Thursday, November 23, 2017


My source who is a US History instructor checked on with a very troubling observation:
Do you remember the famous line from Rahm Emanuel that Democrats should not let any crisis go to waste?

It looks to me like the Dems, using Emanuel's admonition, are planning to take advantage of the sexual harassment / assault scandal that has swept the nation. It seems to me that they are intentionally whipping up this crisis into a massive frenzy that will lead to a major media demand for Trump's resignation or impeachment.

The Dems have been faced with one powerful ally after another being brought down by sexual harassment assault claims, made by liberal women in the entertainment industry, media, and most damaging, women on their own Democratic politician's staffs. As more and more powerful men are brought down, they will tie the behavior of their disgraced allies to Trump.

Powerful female Dems are now turning on Bill Clinton. They are now claiming that he should have resigned when his sexual harassment / assault / rape claims hit the fan. They will take the position that Bill should have resigned so Trump needs to resign or face impeachment.

After the very powerful and wealthy Harvey Weinstein was brought down, they accused Trump of the same sexual harassment / assault behavior. They have embellished the NBC video tape, then they use it as evidence that Trump has sexual harassed or assaulted dozens and dozens of women, just like Harvey Weinstein did.

The last piece of their effort to set Trump up for impeachment is to drive a powerful elected official from office. That will be difficult. Perhaps Al Franken will be the target of these Democrats?

I think the Dem's ultimate goal is to impeach Trump after they take back the House in the 2018 elections. Like Clinton, the Senate will not convict, but the Dems will get their vengeance for Clinton's impeachment. Nationally Democratic Party candidates will run on an "Impeach Trump" platform. They have a powerful majority of the media to make their case.
I just read that 61% of Americans believe that Trump should be impeached if he's guilty of sexual harassment. The source was a major poll but there's no way to tell if their poll questions were leading.
This is consistent with the Dems plan to impeach Trump if they take the House back next year.
Our nation is in trouble.
This analysis is highly believable. The Democrats are in the ongoing process of being exposed in a conspiracy of fraud against President Trump with the infamous Russian dossier. It seems to me that, whether by design of coincidence, a whole mob of politicians and media moguls are being outed for sex crimes by Liberal women, as noted above. The distraction of the ladies' stampede to destroy men is deflecting attention from the criminal tricks of the Democrats, Obama, and Hillary.

I also noted in a previous post below that the men now being outed for sexual harassment are using the pronoun "we" and "us" when talking about the need for men to control their lusts with women. This is a monstrous joke, but it could well be an attempt to drag Trump into the "we." Powerful men are, and have always been, the worst predators, and there will always be a flock of whores in waiting to offer their services, wanted of unwanted. If the "we" stunt works, Trump will be assumed into the gang of offenders by the media.

This sex storm, with male victims on the front page of mainline media in the tradition of the National Enquirer, along with the "we" principle, will drag Trump into the "we" sooner of later. His comment off mic of grabbing them by the p____y will complicate matters for Trump.

The issue will then be, is sexual activity really enough of a reason to impeach a President? Bill Clinton's treatment will be cited, as if that event was Constitutional. The fact is, crime is in the mind of the sick politician when impeachment is in question. The US Constitution does not list offenses specifically for which a President may be impeached, and even the case of Clinton is suspect. The House may have been clear out of their lawful place to impeach Clinton.

The obvious objective will be to wear Trump down until he gets fed up and resigns. All that will be needed to turn the whole nation against Trump will be a Stock Market crash. This may well be arranged with the help of George Soros and other rich adversaries of Trump. Europe will gladly give a lending hand as well.

The only thing that may stop this would be for Trump to purge the upper levels of the government of Obama appointments, and Trump will have to convince the Justice Department to issue a warrant for the arrest of Hillary and Obama for conspiracy to commit fraud against Bernie and Trump during the election. If Hillary could be panicked to the point of fleeing the country, it would all be over.

Is this possible? Yes. She will not be able to play with her Foundation cash pile if she is in prison or house arrest. Indeed, the Foundation could be dissolved by the IRS and the funds farmed out to worthy non-profits, which is the way a criminally funded non-profit is disposed of. The only way for Hillary to end her life "in the counting house, counting out her money," would be to move her Foundation and herself to a nation willing to put up with her. But, she must react before an indictment is handed down to save the fund.

One other possibility would be if Hillary could be co-oped into Trump's realm of influence with a blanket pardon. The only problem is, Hillary may not have the clout to reign in the rest of the Democrats by now. Loyalty to her is already eroding. Also, Trump may have an ace up his sleeve and does not need to cut a deal with Hillary.

One thing is certain..... never in American history have so many people been so utterly wretched, and the ugly part is we all seem to have to hear about it.

Another moment we have to deal with is the extreme booms all over the world. The mainline media is avoiding it, but it is real. I personally suspect that the polar shift is involved and the magnetosphere is causing the earth to crack its knuckles.

It may also be that Trump will find real relief from his troubles by a natural event that is totally distracting. Also, the financial balloon may bust and give Trump the ultimate distraction.