Saturday, October 1, 2016


I do not recall, during my 73 years, of a man who won the Presidential race where his party refused to rally for him in the home stretch. The Republican elite have sort of stood up for Trump, but only so they do not look like abject traitors to the party.

So, if the Republican elite do not rally behind Trump real soon, you can BE SURE that they WANT Hillary as President. They have a lot of dirt on her, and they imagine they can blackmail her into compromises on various issues.

True as that may be, they will have a treacherous battle to keep the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution. Other issues will be a loss, and she will keep importing immigrants into the USA from the Middle East and causing ISIS to do acts of terror from coast to coast.

Worse, Hillary will keep nagging world leaders over the glorious faggots she has tried to shove down their throats. She will also make war wherever she feels like it. America will sink on down into oblivion as to diplomacy. The reason the Republicans do not care about this is because they all cut their teeth on Reagan and George W. These men slapped the world around as they pleased, and Republicans believe that Hillary is doing the same thing. She is not! She is waging  personal war for ulterior motives, like the cash flow from gun running.

So, Trump may have figured this out by now, and he may have fallen victim to something we never expected from him..... a weary soul.  Weary, yes, because he is alone among the elite. Big powerful men like to have the top boys gather around and talk tough and sling the bull. And, in a Presidential election that means doing interviews for the press and showing up are rallies and big events and sitting in the front row.

So, America will probably get what they deserve..... Kaine.

Right, Hillary will become a cadaver in waiting soon after the inauguration, and the Lincoln Bedroom will become a hospital where Hillary's doctors and nurses hang out ready to shoot her up into standing position for some dignitary visit. Eventually, she will die or be shunted off to Intensive Care, and Kaine, the resident flaming Marxist, will rule and reign supreme.

May God have mercy on us all. The Republican elite must be held accountable for this treachery.


If this author is right, the key is Megan Kelly, and, in the clutch, Trump is a ruler of women, not a co-conspirator. He cannot resort to a woman to save his destiny, so Megan will not get the call.