We have to start this story with Judge Moore and his hidden agenda.


There is no way to exaggerate the blessing of  God that Judge Moore was defeated. His associations with people and organizations financed by George Soros is astounding. This story points up a serious flaw in Trump supporters and Christian fools who blindly support any alleged Conservative who comes along.


Why didn't Fox News vet this creep? I will tell you why..... Fox is as blind as a bat, just like CNN. The only difference is that Fox News has learned that they can sucker Conservatives just as easily as CNN can sucker Liberals.

I hate them all now.

And, Steve Bannon has now shown us what he is made of.


Read all three stories please

The extreme things Bannon said, implying that anyone who did not support Moore would go to Hell, shows that Bannon is a fellow traveler with Moore and his Globalist friends. It is time to call a spade a spade. Bannon has turned out to be a borderline Marxist as far as I am concerned. 

So, now we have to wonder why Trump was so enthralled with Steve Bannon. This also fits with Jared Kushner's registering to vote as "no party." Kushner is clearly not a Conservative. He, and his father in law Trump, surely do appear now to be loose cannons of the worst sort. They are playing you and me for suckers. 

The clique of Trump, Bannon, and Moore is becoming very clear, and we need to stop cheering for Donald Trump. 

There will be no wall. Trump is playing games. Even his immigration policies are fake zeal. I believe he has chosen the issues that charge the far right in the USA, and he has simply pushed all the right buttons. His conviction to make America great again is all hog wash. His mob around him are not patriots or zealots. They are all porch monkeys for Trump and nothing more.

Witness how Trump has done nothing to close Guantanamo, which is a horrible violation of the US Constitution and is nothing but a torture chamber to mete out revenge on terrorists captured. Now, we hear that the Podesta brothers have been shipped to Guantanamo. Wretched as these two are, if it is true, it shows that Trump will burn the Constitution when he wants to, and he shows also that he is a man full of vengeance and rage.

You jerks who defend Guantanamo need to meditate please. When the God hating Left takes their next turn at the White House, what will you think the day YOU are arrested and shipped to Guantanamo for not vaccinating your kids, or for home schooling your kids? So, you defend the torture chambers now. When your turn comes, do not send me email asking me to pray for you. Suffer, and thank God for letting you be water boarded. 

Indeed, I pray for you NOW that you will start THINKING instead of lock stepping with Fox News and the Far Right. The Far Right, if Judge Moore is any example, could very well be owned by George Soros. Remember, Adolph Hitler was a Far Right nationalist, not a Communist or Liberal.

For the record, I am delighted that Doug Jones beat Judge Moore in Alabama.


You just read a re-run of the biography of Adolph Hitler. I suspect Bannon also hates Jews. His glorification of the Roman Catholic Crusades is white hot evil. The Lord never told his Church to massacre anyone who did not believe in Christ. 

Furthermore, any jerk who could not see that someone from inside America brought down the 9/11 towers is a mental midget. Those towers were one of the most masterful demolitions in human history. If Bannon is so smart, why could he not see that? Instead, he used 9/11 to sour his soul with hate for Muslims. And, many Conservative Christians and their pastors cheer as the hate for Muslims is preached.

All of this makes Donald Trump look like either a sleeper sent to destroy America, or he is a very dumb boy. I am coming to think that we got us a far more dangerous man in the White House than Barak Obama. Obama was typical of all far Left Liberals..... lazy and self-indulgent..... not really that dangerous. Trump is busy, very busy, doing the work he was sent to do. And, his choice of friends and helpers needs a lot more attention by the media.

Proverbs 10:23 It is as sport to a fool to do mischief: but a man of understanding hath wisdom.


This skid row bum (use British meaning) is guilty of a very obvious subterfuge trick. He did the book, got thrashed by Trump, and he is now kissing up to Trump anticipating that Trump will be forced to forgive him and restore him to the kingdom.

