Monday, August 17, 2020


In the USA people have the freedom to do dumb things. If every dumb thing had to be regulated, there would be millions of laws, and the whole tax base of the USA would go to enforcing those regulations.

I have a step ladder which has a warning label on it telling me to not stand on the top of the ladder. Now, that would terrify me in any case, but why do I need a warning label for that? There are some dumb things that people should be allowed to do and take themselves out of the gene pool. Extreme dumbness should not be inherited by another generation.

Is holding Sunday worship services, during an epidemic, an activity that the government needs to regulate?

Answer: NO


People know the consequences, they know they could get sick, and they know that about .02% of them will die as a result of their choice. The odds of crossing the street are infinitely worse.

This is not about protecting the masses from one another. The state of California is letting protesters mob up without masks and social distancing, indeed, the Liberal sodomite state legislature loves the protesters. So, they give them a pass.

This attack on Grace Community Church is based in hate for God and Christians. You see, these sodomites cannot poke God in the eye, so they have to go after a surrogate victim, and that is God's people.

For the record, Los Angeles County has had one in every 2000 of its population die of Covid. That is not a statistic that justifies taking people's choice to worship away from them. That is the same rate of drunk drivers at any time on our highways in the USA. We need to outlaw driving cars.

There is in America a growing hate for God and his people. This is because the last place where the message of righteousness is being heard is from some church pulpits. Sin is protected and encouraged in America, so the sinners want to do harm to the message and the messenger. 

I have a feeling that Pastor John MacArthur will end up sitting in jail before this is over. Nothing will give the godless officials of Californication more delight than to put MacArthur away for 90 days. They will then probably take possession of the church facility and auction it off.

This is a show down, and the rest of America better pay close attention to see what is coming our way later. I have no doubt that as many as 35 of the states in the USA would love to put pastors in prison.

I have no argument with churches who decide to stop meeting. If they make that choice, again, it is their choice, and they will answer to God for it. I have no idea exactly how God feels about it, so the end of that choice is none of my business.

When this epidemic is all over, it may well be that a whole new set of laws will be in place controlling churches and the practice of religious beliefs. That is how Satan works through demented public officials who hate God.

I can accurately predict what will happen if the city manages to put MacArthur in prison. This is based on what I have seen happen in Africa when a Marxist government attacked Christians. 

Grace Community Church will grow out of control as people flock to support them and to be part of their story. This would happen if the church were Roman Catholic instead of Fundamental Christian. When churches, even heretical churches, in history were attacked by Caesar, those churches grew. The church in Ethiopia, during the 1974 Marxist coup, was attacked by the new government. The church grew wildly, and the government could not stop it. So, the Marxists claimed that the churches in Ethiopia were growing because they had new freedoms under Marxism. 

If you take a stand for Christ and the Christian truth, never back down. The wicked will eventually panic and run for cover. They cannot resist the zeal of true Bible believers. Then again, God can even the score in his own way. That has happened before many times.

2 Peter 2:9 The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished:

May God avenge his people as he did in the days of King David in the Bible.