Friday, December 22, 2017


Israeli diamond thug, Dan Gertler
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The following video is astounding. President Trump seems to have grabbed a handful of US and International accords and policies to declare war on human rights abuse. It will be interesting to see how Hillary and Obama find a way to damn Trump for championing human rights. Indeed, the whole Democratic machine will choke on this because it is THEIR cause, not the traditional cause of Conservatives.

So, watch the video please:

The Guardian reports that assets have been frozen for many on the list in the video. So, this means the assets were grabbed as Trump was signing the Executive Order in order to beat the parties involved from moving their assets.

I suspect that literally trillions of dollars are right now being funneled into the Vatican Bank where they can be hidden courtesy of the shifty old Pope. The US agents who will enforce this Executive Order will be all over the big international foundations trying to link them all to human rights abuse.

For you who have never lived in the Third World, I can assure you, from my own experience watching this in Africa, that it will be a rare foundation that cannot be linked to the thugs who rape the Third World of its resources and make slaves of its people.

One fellow who actually owns diamond mines in The Congo and Liberia is Pat Robertson, and it should not be hard to find human right abuses in that operation. 

The implication is that President Trump has handed the US based law men the tools to destroy a whole lot of club members of the elite. I also suspect that Trump means for this to at least hurt, if not destroy, George Soros.

So, we shall see if Trump actually takes his guns to town on this one. If he does, he will need a large contingent of Black Water boys to watch his back. The strategy may be very subtle. The Clintons now have a tremendous incentive to kiss up to the king of Trump Towers. They could lose the whole Mother Lode of their foundation to this action. Bill Gates has also been cheeky to Trump, and I expect to see him hanging out in the White House soon reigning blessings and kudos on the king.

Thus, Trump is giving his whole mob of enemies a great opportunity to kiss his ring and plead for mercy, that is, people who have been deeply plotting to either impeach him or kill him. The wringer will be Obama. Is he involved with the human rights Gestapo list of Trump. If so, Obama could find his bank account gone one morning, and the explanation would be that Obama has paid for the abuse of millions of Africans. 

Can you see what a monster Trump has turned loose? We may also learn that members of the US House and Senate have been financially linked to the people standing on the bull's eye. That would result in more sudden resignations as they try to cut a deal with Trump by abandoning the Swamp.

Did you think Trump was in the Oval Office bumping his head against the walls for the last year? I personally believe he has been working up to this point all along, and he needed to be attacked by the Clintons, Gates, and Obama, along with a lot of other thugs, so that this action would be seen as karma by all people who watch rationally. 

The ones who will scream in pain the worst are the mainline media. They will be forced to actually cover this story as it plays out. Also, this action comes as there is talk of the Republicans losing the House and Senate. Trump may have torpedoed the Good Ship Lollypop this time.

Last Thought: President Trump has played his trump card just as the United Nations has attacked him for calling Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Could it be that there are dozens of UN agencies which are involved with the list of thugs Trump is about to destroy? Could Trump be setting up the UN for world shame so that he has an excuse to shut the UN down in New York and force the UN to move to Europe? That would sure play well to his voting base. It would also put the UN in a more prophetically correct position.

DECEMBER 23, 2017


The Clintons and Obama and in the cross hairs to have the assets seized for illegal deals with a foreign entity and misappropriation of state assets. This implies the Uranium Deal of Hillary and Obama. This is the second half of the article linked to.


The CIA is implicated in the holocaust in the Congo. Trump may be gunning for key players in the CIA.

It would be delightful if Hillary and Obama were outed as the Capos of the pedo ring worldwide.

It is true that Trump has issued one of the most historic "WANTED" orders ever seen in the USA.

Gertler will soon find an assassin to take Trump out. Pray that America does not have to experience this and that Gertler ends up in prison.

December 26, 2017


On Friday, Google's Eric Schmidt resigned as the executive chairman of Google’s parent company, Alphabet– within 24 hours of an executive order Trump signed on Thursday related to confiscating the assets of people involved in human rights abuses and/or corruption.

But more important is the connection of Schmidt to Clinton Corruption as some news organizations have revealed. The Financial Times, for example, uncovered that the Treasury annex identified 13 people who it deemed are “serious human rights abusers and corrupt actors,” including the former president of Gambia and a Myanmar general. The U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control named 39 people who the U.S. government sanctioned and whose assets are subject to government confiscation.

It’s no secret that Schmidt loaned the Google jet in 2008 to Clinton’s presidential campaign staff. And as Wikileaks made clear from the leaked John Podesta emails, Schmidt wanted to be Hillary Clinton’s “head outside advisor.” Podesta made clear that Schmidt wanted to give Clinton’s campaign Google’s powerful micro-targeting data to use for “get out the vote” and fundraising efforts. The plane, donations, and acting as a head advisor might be fine if all of this wasn’t linked to sex-trafficking and pedophilia.

