Tuesday, December 26, 2017


President Trump tells us he wants to make America great again.

Here is what America did to help the world powers destroy Angola in Africa:

President Trump's new Executive Order to lock down the funds of people causing human rights to be destroyed around the world will go a long ways to help stop this problem. But, only when the US Government passes laws regulating corporations so that they are punished for intentionally wrecking Third World nations will any real change happen.

Then again, China, Russia, and Europe will have to join in and restrain their corporations from doing the same thing.

So, there is no hope. Stop whining about the evil governments of the world. This is the End Times, and things will only get worse. However, it is good to expose these corporations on the Internet. They might decide the negative publicity is bad and make some changes.

The next time you see a BP or Shell Oil ad online telling you how lovingly they help the downtrodden of the world, think about Angola. American corporations are a habitation of money greedy demon possessed dogs. There are NONE that do good, no not one.

And, for the record, I do not believe for a minute that Donald Trump really cares about the poverty in the world caused by American corporations. He has been part of the problem for too long to change now.