Monday, April 16, 2018


The day of the Men's Club has met its match. For hundreds or thousands of years, men have had their gathering points. While the men were sitting on the porch off the general store in Briartown, Oklahoma, the ladies were on the party line phone trading gossip. 

Woman have always had their gathering point, such as the Women's Missionary Society of the local church. But, things have taken an interesting turn. A Finnish lady has bought an island, and it is females only. 


Speaking for, I suspect, about 98% of all males, I say, "Have fun, ladies." If you need to get onto an island far away and feel like you are liberated from men, so be it. But, I call you back to reality in any case, for...............

1. You would not be here if it were not for a man who impregnated your mother.

2. Men do the heavy work in your world.

3. You all get tired of your cur dog boy friends or husbands sooner or later and go looking for a well dressed Type A man.

4. Men fight your wars for you, and men either enforce your law or back up some lady cop who does.

5. Men open doors for you, even when you get snot nosed and decline that courtesy.

6. For the record, any man who does not treat you like a lady, in spite of your nasty attitude, is a slob. Very few of us men commend that behavior. Shocking, is it not?

You can bellyache all you want about the bondage of living in a world where men participate in your life, but you are stuck with us. The sooner you pack up the hate and get used to living with men, the sooner you will be a happy camper.

As to you men, laugh at them. Mock them. When they claim they need to escape from men, tell them to see if they can totally get lost while they are at it. A man will fly the helicopter which comes to rescue them. 

I have one last question for Kristina Roth, founder of the nanny island. Did any men help renovate and build anything on your island?

I must add a historic footnote. Ghettos are not places where people are forced to live. The first ghetto was invented by the Jews. The photo at the right is the entrance to the Jewish ghetto in Krakow.

In some European cities, hundreds of years ago, orthodox Jews wanted to live in an all Jewish community so they could feel pure and free of Gentile contamination. They therefore ran a wall, or even a rope, from building to lamp post all the way around their section of the city, and they made sure no Gentile could buy a home inside that walled off zone. This was even done in the USA in the city of Philadelphia using a long piece of wire.

The result was historic. The Gentiles decided they liked it that way. Those who were antisemitic liked it that the Jews were out of their neighborhoods. The end result was that Jews were treated worse when they ventured outside of their personal ghetto.

The moral from history tells me that women will not be treated better because they ghettoize themselves. They will be treated worse. Men, the sort who already have bitterness toward women, will try to drive women back into their self-made ghetto when they venture into a man's world. Blacks in America can tell you how this works.

I rest me case.