Despite the mainstream media cover-up, the investigative journalist, William Craddick, revealed the Clintons’ connection to the international pedophilia sex trade. Their involvement with Laura Silsby, who was arrested and convicted for criminal child trafficking, is fascinating. Why did Bill Clinton intervene to have her sentence reduced? Silsby was caught attempting to smuggle out of Haiti 33 undocumented children.
What role, if any, did Schmidt play in Clinton’s pay for play activities? Have his assets been frozen? More to come, however, if QAnon’s inclination continues to be as accurate as it has been in the past, news about Schmidt and Google is just beginning.
Read more:

The CIA has been implicated in the diamond deals in the Congo which were based on virtual slave labor of Congolese citizens. For this reason, the Treasury Department could theoretically lock down the assets of the CIA. While that will be very unlikely, it will give Trump the power to force former Obama clones to resign from the CIA willingly, yea, eagerly.

Will Trump attack the Chechnyan Government for its policy on gays? The State Department complained to Putin about their ally's treatment of gays. What a laugh. Putin has basically the same philosophy. The point it, there are still people on this planet who follow the Law of Moses in a lot more detail then we do in the US and Europe.

What about Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama?
Both of these people have been up to their nostrils in dealings with entities violating human rights, particularly in human slavery and pedophilia.

Will the new Executive Order find Hillary and Obama? The answer depends on whether or not Donald Trump is trying to become the Capo of the Deep Government, or does he really intend to drain the swamp? Here is how to tell the difference.

When the Capo of the underworld and Mafia wants to take power over a competitor Capo he does not attack him personally. He snuffs the inner ring of the Capo's lieutenants. This isolates the targeted Capo from his downline command, thus collapsing his empire. Anyone from the downline who tries to move up to restore the Capo's power structure is at once snuffed also. The message is clear to the offending Capo, "Back off, or I will snuff you too." 

The inner ring we are talking about is Podesta, Huma, and the rest of the inner ring of Hillary. If Trump is playing for control of criminal world government, the Treasury Department will take out Podesta and that level of Hillary's down line.

Thus, if Trump really intends to drain the swamp and not become the Capo of the Deep Government, he will take down Hillary herself. And, he will take down Obama. The Clinton Foundation will be locked down, and Hillary may well have to flee the country. The same applies to the Capo Obama. Trump will tell us if he is sincere if he locks down Hillary and Obama's accounts and shuts off their cash flow from George Soros. The same will apply to the Capo Bill Gates.

If we see Hillary, Obama, and Gates sniveling up to Trump, indeed, showing up at the White House for "talks," we know that Trump has no intention of draining the swamp, and he is a cheap sleaze bag. Trump will then have nice words for Hillary, Obama, and Gates rewarding them for passing on their power to him. Trump now has to put up or shut up. There is no way to walk this back if America holds his feet to the fire on this.

This applies to a Presidential pardon for Hillary and Obama also. That would prove that Trump is the new Capo of the Deep Government. We are about to learn what Donald Trump really is made of.

December 27, 2017

This whole story seems to be turning out to be a take down of the Deep State by President Trump. He is using NSA to help him, and we must assume the CIA is helping the Deep State, trying to defend and promote Hillary Clinton and Obama. The following video deals with this. It is a bit confusing, but you can learn enough to tell that the Human Rights aspect of the Executive Order is only the justification to do track down the Deep State players and lock them up.


The only question I have is this: Is Trump trying to destroy the Deep State, or is he trying to become the Capo of the Deep State. The answer to that question makes infinitely huge ramifications as to how all of this process will affect Americans.

Links at the above video YouTube site will be confusing because they show that something big has been developing, so the discussions are very hard to digest.

HERE IS A SITE MOCKING AT THE DEEP STATE discussion. It was posted on December 19, and the Human Rights Executive Order was signed a couple days later by Trump. The Executive Order seems to validate the conspiracy notion that Trump is trying to take out the Deep State by stealth. So, the "Q" source seems to be holding up some credibility. 

What seems to become clear as time passes is that Donald Trump is a lot smarter than we thought, and that he has a team of helpers trying to destroy the Deep State. If this is true, we can only be thankful. I personally believe that Trump is also soliciting the help of Black Water, whose leader has been close to Trump in the past. Their job would be to keep Trump alive through all of this. HERE IS WHY I SAY THIS.

December 30, 2017

The Washington Post does an article in which it totally fails to mention President Trump's Executive Order naming Dan Gertler as a contributor to slave labor in the Congo and his corrupt dealing with the Congolese Government. 

This is a classic example of Fake News by the WaPo. By the end of the article, WaPo nearly makes a hero of Dan Gertler, portraying him as a man who rescued the Congo. The truth is, Gertler rescued President Kabile of the Congo, and Kabile did deals with Gertler which vastly enriched Kabile and handed the Congolese mining industry to Dan Gertler. Kabile, ever since the deal, has been massacring millions of Congolese. The present number in the holocaust is 5 million. Many thousands have also been forced into slave labor in Gertler's mines. WaPo sees no evil in all of this, and all the world knows about it.

We must assume that Gertler has some fellow Jewish contact or family member working at the Washington Post. Or, he may have slipped the Post editor a couple of million to write this article.

This hate for President Trump is now resulting in the total obliteration of believable journalism.