Thursday, August 20, 2015


I admit, living in the Hill Country of Texas, some of us men are not as likely to carry a purse as, say, you men in Bothton or San Francithco. 

I really understand though. I can see where a man purse, if filled with all the heavy stuff that would push you over the luggage weight limit, could be very handy. For example, a Colt 45 revolver, and a couple hundred rounds of ammo, could push you right over the kilo limit. 

The problem comes though, when this dude threatens to hit the pilot with his purse. 

"You guyth are being nathty and bad to me, and I have my purthe loaded with flathlight batterieth. I jutht may have to muss up your nith hair with my purthe if you keep perthecuting me."

Alas, the poor dude of Pansyland may find himself in lock up though for exercising his right to queer the world.


Now, this is how to use a purse:

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