Sunday, April 30, 2017


You could now be sued for not responding to any request made of you by a Muslim in Canada.

This sounds impossible, but the Canadian courts are not populated by justices and judges who have gone stark raving mad, and the Canadian system permits this in the name of Islam, the new state religion of Canada by force of law.


Ecclesiastes 5:8 If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.

Only God can stop the mad Canadians from totally self-destructing, and I get the feeling God has decided to let them finish the job.

I strongly suggest you never set foot in Canada. You could find yourself being arrested for offending a Muslim.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


I apologize for reporting on the moving of a US Aircraft Carrier from mothballs to service off the coast of North Korea. 

I was suckered into this one. By the grace of God, I will not let it happen again if I can help it.


It is time to stop coddling these rabid Muslims who imagine they can force Sharia Law on America. 

The following story ended exactly right. We need more such companies to stop letting Muslims bully them.



This consortium of nations against the USA could spell the end of the USA. If they put up the cash in a currency which would overpower the US dollar, it would all be over for the USA and Europe.

And, this union of nations moves the prophetic ticker on along a ways. So, the time must be short before the coming of Christ for his Church.


If you run a business or service, you may want to refuse service to certain groups who offend moral principles you live by in your personal Christian zeal. There is a lawful way to do this, as follows:

This is a question and answer from online. I have not asked a legal professional to look at this, but it sounds rational. You can define what you will do as a service, or a product you will sell.

“So, Pepi, let’s say a florist were to put up a sign that said, “We will, at our discretion, consider entering contracts to provide flowers for weddings being celebrated at these local churches/synagogues/mosques only…” with a list of the names of those places, all of which adhere to the traditional human understanding that marriage involves a man and a woman. The sign then continues, “We are unable to furnish flowers for any other wedding/marriage ceremonies at this time, including those celebrated at religious venues other than the ones listed, secular venues, or private homes. We do not provide flowers for outdoor weddings under any circumstances at all.”

Can they legally do that? Should they be able to?”

Yes, they legally can do this, just like both Jewish and Christian caterers are legally allowed to say they don’t sell pork pulled sandwiches to anyone.

You can set up the limits of the services you provide in advance, except that

(I) the limits must be equally enforced, neither Christians nor Jews, neither men nor women, neither blacks nor whites, neither gays nor straights, are to be served pulled pork sandwiches

(II) the limits must be on the products of services you provide, not on the customers you serve, at least not with respect to protected categories. You can limit the sandwiches you make (no pulled pork sandwiches) for any reason, including that you, as a devout Muslim, do not handle pork products, or for no reason at all. You cannot limit the customers you receive. “No Irish, Negroes, or dogs allowed in the premises” is no longer legal.

(III) as pointed seventeen hundred times before already, there is a limited number of categories of customers you cannot discriminate against. Religion is the first in that list. You cannot refuse to serve Jews, Muslims, or Christians. Race, sex, national origin, veteran status, and, in some jurisdictions, sexual orientation, and, in even a more reduced number, gender expression (*). Political groups like Nazis or Democrats, or Republicans, can still be discriminated against.

It ain’t that difficult.

(*) And plenty of conservative politicians have spent a lot of political capital recently trying to roll back the extension of these protections to the sexual orientation and gender identity categories. The NC HB2 fight started when the NC legislature decided it would roll back the Charlotte antidiscrimination provisions because it went beyond the federally protected categories. If your goal in life is to make sure people can discriminate against some specific “other” I guess this is a worthy fight.


Another option is to close the store, or cancel service. The explanation could be, "I am sick right now and I must ask you to get your _________ from another source."

You do not have to tell people what makes you sick, but the possibilities must be obvious. 

My own view on this comes from my piano tuning service. I have never had a customer tell me up front that they are gay. I usually figure that out after I have started tuning in their home. At that point, there is no way in my trade to get up and walk out. I would be sued for wrecking their piano. I have actually returned to tune pianos of lesbians, but male sodomites simply don't get an annual call back.

The most deadly home I ever tuned in was that of a very heterosexual animal veterinarian. The home was full of nice expensive appliances, but everything, especially level surfaces, were visibly caked with scum and crud. My fingers literally stuck to the keys as I tried to tune. The lady told me her husband was a trucker and on the road. Then later, as I was tuning, I saw through the window as she gave a customer of hers a long sloppy kiss. She was basically a whore, and her filthy home and life style terrified me.

Sodomites are not always the most deadly risk around. But, it is true that sodomy is associated with dirty living in many cases. Witness the conditions in the Castro District of San Francisco and New Orleans.

One issue that sodomites know very well is that your reputation with your Christian friends is in peril if you go into a home of a sodomite. They get a rush out of knowing that by forcing you to give them service you could be destroyed socially if your friends see you at their home. Sodomites often live to destroy social standards, and they punish anyone who has them.

I went to tune a piano for one fellow who was waiting behind the door when he opened it to let me in. He was dressed in bright pink hot pants, a chartreuse tank top, and red patent leather shoes. He had a huge dog sitting next to him, and this caused me to not turn and flee for fear he might sic the dog on me. As I prepared to tune his piano, which did not need tuning, he sat all prissy and cute on the couch nearby. 

Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out what to do with myself. I finally told him his piano did not need tuning that badly. He then said, "I don't think I am doing anything for you." I told him, "No, Bill, you are not doing anything for me in that outfit." He promptly went in a back room and changed into Levis and a shirt. He then told me he had moved to the Michigan woods to escape from his sodomite obsessions. He had given up a place in a jazz band in a large city to move to the woods.
I decided he was ready for some help, so I asked if I could show him the life changing Gospel in the Bible. He agreed he needed that. I did not convert him from sodomy..... I introduced him to Jesus Christ. I figured that if he was serious, the Holy Spirit knew how to change his life for him. The man had a lady and daughter which were his "beard." 