We caught you, Dirty Steve. President Trump will be a fool if he gives you the time of day. You are not showing remorse for your folly..... you are showing stealth and your attempt to keep close to Trump so you can knife him again. You need to be marginalized for the rest of your life. You will still collect huge royalties, while you hope Trump will give you a pat on the head and toss you a bone.

Proverbs 18:7 A fool's mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.

Steve Bannon: We can only give you the Dead Skunk Award from Balaam's Ass Speaks for you dirty tricks.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Update at the end of the article:

Or, Vice President Bannon?


The distinction with Steve Bannon is that he has a big mouth like Trump, but he has a lot more control over it than Donald Trump has over his own mouth.

Bannon also has a more grass roots heritage. His history is sterling as heroic and upper middle class savvy. He served seven years in the Navy as an officer and at the Pentagon in the Chief of Naval Operations office. He went on to work for Goldman Sachs, which should give some wee small comfort to the establishment. He then worked for the Earth Science Project with Biosphere 2, which should give comfort to Michael Moore and Al Gore. 

He then went on to became an executive producer in the Hollywood film and media industry; he produced 18 films between 1991 and 2016. The next step was to Breitbart where he lead the news agency to be virulently anti-establishment, particularly 'anti-' the permanent political class.

Bannon's personal path was exactly like Ronald Reagan's. He grew up and worked on the left until he left Hollywood. He then saw the light and swung to the far right, having had his epiphany by watching Jimmy Carter bungle and botch most of what he did.

This is a great choice for Donald Trump's voter base. He is the voice of the grumpy right who are fed up with the establishment Republicans and who virtually hate the Left. 

But, how would Bannon do campaigning? His rumpled look might be a plus, but the media will have a great time mocking and lampooning him. Perhaps that would be good. Like Trump, Bannon would be just as happy with bad press as none at all. If he was not getting enough coverage, he might show up to an interview in Bermuda shorts.

Bannon's military experience, and his lack of rich snob image, would be a plus after Trump. Donald Trump has proved to be a wimp in North Korea, and Bannon would very likely put the hammer to NK and Iran. Bannon has a short fuse, but so do Trump's supporters. The big question is, can Bannon be blackmailed or destroyed for his past with women and with Goldman Sachs? It would appear that he is clean, but time will tell.

What we could also see is Bannon as Vice President, but he would not be very happy in second place with nearly no voice in policy and the general battle of politics. I am tempted to call a long shot at Bannon running for President, especially if Trump flames out for some reason. If Bannon is clean after working for Trump's White House, which may not be so, then Bannon has a good chance of courting the alt-right again. His abrasive manner would stand him in good stead in debates, and the masses would rally to a former Navy officer.

The media would mock at his Navy career which was short. He was only a Lieutenant, but than again, Harry Truman was only a Captain, and America's Veterans loved him. The point is, very few candidates in recent years have military experience, and the last President who did was George W. Bush, and before him, Jimmy Carter. Bannon had the same rank as George W Bush. 

Bannon's most virulent enemies would be Jeb Bush and the left wing media. They will have a hay day with his past statements and associations. These statements go as far as to say that a Nazi film maker is his ideal for driving the GOP. In this regard, Bannon is a bit frightening.

Bannon is a Radical Traditionalist, and he has connections with the Right Wing radicals of the Vatican, having spoken at their functions at the Vatican. This means he has no use for Pope Francis, and he hates the Jesuits. He sees Islam as a form of fascism which must be, minimum, controlled, and possibly destroyed. He is an Irish Catholic from a family that supported John Kennedy, and he is philosophically a Kennedy clone. By that, I mean that Kennedy would be a Far Right Republican if he returned today, for John Kennedy had no use or trust in the establishment who finally killed him. This all boils down to this..... the Deep State who wet their pants over Trump's ascendancy would crap their drawers and go into a catatonic fit over Bannon. Bannon would have to hire Black Water to stay alive. MORE ON THIS

