Monday, April 9, 2018


The media, including some alternative sources, are wringing their hands and prophesying disaster for the USA because of President Trump's tariff and trade policies with China.

These sources are almost all making assumptions about China which are insane. China is really boxed in by Wal Mart and BRICS. How so?

Wal Mart, and all the other big box stores in the USA, are China's biggest foreign export markets. If China adds more tariffs to American exports to China, Trump can double down and put tariffs on every toaster and broom in Wal Mart. This would be highly destructive to China. So, forget about China doing a lot more tariffs on US exports to China.

And, these news sources tell us about China selling off their Treasury Paper. This would definitely hurt the US because it would devalue any attraction left to other nations to buy our debt. But (You are still free to use you brain in America), those Treasury Paper notes are the most powerful weapon China has against the US. If they dump them, it would be like destroying all their nukes. The weapon would be gone, and Trump might even forbid the US Treasury to ever again sell debt notes to China, thus blocking China from playing that game in the future. China will not sell off US Treasury Paper. They may sell a portion, hoping Trump will panic, but this business man has stared down many powerful adversaries in his career. He will play an Ace from between his knees.

Now, the news sources also tell us China will devalue their currency, the Yuan. Not a chance. China is desperate to be the world's reserve currency. If they devalue the Yuan, the world, especially BRICS, will see China as in trouble with its currency, and they will be terrified to hold Yuan in their national portfolios, let alone trade in Yuan. It would be the same effect as if the US devalued the dollar.

So, what is China doing? They are waving their weapons in the air and sending an aircraft carrier to the South China Sea and talking about starting shooting. When Communist Block nations start talking about starting a real war and shooting at us we know they have lost face in some area. China is looking very foolish.


Answer: The whole world knows China is dumping in order to destroy US industry. China is subsidizing their industries in order for the companies to greatly under price against US commerce, and even against world manufacturers. China also pays their workers like slaves. The world has seen the stories, and China is now having to eat their surplus of junk they have under priced. China is the world's most treacherous "loss leader" nation. So, China has lost face with the whole world as Trump has put the hammer to them.

Prediction: Xi will soon come to Trump with his hat in his hand begging for mercy. Trump will throw the dog a bone and let him save face with a small tariff decrease. Trump will also make a clear threat that if China does not back off on their dumping, he will put the tariffs right back.

Xi will end up bowing to Trump as Chinese industry takes a dive because of these tariffs for one simple reason. Xi has just convinced the Chinese leaders to make him dictator for life, and an economic war lost right now would give them second thoughts.

And, that is how I see it on April 9, 2018. We all have issues with Trump in certain areas, but this China trick is working just fine for Trump. And, it is good for America. It is a very big farce to see the Liberal media complaining about a decision which has put thousands of Americans back to work and brought US companies back home. This shows the mindless hate in the Liberal press. They would rather have to step over the homeless every day than see Trump win a round.