Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Something will destroy the American hegemony over the world soon. The US Military now has troops stationed in 150 nations, and that is not including embassy and diplomatic staff. America is the greatest world class bully of modern World History. God must change this soon.

Why am I so bold about what God must do? 

Answer; The USA is now smack in the middle of the Middle East, and we are throwing our weight around, especially with Russia and Iran. (More on this here) God has plans for Russia (Gog and Magog) and Iran, in which they will come down ostensibly to rescue Israel, and then double cross Israel and try to conquer Israel (Ezekiel 38). If that process started now, the US Military would step in the middle and prevent it. God WANTS this to happen, and he MUST destroy the USA so that our large mouthed President and Congress have to pull in their horns in the world and go home.


There are natural issues that could be called on my God, such as, the New Madrid fault zone which is due to explode with a 9 point earthquake. California could do the same and is predicted to do so soon. The Yellowstone volcanic caldera could blow wiping out most of US agriculture and plunging the US into famine. The Ogalala aquifer could dry up, making agriculture in middle America impossible and sending us back to prairie days rather than farming. Leafy Spurge is an Asian weed that has been taking over the upper middle of the USA so that thousands of acres of cattle land in North and South Dakota are being abandoned to this weed. It cannot be sprayed because it takes deadly weed killers which also contaminate pastures and farm land. God may have sent a simple weed to destroy all of the agriculture in the USA. 


It is also quite possible for the USA to experience horrendous epidemics. The collapse of the American culture is being accompanied by filth everywhere. America is becoming a dirty nation, especially in our cities, and the influx of immigrants has exacerbated this greatly. With filth comes plagues. Many recent immigrants are filthy primitives because they come from nations where sanitation is nonexistent. Add to this the great increase in air travel by Americans to the Third World, and visa versa, as world commerce booms along with falling prices in air fares. This provides for killer diseases to spread around the world  in hours.

But, God has allowed America to also play the fool with the cash drawer.

All that is needed to totally destroy the USA would be a combination of natural crises with an economic tsunami. We now have the economic tsunami approaching that historically has destroyed many nations before us. 

When a tsunami is coming, there is a warning. The tide goes out much farther than normal, sucking all the water away from the shoreline. Then, the tsunami arrives. There are many videos online showing the sucking out of the tide and stupid people wandering far out on the sea floor to see what is happening. They end up drowning because they were too stupid to read the signs.

The USA is now watching the tide go out, far beyond what makes common sense. Politicians and media talking heads keep up the chatter about good times coming. This tide going out is the stock market boom and the seeming golden age of online shopping and commerce. The most urgent issue is when the next I-phone will be released. As people shop on Amazon, retail chains are very close to bankruptcy. The present stock market boom is identical to the run up to the stock market crash of 1929 and the mortgage crash of 2008. But today, the personal debt levels and national debt dwarf those past crashes exponentially. This makes it certain that there will be no cushion in the economy to soften the blow.

There is no fix.

To run the national debt on up will trigger panic worldwide in the viability of the US economy, and no one out there in the world will buy our debt. Indeed, US debt holders will cash in their paper and demand payment in other currencies. Or, they will auction off their debt paper at discount prices which will tell the world the USA is toast. Without the suckers in other nations to buy our debt, raising the national debt can only be done by printing more money, which is exactly what the Weimer Republic did just before the German Mark collapsed and they entered the Great Depression. 

In the photo you see German inflation stamps which were overprinted as the Mark collapsed. The 200 Mark stamp was made into 2 million Marks, and then they printed 200 million Mark stamps. This will be the only way America will be able to survive a collapse of the US economy. One day soon, it may cost $100,000 to send a letter to grandma. Is this possibly the first time you have actually understood what a dollar collapse looks like?


Either get all the way into debt, or get all the way out of debt. When a financial crisis hits, as in 1929, the banks take the half you are not in debt to pay off the half you are in debt, and you get to move into a tent city. It does not matter how rich you are, half and half is suicide.

If you are 100% in debt, you have nothing the banks can take by which to recoup their losses. You ironically become an asset to the bank. Their only alternative is to rewrite your debt for lower payments in the hope that they make at least part of the loan back. But, this is a serious gamble. If the crash is serious enough, your debt will be sold off at a huge discount to some other financial institution, probably in China, and they will make a profit by simply foreclosing on you or repossessing your whole world.

The best plan is to be 100% out of debt. Do whatever you have to do to pull this off. Sell your home, and use the equity to buy and RV combination outright. You can live in the RV you own, and all you have to do is make arrangements to hook up to lights and water and probably pay for a parking space. You may find someone willing to let you park for free if you pay for the utility connections. You can also buy a double wide with your equity and a parcel to set it on, but, ONLY if you are free and clear of debt when it is all over.