Bannon is one of the most potent dressers in Washington. How he dresses is highly symbolic, and he loves to look like the rumpled Harvard intellectual who got fired for attending a radical right wing meeting. He is a Harvard graduate. He is famous for wearing two button down shirts with color combinations that fit the meeting or speech being given. Bannon is a true maverick by the Texas definition. He has never been branded. MORE ON THIS

All of the above means that Bannon would have some trouble courting the Evangelical right. He would have to let Kenneth Copeland and the "spirit filled" mob lay hands on him like they did with Trump and lift him to godhead. This would help the right to forget the Vatican connection. Bannon could also build a Malachi Martin persona as a voice against the filthy side of the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican.

His best friends would be all the extreme right good old boys and war Veterans of America. That worked for Trump, and it might work for Bannon if he could nurse the masses from Trump into his mob. Bannon would, like Trump, find it hard to enlist big guns who would back him. He is even less connected with the establishment than Trump was.

Bannon would also be able to capitalize on the part of the population of America who have been destroyed by socialist enclaves like New York City, Chicago, and California. By the time he appears on the scene, guns will be everywhere as people arm themselves against illegals immigrants who rape and murder.

Watch for the Democrats to find some starlet from Bannon's Hollywood days who claims Bannon groped her. This is the MO of the Democratic Party today. Government by bribery. By 2020 Trump's voter base will be totally grossed out by all the dollies in the pay of Hillary, and they will not believe any story about Bannon and the dames.

Best of all, Bannon looks rumpled and common, like your mouthy uncle who tells racy jokes and makes sense about America and history. If enough Democrats can be iced politically, and if Bannon becomes well known to have helped drain the swamp, he has a good chance to be the next President.

I see Steve Bannon as the Andrew Jackson of the present age- aggressive, smart, and a bad attitude toward the establishment.

Bannon also is the best bet to beat Jared Kushner. Jared clearly has a mind set to climb into the White House, what with his peace talks with Israel and the Palestinians. If Jared happens to cut the deal that finally brings alleged peace in the Middle East, no one will be able to beat him if he runs in 2020. Kushner is registered to vote as having no political party. His past career is just as shabby as Barak Obama's was, but he is a pretty boy.

Steve Bannon would still be a better deal than Jared.

Having said that, I believe Steve Bannon would be very tempted to invoke the Emergency Powers Act and take over part or all of the USA during a crisis. He believes in those who have power using it for the good of the masses. THAT would frighten me. But again, all the alternatives are members and shills of the Deep State and the Establishment who rule America for the Gold, the Girls, and the Glory. I would rather gamble with Bannon. He would see things as black and white morally, and that is long gone from American government.

UPDATE January 3, 2018

What a bomb Steve Bannon dropped in his book Fire and Fury!

Some who read the book will say, "Et u Brute?" But, if you read all of the above commentary, you will see what Bannon is doing. If he wants to pick up the gauntlet, he has to help Trump resign. This book will do that. Trump needs to get clear of the FBI, while counting on a pardon from VP Pence in the event of an impeachment or criminal investigation. 

That will leave the Republican Party with a weak man in Pence for 2020. Like Gerald Ford who pardoned Richard Nixon, pardoning Trump would mean being passed over as the nominee.

This would leave Bannon as the leading contender. If he is not sucked into the funnel cloud gathering all of Trump's friends and family into the storm, Bannon could be seen as the man who belled the cat. Even some Liberal media could be forced to credit him with side lining Trump, thus fulfilling their wishes.

So, Bannon is doing what Vladimir Putin did with Yeltsin in Russia when Yeltsin was flaming out. Can Bannon move up and into first place, and will Trump's supporters see Bannon as doing them a service? 

Fox news may be the key in all of this. If they conclude that Trump is doomed, Fox will start talking about Bannon as a victim of the Trump White House goon squad and Kushner. They will then move on to pass off Bannon as the only honest team member Trump had, and they will imply that Trump made a big mistake in dumping Bannon. This could all be true, and the supporters could easily move in behind Bannon.