I told him that I wanted to see him in the second row of our church on Sunday morning with his lady and daughter. I really looked forward to seeing him start living a different life. He never came around the church, and I was troubled by that. I guess I will find out when we all get to Heaven if he was serious in his confession of faith in Christ.

When you deal with a sodomite, giving them the Gospel, leave the topic of any of their particular sins out of it unless they bring that up. See if you can learn to trust the Holy Spirit to do the clean-up work instead of laying your Christian Sharia Law on them.


Friday, April 28, 2017


It is interesting that France does not have extradition arrangements with the USA. 

In any case, Hinn had been investigated by the Feds and cleared in 2011. So, something was discovered since then that caused the Feds to want to play with Hinn's books.

AA Allen of Arizona had two sets of books. One set was in his office for the IRS if they ever came and wanted to audit him. The other set of books was in a Cessna airplane, and he used the state highway nearby as a runway to take off. He had plans to fly to Mexico, a few miles away, if ever raided. Poor Benny did not have such arrangements I fear.

So, Benny Hinn may be paying up some back taxes soon. Or, he may even get a vacation from the courts similar to Kent Hovind. 


Thursday, April 27, 2017



The reasons I believe North Korea will cause an international explosion follow:

1. Kim Jong Un is cornered. He has even found that his allies from the past, China and Russia, have massed troops on the northern border of North Korea. This is because they do not want millions of refugees coming north. Kim is a man with a sick mind, and this makes for a possible suicide attack on the USA. Kim is also physically handicapped from his gluttony, and he has trouble walking. In one parade he was limping. A man with a sick mind and body has great motivation to kill himself by attacking his enemies.

2. President Trump is blowing off at the mouth with threats just a little less than Kim. This is the sign of a man who is not sure of himself. An asymmetric surprise attack is absolutely essential with a nation like North Korea in order to blast away as much of its high end arms as possible, thus preventing an all out war. These are the weapons that Kim could use to attack the USA, South Korea, and Japan. I may not be the best expert on human nature, but my life experience tells me that when a man talks too much about his intentions to be the big kahuna, he is really a timid uncertain bully. That is how I see Donald Trump.

3. The US Military craves war, as do several Congressmen like John McCain and Lindsey Graham. These men do not want a diplomatic solution. They hate President Putin who would make a great ally in a joint effort to take Kim out by stealth. Trump dare not do this because McCain and the Military would turn against him.

4. War drums are beating. We have not had this sort of slow crawl ramp up since WW II. The Vietnam War was started rather suddenly, and the Korean war was similar. The present jabberwocky chatter by both Trump and Kim is the sort of slow build up which forces nations to pull the trigger for maximum impact. This is because egos are out of control. Trump is a man used to getting his way, and so is Kim. They WILL have a shoot out soon. We must also assume that Trump wants Americans to crave war. This is most effectively done by a False Flag event like 9/11. 

5. Japanese and South Korean citizens will suffer horribly if this war blows wide open. Kim can reach them easily. In doing the slow crawl to war, Trump is missing the option of a surprise attack which could save many lives in nearby Asian nations.

6. This North Korean debacle could easily motivate China or Russia, OR BOTH, to launch a surprise nuclear EMP attack on the USA and shut us down for many years. They could claim that Kim did it, and the whole world would have to take their word for it. The UN would be toast, and there would be no forum where anyone could complain.

Donald Trump has been claiming he would make America great again. God may have just about had enough from the small pipsqueaks claiming they will do great things. I am talking about Presidents from Ronald Reagan to the present. Call this the Nebuchadnezzar Effect, in which the feisty little king waltzes up and down talking about the great things he will do. We may yet see Donald Trump out back of the White House grazing on the lawn, or the equivalent thereof.

Isaiah 14:13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:
14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.
15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.
16 They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms;



This man chose Allah. He was a Quran reciter in a mosque, and he was talking to Allah.

Jehovah God stepped in, and the man went to sleep for the last time and woke up in Hell with his soul on fire.

His next word was...................


Oddly enough, AIR is the Indonesian word for Water.

So, the Imam is in Hell screaming for water because he refused to talk to Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Nancy Pelosi needs to go home. We need rational people in Congress in the face of serious decisions that are being made regularly. So, how does the Congress tell one of its members to retire and go home?

Then again, maybe there is a quorum of nut cases in Congress:

They are supposed to be the best we can come up with. I think America needs to try harder.

Monday, April 24, 2017


I have talked about this over and over, and I know some of you do not believe me.

Illegals from Mexico are urgently needed in the US labor market. You and your son will never apply for a job in a cantaloupe field in the San Joaquin Valley. You cannot, or simply refuse to, work in the hot sun. You believe you are a tough hombre, but the truth is, Americans do not care for rough manual labor anymore.

Any farmer or rancher will tell you that it is very hard to find Anglos who will do heavy field labor. In fact, American citizen Hispanics will not do field labor either. They have the same virus as the Anglos. We all want our life to be a bit soft, and working in the hot sun at 115 degrees is asking too much of us.


So, Trump will send all the illegals home to Mexico, and farmers throughout Arizona, Texas, and California will go bankrupt. The farms and ranches which stay alive will raise prices sky high. 

