Monday, November 6, 2017


It has been puzzling to see President Trump dodging and weaving in his first nine months and getting nothing done but erase hundreds of Government regulations. Don't misunderstand..... Trump has done the USA a great favor in dumping regulations, and the economy is booming.

But, Trump has appeared to have been hog tied by the Democrats and a handful or Republicans determined to destroy Trump.

Not so. Trump has been playing out the ultimate version of THE DEAL.

Here are two videos which make it very clear that Trump has been playing with the system and the enemy all along, and he is about to pull the stopper on the swamp and drain it. What is interesting about Trump's strategy is that he has arranged the bomb to drop once, and the swamp will drain itself, that is, once CNN, NBC, CBS, and the Washington Post eat crow. 

I am reminded of long ago of when Drudge blew the Monica Lewinski affair open, and the mainline media mocked him for three days, only to humbly eat crow later. Drudge was later invited to speak at the National Press Club because he had earned his five stars.


I have no other source for this information, so I must issue a caveat. There is most certainly fake news posted by some of these alternative sources, so I cannot promise you this is the final verdict on what is ongoing. But, the scenario makes very good sense.

If it turns out that Hillary has indeed turned herself in, then I assume she is doing so for strategic reasons. This, in my book, would be to admit a lesser charge in the hope that Mueller will not investigate pizza gate and her associations with Epstein and the Lolita Express pedophile mob, Bill being the most busy member with over twenty flights to Epstein's child sex slave ranch across the Atlantic Ocean. It may well be that Hillary's Foundation, which is worth billions, was funded by selling those dreamer kids who came to the US from Central America at the invitation of the godfather Obama.

I suspect that Tony Podesta will be offered immunity if he sings like a canary about his brother John, and Hillary. Tony is facing hard time, and he may kiss the family goodbye and walk free for turning state's evidence. Manafort could also have been offered this deal. Hillary would have heard about it, and turning herself in would be a bit of damage control. 

As the gal in the top video hinted, when the swamp starts draining, members of Congress may disappear in droves, that is, members who received the services of the pedo Queen of Washington DC and her boss, the Mac Daddy Obama. What children they did not slaughter to hide the evidence could come forth and make the Hollywood sex scandals look like mild stuff. In fact, you may soon hear of leaders from Washington fleeing to other nations to avoid arrest. And, this could trickle on down to state levels and clean out some scum there.

I look forward to this because the result will be a whole new generation of leaders in Washington, both Democrat and Republican, who come to town with the fear of God and Trump in them. We could have a virtual Renascence in our Government.

And the mainline media would be seen as blithering dogs for many years.

Meanwhile, pray for the life of Donald Trump. A lot of people have a very good reason to kill him now. Also, pray that Sessions and Meuller do not lose their nerve.

LATER: I got to thinking about the ongoing timeline over the past few days.

Friday- Tom Podesta and Manafort are arrested and charged with money fraud.

Saturday- Trump leave for Asia for twelve days.

Sunday- We hear that Hillary and Huma are turning themselves in for some reason.

Monday- Saudi Arabia has arrested eight of the royal family and many others in a purge. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal was arrested. He has been a playboy who spends most of his time in casinos around the world, especially Monte Carlo. If the Saudi King is looking to purge the upper power layer of sinners, he will soon be chattering about pedophilia, and the CIA and State Department will be hearing from him.

Tuesday- Ben Shapiro makes it clear that the ongoing purge in Saudi Arabia is a sweeping away of corruption from the royal family down. 

This means the new king may not be a pedophile, and when he find all the little boys in the closets of the royals arrested, he will be demanding to know where they came from. If they were from Obama and Hillary, the stuff will hit the fan in Washington DC like nothing in US history. In fact, this could spell the end for the Democratic Party. Bernie, the man who raised his son single handed after divorce, could start looking like The Man to Democrats. Uncle Joe Biden could end up getting fingered by Hillary. McCain could end up hiding out in a canyon in Arizona.

Watch for Hillary to enter a hospital to play sick and see if she can get some sympathy.

The next few day may be the most terrifying in American history since the assassination of John F Kennedy. It would appear to me that a chain of events is playing out that is totally out of control. You have to admit, this is a good time to be away in Asia for a few days.

The scuttlebutt of the past was that Obama and Hillary, and possibly Holder, arranged for the dreamer kids from Central America to be flown to Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf states as sex slaves. Could it be that Hillary is seeking to be indicted on a lesser charge than pedophilia before the Saudi King learns about the pedophilia Sex Slave Ring of Hillary?