I don't care how wealthy you FEEL in your middle class security. If you are deeply in debt for a home, vehicle, and a load of toys to fill the home, you are NOT rich. You are walking out into the ocean as the tide recedes, blandly happy to see the good times roll. The tsunami will hit, and your debt will destroy you because your cash flow will die, and your dollar will devalue.

Preparedness is a good idea, but if you are deep into debt, you will have no place to store you preparedness supplies and equipment if your house is foreclosed. You will be standing on the street, with your pile of Top Ramen, wondering where to go.

Don't tell me you cannot get out of debt. Push the second car out to the curb, and tell the bank to come take it away. Do the same with the toys your bought to fill your home with things you really cannot afford. Go to CarMax, and use some of the equity from selling your home to get a second car free and clear. Or learn to commute, at least one family member. If you have to, MOVE. 

If you live in California, you are a fool to stay there when you can sell out and move to Texas and buy a home free and clear for your equity. Thousands of Californians are moving in around us here in central Texas. All we ask is that you leave your insane California philosophy at the border. In Texas, Jerry Brown would have been committed to a nut house long ago.

Do not waste your money on gold. If you buy metal, buy silver or copper. If you buy copper in the market place, you will need a place to store it as you wait for prices to rise. Store up currency coins. When the dollar crashes, counterfeiters will start printing paper dollars by the truck load. Only coins are too much trouble to counterfeit, so retailers will prefer coins. When you go to the bank, ask if they have dollar coins on hand which you can store up. You can buy dollar coins from the US Mint. Google for that.

Ammunition is a great substitute for currency. 

If the USA goes into total black out nationally, coins will work well. Forget Bitcoin. That fantasy is based on far more speculation than reality, and if the grid crashes, or if the Government simply outlaws all currencies other than dollars, you will be left destitute with a load of Bitcoins on your hard drive while you cook your pot of road kill for supper. 

Do not store up foreign currency. After a serious crash, the Government will call in all foreign currencies into a central bank, just like they do in Third World nations. Anyone caught hording foreign cash will go to prison for a long time. The only exception may be the Mexican peso.

The only place to store your wealth safely now is in the Vatican Bank because they refuse to tell who their depositors are. But then, the Whore of Rome will burn one day according to Bible prophecy. Also, do you really trust a mob of pedophiles with your cash?

Plant a garden, even if you have to dig up your back yard. Plant sweet potatoes in your front yard. They look like ivy,  and you can eat the leaves and the potatoes. 

Try to get a job in a service which simply cannot be allowed to die, such as hospitals, law enforcement, schools, and the Postal Service.

Do not join the US military. When the nation crashes, hundreds of thousands of US soldiers may be abandoned to survive any way they can around the world. The Military will be vastly reduced, and the chances of keeping your place will become very precarious.

If you have friends or family in other nations, ask them to meditate on how you could move near them in the event that Christians have to flee and seek asylum elsewhere. You can count on it..... Christians will be blamed for all the sorrows of America, just as they are being blamed now.


Finally, what is the end of a nation that collapses? Witness Nazi Germany. It is historic that some leader rises up who offers solutions if people will hand their souls to the leader. You may not imagine this is possible now, but when people are starving, little Germans with small mustaches start looking like saviors. This is why I suggest you consider where in the world you could flee to.

One more possibility that needs to be mentioned. The USA could go into a period of dissolution when state after state secedes from the Union. This time, there will be no Civil War. The US Government will be broke, and the world will scream if the Military starts blowing up state capitals. Are you in the state you would like to end up in if it seceded? If not, MOVE.

Now, if you stayed with me this far, I now will send you to a man who has done his research well. Michael Snyder will show you that an economic crash will happen soon, and there is no way to stop it.

Why America’s Retail Apocalypse Could Accelerate Even More In 2018

Top Financial Expert Warns Stocks Need To Drop ‘Between 30 And 40 Percent’ As Bankruptcy Looms For Toys R Us

Why have I posted such a grim picture?

Answer: I am a student of history, I have lived through a revolution and a Marxist coup, I have survived in the Third World, and I have seen economic collapse up close. Also, my Dad and two Grandfathers survived the Great Depression. I know how they did it.

Why should I hold back what may be of use to you, even if you think I am a nut case. 

Pay your money, and take your chances.

1 Corinthians 10:13 There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

Millions of Christians have survived, by the help of God, through the worst kinds of national crises. You can too if you belong to Jesus Christ. Just start watching for the "way of escape" now please. It is there, or God is a liar.