Tuesday, January 16, 2018


We are now under the gun of a rogue outlaw nation. That is NOT Russia or China. Both of those nations have many good reasons to not want war with the USA. The problem though is the principle of "The Mouse that Roared" and Kim Jong Un.


When a mad man like Kim Jong Un builds an empire in a small weak nation, that nation eventually fails and fades unless the mad leader has something the surrounding nations do not have. 

There was a group of islands in the South Pacific long ago which were all at war with one another. That is, except for one island. No one attacked this island because they were the only ones which had the secret to making the poison used by the other islands on their poisoned arrows. For this reason, no one attacked the one island because they all bought the poison from them.

North Korea now has the weapons wanted by Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Sudan, Egypt, Turkey, and a lot of other small nations seeking to dominate bigger nations. Not only does North Korea now have a big gun pointed at the USA which we cannot block, they also have a market for that gun. Don't kid yourself..... that is the principle reason Kim is developing these missiles. Life in NK is said to be improving in some respects. No one predicted this because of the horrible oppression in that nation.

So, Kim needs to keep making bigger and bigger missiles to add to his show room for other nations to buy. The only thing Kim has not done yet is prove that his missiles can do what he claims they can. This means that, sooner of later, Kim must blow an American city off of the map. 

During the US invasion of Iraq under President George W Bush, Saddam Hussein shot missiles against Israel. The US Patriot missiles were used to shoot down the Iraqi missiles, and they worked quite well. At once, Bush had Patriot missiles put on display in US embassies around the world, and thousands were ordered. Kim needs real life proof that his toys work.


Everyone keeps forgetting that mad men leaders are in deed mad. Kim believes in himself and in his power. Like the mouse and the elephant, Kim sees US Presidents cowering before him, terrified to preempt him with an attack on his facilities. Add to this the fact that we cannot stop his missiles, and our early warning system is rubbish. He knows that his first strike will work well. If this were against Washington DC and the alternative command bunker in Nebraska, the USA would be treacherously crippled.

So, to imagine that a mad man will suddenly become reasonable is also madness. Trump has proved to be totally helpless in the face of Kim and his attacks. China is actually trying to help the US deal with the threat of Kim. This is not because China feels vulnerable from Kim. It is because China knows that they will not sell many wing wangs in Wal Mart and the American market place if the US Government is blown off the map. So, China is now trying to help the US survive for its own personal reasons.

The bottom line is this..... North Korea has the gun to the head of Donald Trump, and Trump will not attack North Korea. America is a virtual hostage of North Korea. World history has many such stories, and the citizens of the threatened nation always thought they were still all powerful. Their leaders used propaganda to convince the citizens that they were safe. The recent false alarm in Hawaii underscores the Keystone Cops aspect of US defenses.

What is the moral of this story?

Get yourself ready to survive a nuclear attack, especially if you are in a large city. Kim must convince his potential customers that he can deliver killer hardware. If Kim finds customers for his missiles in other nations and terrorist organizations, he will be able to bring North Korea back to some level of normalcy as regards social and economic order. At that point, Kim will own the USA. The big bully is now whipped, and the media, left, right, and alternate, are unwilling to bell the cat.

Maybe Kim Jong Un will use his missiles to force the world to stop nuclear proliferation. I must admit, this thought is loaded with facetiousness, but who knows...............?

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