It would help a lot of Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones decided that Bannon was the Great White Hope of the Republican Party. Bannon is also mad enough to start a new party and run as an independent. That usually fails, but who thought Trump could pull off his coup? Anything can happen next.


The response of President Trump to Steve Bannon was predictable. Bannon took a swing at Trump, and Trump came back hitting hard. The end of this may come when Bannon runs out of evidence for his claims in his book.

Steve Bannon had to know Trump would slam him violently. So, Bannon either has a second punch ready, or he is indeed insane as Trump claims.

In that case, Bannon will be a puddle of scum soon if he cannot enter the second round swinging. I have to assume that Bannon has something up his sleeve, and it could be very messy soon. What may be coming is some really ugly personal problem Trump has hidden from the world. Bannon is a master at digging for dirt. 

I now feel like Bannon cannot win whatever he does. If he manages to destroy Trump, Trump's supporters will turn in hate on Bannon. The only way Bannon can come out looking good will be to shut up and say nothing more. Bannon cannot possibly do that. He wants blood, and he will keep going for it.

It was predicted that Bannon has a long history of getting revenge on his adversaries. It was predicted also that Bannon would go after Trump eventually. For now, it looks like Bannon made a big mistake. The only way he can keep the discussion under his control is to prove his contentions about the meeting of Trump and the Russians. 

Problem: Bannon was not there. I now believe I wasted a lot of time putting this story all together from the beginning. I now think Bannon is a jerk who thought he could write a book that would make news. The problem is, it may soon look like Fake News, and Bannon may soon be on CNN joining the dogs who bark and rage at Trump. Either that, or he may simply eject back into his editor's big office chair and whimper. Bannon may soon have no friends to console him unless he goes looking for Maxine Waters.

I apologize for wasting you time. 

Indeed, Trump may actually be even better off now with regard to the Russian connection. The media may actually back away from Bannon and consider dropping the Russian story. They will really look bad taking up with Bannon as their poster boy, Bannon who hates them with a passion. Bannon may have done more for Trump in attacking him than he ever did advising him.


This will be my last comment on Steve Bannon for President. I have to admit that I was duped by Bannon into thiking he had something to offer. I never have liked to look at him. He looks like a skid row bum, but so have some other great men.

But, the truth about Bannon is ugly and frightening. This man is a loser who came up into the presence of greatness, and he was on his way to make himself a carbon copy of Adolph Hitler. I have yet to see one fan of Bannon who matters.

Here is Ben Shapiro on Steve Bannon. Ben is very savvy and seems to have a handle on the history of Steve Bannon.

It would appear that Steve Bannon has, in old wartime terms, shot his wad. This happened when the cannoneer in old time warfare would load the powder charge, load the wadding, and forget to load the cannon ball. He would fire the cannon, and all that would happen is a load of wadding would settle over the enemy lines.

The author of Fire and Fury, Michael Wolf, now says that he cannot be sure about many of the "facts" included in the book. This is now being seen as a total admission that the book is "Fake News" by a traitor who once claimed to be a rabid supporter of Donald Trump. The book was indeed cannon wadding.

When the wadding settles, Bannon will indeed to a sad case of a loser who threw away anything he had left to offer the world. I predict that Steve Bannon will do one more thing to make himself famous..... kill himself. Either that, or he will end up hanging out with losers at Liberal universities and press corp events and being delivered back to his home by friends dead drunk. 

We can not be too thankful that Donald Trump knew when to unload Bannon. Bannon might have burned down the Reichstag Building had he been left in the White House. One must wonder if Bannon got a check from the Clinton Foundation or George Soros for $10,000,000 dollars.

Also, before we close the door on this, Breitbart News must now be considered a rubbish source unless the owner fires Bannon.

Because Steve Bannon has made fools of many of us Americans, I have the distinct pleasure in awarding him the first Dead Skunk Award for 2018: