Friday, April 21, 2017


These power outages today are highly suspicious. The targets are three massive cities, and transportation is a target, that is, NYC subways and LA International Airport.

The obvious question is, who did this, NOT is this coincidental?


Also, Operation Gotham Shield has been going down today over NYC. This is a drill to simulate actual war, including an EMP attack. If the Feds did the power outages, they are a sick joke. An EMP by an enemy would shut down ALL the electric grids in the USA and all technology. There is no way to prepare the public for this. Americans would not submit to the preparedness protocols needed to be ready to go off the grid for up to three years. So, Gotham Shield may be a partial take down of NYC and part of the East Coast to motivate the masses to prepare for the inevitable attack.

I am reminded of Basic Training when I was at Fort Knox in 1968. The last thing we did was crawl across a field  under live fire. The machine guns were arranged so that they did not shoot low enough to actually kill any of us, but the screaming bullets and grenades going off in bunkers was terrifying. This Gotham Shield sounds like live fire, and I do NOT trust the US Military to make sure no one is killed and life will return to normal afterward. What they propose to do has never been done before, and this Military is the one which sprayed its own soldiers with Agent Orange in Vietnam and told them it was not dangerous.

Beware of Cinco de Mayo.


Sure, this outage was caused by burning insulation, it is to laugh.

Three power outages at three key cities, knocking down transportation, is clearly an event caused by someone. Here are the possible culprits:

1. The CIA, Pentagon, or Homeland Security are doing a False Flag to cause Americans to panic and become mentally ready to be herded into crowd control centers.

2. Russia is punishing the US for recent offenses against Russian policy and war making.

3. Kim Jong Un has figured out how to hack the US power grids.

4. Iran- Hacking

5. A rogue entity no one knows who is simply enjoying causing trouble.

The Gotham Shield sounds like the Department of Defense is using Americans as guinea pigs again. If they blunder, the whole East Coast of America could be shut down for months. The power outage today appears to be a dry run for a bigger event. And, pray that they don't shut down a nuclear power plant and cause a core meltdown.

All of this panic preparation by the US Military is too little too late. The Congress and the Pentagon have known an EMP attack was possible for years. But, Congress simply refused to fund preparedness actions. So, there is no protection of the American infrastructure from attack. 

The Military boasts that they have hardened themselves against an EMP attack. When the US Military claims they are ready for anything, they lie. I have seen this from the inside. Also, the US Military may last longer than the rest of the nation, but when their oil, food, and other supplies are exhausted, they will be out of business, and they will simply shut down and walk home. Or, units of the US Military will start warring with each other to get supplies.

Conservatives, especially gullible Christians, will be thinking that their hero Donald Trump would never approve of a False Flag event like 9/11. You need to recall who was involved in past False Flag events..... men like Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and George W. Bush. It is the men who seem the most decent who strangely look the other way as evil men do these historic tricks.

The reason to get ready for this sort of attack is that President Trump is bullying small rogue nations to prove he is a tough man. The point is, miscalculation as to the strength of these rogue nations could result in the USA being shut down for years. People like Kim Jong Un and the leaders of Iran have their backs to the wall, and they have little to lose by launching an act of desperation. 

Prophecy in the Bible has NO place for the USA. I keep telling you, God is going to take America down, either suddenly, or gently. But, we will be destroyed as a world power. The reason is that the US Government and Military are determined to park right square in the way of prophecy fulfillment in the Middle East. And, with our export of sodomite rights and perversion to the world in recent years, God needs no further reason to show mercy on America.

Are you prepared to live without electricity and water and other utilities for up to three years. If not, you will be a victim of the thugs doing these tricks. If you live in a US city, do you have a bug-out destination? Are you prepared to walk out of NYC, or your city, into the countryside and seek help? Do you have anything to contribute to primitive survival other than a Liberal Democrat bad attitude? If you have nothing to add to a survival community, they will turn you away, or worse, kill you. Regardless of how moral and decent you imagine you are, once The End of The World As We Know It hits, you will become a looter and killer to get food and survival needs.

You need a plan, and tomorrow may be too late. 

Understand this morbid fact..... there are survival groups forming whose only plan is to loot and pillage other groups, using mass killings to drive people away from their hideaway. Are you ready to do some serious battle for survival? Water, food, weapons..... that is a start.