Trump also wants to put a heavy tax on all imports. As much as 60% of your vegetables at the super market come from Mexico. Prices will jump seriously due to this. Every morning in mid winter, 700 to 1000 trucks are parked at the border entrance in Nogales, Arizona. The USDA checks every tenth or twentieth truck and inspects vegetable quality and safety. Mexican vegetables are checked far more rigorously than American produce from California and Florida. The USDA checkpoint leaving California is open one day a month to check on produce quality, and the trucks can find ways around the check point.

So, you will end up eating more expensive, and more poisoned, vegetables if Mexican farmers are also driven bankrupt by import duties.

You thought King Donald would solve all of America's problems, right? Well, we are just getting started, and we are looking at a hit in the pocket book, and, on top of that, nuclear war. His old buddy Putin is now Trump's worst enemy. And the Military is all over the East Coast and California in the air trolling for trouble. They are having a drill right now called Gotham Shield, in which they intend to simulate nuclear war by actually setting off live nuclear bombs over the USA.

How is The Donald doing so far?

Psalms 147:10 He (God) delighteth not in the strength of the horse: he taketh not pleasure in the legs of a man.
11 The LORD taketh pleasure in them that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy.

Donald Trump does not fear God. God, to The Donald, is a great adviser to have on the campaign committee. The people of God, to Trump, are easy to sucker into the matrix of his power structure. That is all God is to Donald Trump.

Back to the discussion of illegal Mexicans:

One rancher near us had a wire mesh fence put up around his property. He found illegals who would do it for him. They charged him 85 cents a foot, and he supplied the materials. I saw the fence, and it is straight as an arrow and still tight seven years later. The American company nearby wanted $3 a foot for the same work. This is why Texans have mixed emotions about the illegal issue. They see the Obama policy as suicidal, but the Trump plan will make life very hard for Texans.

Life will not be the same if we make no way for law abiding Mexicans to come to the USA and work legally for immigrant prices. We used to have a Barcero program in the 1960s, but Caesar Chavez tried to unionize them, and the US Congress killed that program. Mexicans came for several years, got a green card, and they went home and bought a new home in the hills of Chihuahua. 

They still do that, but illegally. Give them a green card, charge them tax like American workers, and let them do what they do so well. Nothing would improve relations with the Mexican Government like a new Barcero program.

I no longer have any hope that Donald Trump will figure out what is good for America. I fully expect his efforts to all backfire one by one. And, the end result may well be civil war if Hillary and her thugs have anything to do with it.

While I have one opinion about Mexican illegals, I do NOT imply that all illegals be treated the same. There is no such thing as "rights" for immigrants in the US Constitution. It is very proper and essential to profile immigrants. Those from Mexico come to the USA with an entirely different motivation than those from Islamic nations, especially nations which produce masses of terrorists. I fully approve of restraining the flow from the Middle East as long as Islam keeps up its hate campaign for the USA.

Friday, April 21, 2017


These power outages today are highly suspicious. The targets are three massive cities, and transportation is a target, that is, NYC subways and LA International Airport.

The obvious question is, who did this, NOT is this coincidental?


Also, Operation Gotham Shield has been going down today over NYC. This is a drill to simulate actual war, including an EMP attack. If the Feds did the power outages, they are a sick joke. An EMP by an enemy would shut down ALL the electric grids in the USA and all technology. There is no way to prepare the public for this. Americans would not submit to the preparedness protocols needed to be ready to go off the grid for up to three years. So, Gotham Shield may be a partial take down of NYC and part of the East Coast to motivate the masses to prepare for the inevitable attack.

I am reminded of Basic Training when I was at Fort Knox in 1968. The last thing we did was crawl across a field  under live fire. The machine guns were arranged so that they did not shoot low enough to actually kill any of us, but the screaming bullets and grenades going off in bunkers was terrifying. This Gotham Shield sounds like live fire, and I do NOT trust the US Military to make sure no one is killed and life will return to normal afterward. What they propose to do has never been done before, and this Military is the one which sprayed its own soldiers with Agent Orange in Vietnam and told them it was not dangerous.

Beware of Cinco de Mayo.


Sure, this outage was caused by burning insulation, it is to laugh.

Three power outages at three key cities, knocking down transportation, is clearly an event caused by someone. Here are the possible culprits:

1. The CIA, Pentagon, or Homeland Security are doing a False Flag to cause Americans to panic and become mentally ready to be herded into crowd control centers.

2. Russia is punishing the US for recent offenses against Russian policy and war making.

3. Kim Jong Un has figured out how to hack the US power grids.

4. Iran- Hacking

5. A rogue entity no one knows who is simply enjoying causing trouble.

The Gotham Shield sounds like the Department of Defense is using Americans as guinea pigs again. If they blunder, the whole East Coast of America could be shut down for months. The power outage today appears to be a dry run for a bigger event. And, pray that they don't shut down a nuclear power plant and cause a core meltdown.

All of this panic preparation by the US Military is too little too late. The Congress and the Pentagon have known an EMP attack was possible for years. But, Congress simply refused to fund preparedness actions. So, there is no protection of the American infrastructure from attack. 

The Military boasts that they have hardened themselves against an EMP attack. When the US Military claims they are ready for anything, they lie. I have seen this from the inside. Also, the US Military may last longer than the rest of the nation, but when their oil, food, and other supplies are exhausted, they will be out of business, and they will simply shut down and walk home. Or, units of the US Military will start warring with each other to get supplies.

Conservatives, especially gullible Christians, will be thinking that their hero Donald Trump would never approve of a False Flag event like 9/11. You need to recall who was involved in past False Flag events..... men like Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and George W. Bush. It is the men who seem the most decent who strangely look the other way as evil men do these historic tricks.

The reason to get ready for this sort of attack is that President Trump is bullying small rogue nations to prove he is a tough man. The point is, miscalculation as to the strength of these rogue nations could result in the USA being shut down for years. People like Kim Jong Un and the leaders of Iran have their backs to the wall, and they have little to lose by launching an act of desperation. 

Prophecy in the Bible has NO place for the USA. I keep telling you, God is going to take America down, either suddenly, or gently. But, we will be destroyed as a world power. The reason is that the US Government and Military are determined to park right square in the way of prophecy fulfillment in the Middle East. And, with our export of sodomite rights and perversion to the world in recent years, God needs no further reason to show mercy on America.

Are you prepared to live without electricity and water and other utilities for up to three years. If not, you will be a victim of the thugs doing these tricks. If you live in a US city, do you have a bug-out destination? Are you prepared to walk out of NYC, or your city, into the countryside and seek help? Do you have anything to contribute to primitive survival other than a Liberal Democrat bad attitude? If you have nothing to add to a survival community, they will turn you away, or worse, kill you. Regardless of how moral and decent you imagine you are, once The End of The World As We Know It hits, you will become a looter and killer to get food and survival needs.

You need a plan, and tomorrow may be too late. 

Understand this morbid fact..... there are survival groups forming whose only plan is to loot and pillage other groups, using mass killings to drive people away from their hideaway. Are you ready to do some serious battle for survival? Water, food, weapons..... that is a start.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Hindus have no compassion. Men abuse their wives and treat them like a sex dildo. Mothers in law rule their son's family and make life a pure Hell for their daughters in law. When a Hindu is injured in a public place, NO ONE will stop and help him. The Hindu logic is that he is working off his karma, and the more he suffers, the better reincarnation he will get after death.

Thus, we look at the practical results of this insanity.

In India, the cow is a sacred animal. There can be no better reincarnation after death than to come back in the next life as a cow. Cows are pampered and fed all sorts of treats on holy days. If a cow was starving, and a child was starving, the Hindu parent would feed the cow first.

At the present time, there is a crisis in India regarding vultures. The vulture population is down 99% in India.

Indians who own cows not only pamper them with food treats, they also medicate their cows to keep them alive as long as possible. It is like having a god of your own to worship. When their cows are in pain or sick, the Indians give them antibiotics, and this is so rampant that the cows of India are saturated with antibiotics.

When the cows die, the Indians let the vultures eat them. There must be some Hindu theological aspect to this, but I could not find that. In any case, the vultures cannot tolerate any antibiotics, and the vultures die from eating the medicated cows.

Vultures, especially in borderline Third World nations like India, are essential to eating animals that die in the wild as well as dead domestic animals. In fact, vultures are protected in the USA for the same reason. They clean up the environment.

So, if a Hindu's grandmother was reincarnated as a cow, and his father was reincarnated as a vulture, the Hindu kills his father by over medicating his grandmother.

This is not politically correct, but it is true.............. Hinduism is a very stupid religion.

Romans 1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I told you so. That does not necessarily feel good, but I don't know anyone else who called this, and it should encourage skeptics to visit here occasionally.

After the attack on the Syrian air base, I told you John McCain would get over his hate for The Donald and kiss the ring. That was exactly what McCain and Lindsey Graham did. Both men had been bold in their blasts against Trump, and both men have been a pain in the posterior to the Republican party over Obamacare.

So, I also predicted Trump would reactivate the Selective Service System again and bring in the draft. This is something John McCain has begged for over many years.


Once the SSS is in operating condition, I predict Trump will reactivate the draft. This will enlarge the US Army, and thousands of young men will join the other services to avoid the Army.

This also tells us that Trump wants more war. He may well be planning to open war on Iran and have a major confrontation with Russia in the process. This again puts the US squarely opposed to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38.

The draft would also reduce unemployment, and this would get Trump re-elected in 2020, that is, only if the war goes on for over four years. Industry would boom as war materials are ramped up, but the cost of war and upkeep of troops would drag down the economy overall. 

And, whichever President it in office when the war and draft are ended would take a massive hit in unemployment and productivity collapse just as Jimmy Carter experienced when the Vietnam war was ended by Richard Nixon. The recession of the 1970s hit an economy in much better condition that our present trembling monster. A recession after a war with Iran could totally collapse the USA worldwide. And, a business man like Trump has NO excuse for letting this happen if he really wants America to be great again.

As with Vietnam, we will lose any war with Iran. As with Vietnam, only an invasion will finish the job in Iran, and the terrain and zeal of the Iranians will make conquest impossible. Russia will make sure Iran makes us pay a deadly price in Iran by keeping them supplied.

I believe Donald Trump is now showing us how he is going to make a fool of himself and do America great harm. I also note that this draft dodger, Trump, is typical of men with no military heritage themselves..... they crave seeing young men get killed in their place, even long after they dodged the draft themselves.

We must also brace ourselves for a False Flag any day. A fake attack on a South Korean target, or a nuke into an aircraft carrier, would be just the thing needed to unite the Republican Party behind Trump. It would also unite the Democrats in a massive war protest similar to the anti-war era of Vietnam. The hate in America would become explosive.

CAVEAT: Bible believing fathers and pastors need to get a Bible based position in place for their sons. If your son has registered for the Selective Service as required, he needs to send a registered letter to the SSS declaring his religious conviction to not kill at the command of other men. This needs to be well thought out and supported by Scripture. If your pastor insists that the men in his church go to war, find another church and pastor at once. The letter must be added to your son's file at the SSS by law. 

This means your son will, during war, be given community work to do for two years in the USA. There no longer is an option to join the US Military and be a non-combatant, so this letter must be in his file if he comes up for consideration BEFORE the draft is reinstated. The letter must be written to the draft board by your son and notarized. He will also need to be able to verbalize his convictions because the draft board will have a hearing where he will be questioned. It will not do to tell them, "My church and family do not approve of war." Your pastor needs to be willing to back your son up at any hearing. But, your son must be personally convinced and able to express it to people.

No Christian young man has any business willingly joining a military where sodomy and fornication are the new normal. I know this is so from Christian young men who joined the Military. It is a moral pig pen. And, no God fearing man has any business killing at random on command. No war since WW II was fought to "keep America free." If the North Koreans were coming up the beaches of California, that might be different. But, these recent era wars have ALL be fought for business and political reasons and had nothing to do with defending the freedom of anyone. 

Furthermore, does your son want to fight another war which we have no intention of winning. Witness half a win in Korea, total defeat by America in Vietnam, and ongoing chaos in the Middle East. The American Military does not know how to win a war anymore. Meanwhile millions of innocent people and children have been slaughtered by the USA in these bush wars. There is blood on the hands of any American man who willingly gave his time to perpetuate these bully wars. That is why so many soldiers come home with their minds wrecked. They have had to violate their conscience and kill innocent people on command.

James 4:17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

Psalms 120:7 I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Evolutionists like Richard Dawkins and Michia Kaku wander the world debating Creationists and blasting faith in a Supreme Being. 

I have a question for these wee timorous scuttlin' beasties......

What is the ethic behind your zeal to attack Creationists? Who made the rule that demands that you rescue us all from our collective dementia? 

You see, you boys don't believe there is a moral agent in charge of the universe. You have no oughts and ought nots, no shoulds and should nots. Why don't you just go play golf or chase whores. There are no Ten Commandments of Evolution. You can do anything, and break any law, and there is no one keeping score.

Oh, I have heard you claim that unbelief and Atheism is fraught with all sorts of ethical and moral obligations. BAH What ethics do baboons have? Where is the moral code by which a cobra lives? Every ethical consideration you come up with is based in moral religious codes like the Ten Commandments given to Moses long ago. You keep OUR moral laws to deceive us into believing your system is uplifting. 

We are not going for this scam, gentlemen. You stop for every stop light for the same reason every Christian does. It is a moral response based on, "Matthew 7:12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets." You do not stop for that light out of a deep sense of moral obligation to your fellow man.

I will tell you boys why you keep chasing us down the road with your evangelistic message of unbelief. You are not sure of yourself, and you need to hear yourself denouncing God and faith in large forums and in front of microphones. As long as there is a mob who will be your disciples, you have the comfort of knowing you are not all alone in your unbelief.

Another question: You do not believe there is an unseen Higher Power out there, but you are obsessed with finding other beings in the cosmos. They must be out there, and certainly they must long to sit down with you geniuses, share a find cigar, and discuss the origins of the species.

So, what if you do find your mythical beings, and they turn out to be highly intelligent weasels? Are you going to go up to the White House, or to Parliament, and agitate to send ambassadors to the weasels? What will you do with these creatures?

What you actually fear the most is that you will turn out to be the blind man in a dark closet searching for a black cat that isn't there.

And, after the day you die, 60% of your scientific friends will still be going to Mass or church services on the next Sunday. And, you will never convince the vast majority of humanity to come along and hate Jesus Christ like you do.

I finally offer you the Anthropic Theory. Your own most potent friends in cosmology have concluded that the chances of finding another universe where the life and biological systems found on earth are duplicated is one to the one hundred and twentieth power. This, if you are honest, is like saying the chances of another earth being out there is zero. And, if it were out there, you pin heads will have to visit an infinite number of universes before you find the other earth out there waiting to be discovered.

You are alone, and infinitely alone. All alone on planet earth, with no neighbors and no God. The irony is, you are not alone. God is present with you all the time, and is he ever mad. He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die for you sins of hate and unbelief, and you refuse the gift of the Gospel and eternal life.

And, you offer your gospel of bitterness and mean spirited arrogance. What a lousy life, and what a wretched end you will have as you die and leave us.

Friday, April 14, 2017


Something strange is going on over Los Angeles involving a U-2 reconnaissance plane. Also, an E6b AC air command post is in the air over LA. 

What are they getting ready for? I have to recall 9/11 when jet fighters were scrambled, flew around in circles, and then the Twin Towers went down.

A false flag event in Southern California could well be planned to justify the nuking of North Korea.

I hope I am wrong, but I need to put this up so that if there is a false flag we the people may expose it and prevent it.

The U-2 is bypassing Edwards Airbase and flying on east over the Mojave Desert. This particular plane has been used by the CIA in the past and is named "The Dragon Lady." As I write, the U-2 is over Barstow and the US Marine depot base nearby. It is flying erratically and has turned back toward the west.

This is being tracked on multiple radio bands by Texas News Studio, and the messages are emergency response communications. Something is happening which is bad, or this may be a practice run in the context of North Korea. If it is a practice, then it shows what someone in high places believes is possible from North Korea, and that is bad news.

Another question would be, is there an danger of attack from North Korea in progress, and the US Air Force is trying to find it? For what it is worth, President Trump is in his Florida home toady with nothings scheduled. That would be the plan if a False Flag or an attack on North Korea were in progress.

I am sorry if this seems like a panic post. I believe that when people on the web gang up and post what they know like this, it may cause the Feds to pull back some evil trick.

As I post, the U-2 is working its way north over the San Joaquin Valley, and the airborne commend plane is doing the same. 

The Pentagon is getting ready to protect the US electrical grid from an EMP attack. This is because North Korea has launched two "weather" satellites which do not transmit any signals. The satellites fly over the USA south to north in permanent orbit. They have been suspected to have EMP nukes on board to take down our grid.

If you have a Faraday arrangement, use it NOW.


Here is a serious discussion with answers:

Who is the enemy?


Mohammed, in his sayings, the Hadith, told Muslims that female circumcision, a
clitoridectomy, is acceptable. He also approved of extreme circumcision of boys. This is barbarian and comes from customs that date back way beyond Mohammed. Some Arab tribes, when circumcising a boy, remove the foreskin, skin his whole penis, and then go right on down his leg removing skin.

The circumcision of girls is insane. It is the practice of removing the clitoris. The purpose of this is to destroy the possibility of a climax during intercourse so that the girl will later have no pleasure in sex. This is because Muslim men view their wives as a sex exercise machine, AND NOTHING MORE. They do not want their wives to think about looking for sex elsewhere.

Sex is owned by men in Islam. Mohammed taught in the Hadith that a woman is a walking sex organ, one big vagina from head to toe. He also taught that Muslim woman are on the verge of losing control and committing adultery all the time. This is why Mohammed required they wear the Hijab or the Burqa covering their whole body.

Muslim girls grow up being taught that they are nothing but sex objects of their husbands. When they later have a baby boy, they will play with his penis trying to stimulate an erection, hoping that by doing this they will raise a mighty sexual giant of a man.

A good Muslim woman is expected to grow up not wanting sexual satisfaction. Her ONLY pleasure is to know that her husband had an ejaculation and she made herself attractive to him. She is to accept her sexless personal experience as noble before Allah.

Along with Mohammed's vile teachings on mutilation of girls, he taught husbands that they MUST beat their wives to keep them from adultery. He also taught that a husband must kill his wife if she gets into adultery. There is NO mercy in Islam for woman.

Mohammed also taught that woman are only half a person. This whole demeaning and degrading of Muslim woman does the opposite of what Mohammed planned. Thus, Muslim men are often totally disillusioned with sex with their half person wife who can show no response in climax. The objective of climaxing together is unknown to Muslim men. This is why so many Muslim men have a sodomite relationship on the side. This is VERY common, especially among the Mullahs.

So, it is no surprise to me, having done the research, that female mutilation has come to America in the Islamic community. The charming lady doctor at the left is a child mutilator, a beast.

This may help some of you diddle heads to realize that Islam is NOT, "a good and peace loving religion," as the demented President George W Bush told us long ago.


Anything which can be legally done to destroy Islam in America should be done at once. You must teach your children that Islam, and the prophet Mohammed, are pagan beasts. If Muslims will not confess faith in Jesus Christ, they should be prevented and resisted fearlessly.

Let it be made very clear..... every Muslim you meet approves of Jihad, and they approve of the mutilation of girls. Every Muslim man you meet thinks he is a mighty sexual champion, and he fully believes that women's sexual pleasure is dangerous and should be restrained. These people behave themselves with you, but given a chance they would force your daughter to be sexually mutilated and then rape her. Sharia Law is the most treacherous legal system on earth.


This is what the demented sex teachings of Mohammed make of Muslim men.

Islamic justice in Pakistan. We may assume that the courts in Pakistan will do nothing to these people. Sharia law is the highest law in that country.

Wife beating claimed to be a "blessing" by Muslim woman

Sick minds of idiots who facilitate Muslim crimes.

Muslim President Barak Obama can now rejoice that his invasion of Libya has resulted in a thriving slave market of Black Africans. It is ironic that a Black Muslim US President has brought Africans back into slavery.

And, according to Mohammed, Allah is delighted to see his followers rape and mutilate people. This is a rancid mongrel god we do not need.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


I am a long standing customer of the International House of Pancakes. I was in their establishment in La Mirada, California regularly during my five years in college. I crammed a four year major into five.

After an evening of bowling or shooting pool, my friends and I would end the night at the local IHOP. In those days they still had German potato pancakes with sour cream or apple sauce on the menu. We guys tipped heavy, and the waitresses saved "mistakes" for us. Life was good.

So, it is with some years of experience that I suggest that IHOP needs to reconsider their policy of controlling every detail of the chain from corporate headquarters. I am talking now about the background music in IHOP.

The boys in the $700 office chairs in Glendale,  California decide what music we get in Texas. They think they know what we like, but they are totally out of touch. Texans are quite tolerant of dumb people as a rule, but when they sit down to eat, and some fluff head comes on wailing like she is in ER trying to pass a kidney stone, that is NOT Texas music.

My wife and I usually go to IHOP in the mid afternoon. This is the hour when the place is least crowded, and it is the hour of the old timers. We do not like to hear this moaning and wailing along with our waffles. Indeed, when I was growing up back in Oklahoma, along the Canadian River, when we had a horse wailing like those singers the IHOP gurus prefer, we shot that horse and put it out of its misery.

Now, I did my research in several local IHOPs, and I learned that there is only one music channel, and the manager has no choice what is played. This music is brought in on the Internet, as I understand it, and there is NO reason IHOP corporate could not send five channels.

Add country music for Texas and Oklahoma, and add Big Band era music. Then, there is '50s era, and you might be surprised at what some of your locations would find if you had Mariachi Mexican music for cities like El Paso and San Antonio. These would be infinitely more popular in Texas and the whole Southwest for that matter.

Now, it is always a good thing to sell an idea to corporate gurus by using their bottom line. What does the whining moaning sexual innuendo music do to many people? It makes them eat in a rush to escape from the place. That may seem clever. McDonalds tried that in the 1980s, along with bright orange, red, and yellow decor. It worked, but it assured them that they lost the old timers. When we eat in a rush, we get a horrible knot in our stomachs.

I notice that IHOP has toned down the decor in recent years. That is smart. It lets people feel like they can eat more leisurely and chat with the people around them. The place becomes a bit of a social club, which makes people want to go back. It also means they eat slower and may hang around for the dessert. So, give these people music to relax to. They will leave more cash in your register when they exit.

You boys in Glendale do not understand your customers as well as you imagine. Get you ever loving posteriors out of California, run the roads of America, and see what your managers would like. They know the local culture far better than you guys do. 

The waitress this afternoon told us her manager had begged for a music alternative, even to corporate gurus, and her manager was told to just deal with it.

Now, having roasted IHOP well done, I hasten to add that local super markets have the same problem. Older customers shop for their list of groceries, and in the background wails a horny dude with an ruptured hernia. The pain can be literally felt by the shoppers. This causes the shopper to hurry up, pass up all those sucker sales the store posts, and rush out the door.

I do not know who makes the choices of background music these days, but they must think they will make all their profit off of millennials and rug rats. The rest of us are grinding our teeth.

There, I have that off my chest.

I must say, I did hear one song that had a real message to it this afternoon in IHOP. It was the following, and if it is true it gives me hope for the present generation. Back in my day, every girl was indeed crazy about a sharp dressed men. 

In recent years, I have seen so many photos of the splendid Hollywood couple making their grand entrance. The starlet is dressed to the nines in an expensive dress, what there is of it, designed by some French queer, and the dude escorting her is dressed in Goodwill dumpster rejects, and he has three days of stubble that needs to be shaved off.

If every girl in America would demand that the guy who comes knocking be sharp dressed again, I would have hope for the future of American culture. No more grungy baseball cap on backwards, nor trousers down around their knees, and no T-shirt with the F word front and back.


I need to go take a nap after watching that drummer.

All the rest of the music at IHOP this afternoon was either vulgar, grim, or painful.

Sunday, April 9, 2017


Thousands of pastors around America chatter about how great this nation is, and they try, with various deceptive tricks, to prove America is mentioned in Bible prophecy. 

America is NOWHERE in Bible prophecy.

America is in the way of fulfilled prophecy, and God will soon diminish America and humble this nation. The arrogance of sexual sin, the exaltation of hate for Christian truth, and the murder of babies in abortion clinics are just three of a long list of wicked sins American leaders and citizens have come to approve of. 

The most stupid recent wickedness, and one very egregious to God, is that America has officially exalted men who claim to be woman, and visa verse.

Add the fact that America is the world's greatest bully in world history, and you can see that God has plenty of reasons to trash the USA.

Here are the observation of my correspondent who has fought several times with the IDF in Israel:

From my correspondent:

To me, it looks like the US has to somehow disappear from the Middle East before Russia and Iran can invade Israel.  The fact that the US isn't mentioned in the Ezekiel 38 scenario would seem to make it imperative that the US go away from the region.  

I think that the Rapture would be the only event with enough power to make that happen.  We have essentially two sides hammering away at us 24/7.  One side says Assad gassed civilians, and the other side says the Syrian rebels did it.  How do you tell from out in Nebraska who is telling the truth?  The Syrian government has aircraft with which to drop chemical weapons.  But some say the rebels captured civilians, gassed them on the ground, then distributed their bodies in built up areas to make it look like the Syrian government gassed them.  

According to the Bible, this is a side show.  The real show is going to be what removes the US from Syria?  Israel knows the attack from Gog and Magog (Russia) is going to come, and they are ready to evacuate their civilians.  This is the only way that God can rain down huge hailstones and burning sulfur on the Russians and Iranians as they pour over Israel's borders with Syria and Lebanon, without killing any Israelis who would naturally be swept up in the path of the invasion.  

So it keeps hitting me that the USA must be forced to go away from the areas where the attack commences.  If this were to be caused by any event other than the Rapture, you would think we'd be able to see this phenomenon taking shape.  Yet no human power whatsoever seems to be anywhere near capable of getting rid of all the power and might of the US.  Plus, Trump is very keenly interested in Israel at this time.  And you can bet that Israel is overjoyed to see Trump hitting Assad with 59 cruise missiles, being assured that more destruction is certain to come. 

How can it be otherwise that we could be looking for anything other than when the Rapture will be?  I'm at a loss to try to guess how many Christians are in the US military in the Middle East, and how many Christians are in the entire US military.  For the Rapture to pave the way for the Ezekiel 38 invasion, the removal of all of the Christians in the US military will have to render America wholly incapable to coming to Israel's aid. 

From a project manager's point of view, what has to happen immediately before Russia and Iran will invade?  It seems to me that the US presence will have to be gone from the region in order for sufficient Russian and Iranian troops and equipment to mass on Israel's borders from inside Syria and Lebanon.  Then when Israel sees the buildup, they will know to evacuate southward as quickly as possible in an orderly fashion.  It is as if Israel's planners know exactly what they will need to do to prepare for how God will respond to the invasion.  The Rapture will surely cause many Israelis to realize that Jesus took his followers out of harm's way.

Right now, the overwhelming use of military force in Syria by America makes it appear certain that the US would act decisively to prevent a ground invasion of Israel by Russia and Iran.  In other words, I don't think we're planning on coming home anytime soon.  We know it would be unacceptable for us to pull out, with Russia and Iran so close to Israel's borders with Syria and Lebanon.  Something huge has to remove us.  When we think about the Rapture taking place at any moment, what moment could be better than this moment?  I think Russia and Iran know that Trump and his people are in no mood to countenance them amassing militarily on Israel's borders.  Yet that is what they must do.  Although it can't be done with us in the picture. 

God doesn't seem to seesaw back and forth when it comes to moving prophetic events forward to fulfillment.  No, it's rather a linear path where all of the characters are in place and taking their deliberate actions.  God puts the hook in Putin's (who else?) jowls, and he has an evil thought to invade Israel, and does so.  Bing Bang Boom.  The Rapture must come soon.

Editor's comments:

There are several other things which could force the USA out of the Middle East.

1. Total economic collapse.

2. Natural disaster of mammoth proportions, such as the total destruction of Southern California by earthquake. Of a Yellowstone volcanic caldera blow. New York City sits on an earthquake fault also.

3. Solar coronal mass ejection which trashes the whole US electric power grid and all electronics.

4. A surprise attack on the US by Russia or some other entity using an EMP nuke, which would do the same thing as 3. above.

5. A hack of several nuclear power plants, upwind from large cities, causing them to melt down and blow up. This could force the evacuation of New York City and other US cities, including Washington DC.

God has plenty of options, and all of our leaders mock at him and dare him to step in and pull the plug on America.

Do you have friends of family who are not born again. After the rapture, or after all communications are trashed, you will not be able to talk to these lost people. Do it NOW while there is time. There are forces in place NOW in other nations which could set back America to 1920 conditions, and you could not see you unsaved friends again for many years.

You are a jack ass if you think America is too big and too powerful to be taken out by God in anything from five seconds to three days.

Saturday, April 8, 2017


Here is a propaganda video being prepared, but someone had the camera on before the "corpses" were ready. This is said to be what happened in Syria when rebels gassed people and then set up a video of proof that Assad's people did it.


"THEY WERE HACKED" is the cry. 

Do you believe that? If so, then the next question is, WHO HACKED THEM?


This happened immediately on the heels of Trumps' illegal war declared against Syria. Civil Defense sirens going off is a highly poignant thing to hack parallel to declaring war.

Russia was slapped in the face in the attack on the air base in Syria. Scuttlebutt is that Trump made a morbid warning to Putin that the air base would be attacked so that Putin could remove his hardware from the base. The result seems to be that Putin warned Assad, and we bombed an abandoned air base.

Nonetheless, Putin has to be enraged over Trump's nasty surprise.

You can count on it.......... there will be more hacks, and sooner of later the hackers will shut down the controls on a nuclear power plant so that it runs away and blows. Or the New York Subways, or Kennedy Airport control tower, could be hacked. America is wide open to hackers to attack our infrastructure. Recent facts about how there is no coordinated preparation for a solar coronal mass ejection implies that there is little of no plan to protect the US infrastructure. This is because politicians see no fame or fortune in preparing for a hacking war.

The other question about the sirens going off is, "Was this actually done by the US Government to hammer Texas for its independent spirit in recent years?" If so, then Trump is again continuing the policy of Obama of hate and rage for Texas.

Any way you look at this event, it is highly suspect and full of portent for Texas and maybe the whole USA. We may be in a full all out war with hackers in Moscow.

Finally, why is the Director of City Management of Dallas a Pakistani? Is he a Muslim? Let us hope he is one of the many Christians who have fled Pakistan in recent years.

For the record, Ivanka Kushner, Trump's daughter and unvetted adviser, convinced Trump to launch the war in Syria.


I told you in the previous blog post below that Donald Trump was courting John McCain in his Syria attack and would get McCain's approval. This is because McCain loves war more than he hates Trump.

This shows that Trump is governing by THE DEAL tactics. 

As a little added kicker, Trump got Lindsey Graham on board also. For this reason you can expect Trump to add more war tricks to his ongoing performance. War will get him united Republicans..... except, that is, for the only Congressman who remembers the war provisions in the Constitution-- Rand Paul.


This story sounds a lot like George W Bush's bogus Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. If Kerry and Obama's people were not lying (admittedly, quite an IF), then the poison gas claim of Trump may well turn out to be a crock.

This is easily possible because Trump is onto the art of lying by now.


Friday, April 7, 2017


President Trump has taken the USA on down the road to trash the US Constitution. How much more of this can go on before this nation implodes in on itself? 

There comes a day in all the empires of world history when the people fell apart as their government went into the ditch. Donald Trump cannot have learned anything about the history of the USA and the world back during his school days. He is clearly a loose cannon and taking America into oblivion.

What Obama tried to do to the Constitution and America out of hate for our democracy, Donald Trump seems to be doing out of sheer stupidity.

Is Rand Paul the only Republican who understands right from wrong. The Pubs roared in rage when Obama did this, but they are now sitting on their hands.

The whole Congress has become a sick joke. The hate between the Liberal Democrats and the Republicans is so intense that they cannot unite and do the right thing anymore. 


What is going on in Israel and the Middle East? 

Look who beat Trump to the punch in Jerusalem.

With Saudi Arabia and the Emirates suddenly sending kisses to Israel, I believe things are taking a sudden rush to prophecy fulfillment. 

But, America is not in Bible prophecy. Is Trump walking into a huge explosion, either politically, or an actual knock out blow to America from someone? Trump has entered a no fly zone prophetically. He could be the one who brings America to total collapse at the hand of God.

This man whom you Christians cheer for, as if he is the very finger of God to bring great days back to America, is showing us his religion now........... and it has nothing to do with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Trump worships at the shrine of.........