Saturday, December 2, 2017


We marvel at the number of men being outed from prominent places for sexually abusing women, especially in our government. Why is this? 

Why can a woman as evil as Hillary Clinton keep going and not be indicted for all the deaths at her doorstep, and for her crimes when in power?

Then again, many pastors and believers say that the state and area they live in is the most Satanic area in America, or in Europe, etc. Is this because evil has totally saturated the world in these End Times? I think so.

Here is the story of John Ramirez in New York City. Listen carefully to every word of his testimony. You will hear him speak of things which will answer our questions about why evil is so much in high places. I have heard the same things many times, but it is good to be reminded of where the battle rages.

I have seen Satanic power in the High Desert of California where it is heavily saturated. I have seen the power of Satan in western Michigan where institutional Christianity thrives and has absolutely NO power to withstand evil. I have seen the power of Satan in southern Arizona, a state that  openly celebrates its heritage in outlaws, criminals, and whores. Witness Tombstone, Arizona.

You need to understand that Satan is attacking our churches. Every church that is thriving at all in Christ will have at least one Satanic plant attending. They will seem decent, but they will not openly confess faith in Jesus Christ. Pastors who leave these people attending indefinitely are fools. These plants need to be confronted and asked to confess Jesus Christ and denounce Satan.

This war will be intensified in the coming years as the salt loses its savor and Satan gains ground in many churches. It is only born again Bible believers who are salt. Christian para-church organizations do not restrain Satan. Only the Church can do this. So, if you imagine that some Christian ministry, based in technology, or parked in an office building, can restrain evil, you are a fool.

Satan is defeated by Bible believers, one battle at a time, not by calling in some famous Amos to fire up the saints. 

Pastors..... you must teach the Word and show God and Jesus Christ at war with Satan in the Word, and you must use their warfare tactics daily. Run off the marginally committed. They are probably at a seance or witch's gathering Saturday night getting up their power to attack you on Sunday morning. If you have to half your attendance to clear the flock of wolves, DO IT.

1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:
9 Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.

Stop trying to mimic the formulas of other ministries in dealing with Satan. Use the methods of battle you find in Bible men. Start in your own life, pastor. What is it in your life that has given Satan a foothold because of sin or compromise? If you refuse to deal with it, I can promise you that you will soon be torn to shreds by Satan, and your church will be destroyed.

After you have dealt with YOU, go on to teach the saints on spiritual warfare and the doctrine of Satan and evil. Also, set the battle in array. Take a stand in your pulpit, but even more, in your community, against evil. Most of all, preach the Gospel, not just in your pulpit, but by your life Monday to Saturday, in the market place.

You will know if you have been faithful for Christ by one clear indicator..... you will have fierce enemies in the community who hate you for the message you preach and the stand you take on moral issues. If you have no enemies for Christ's sake, you are a loser, sir. Your church members have no example to follow, so they are defeated also. 

Now, go do the right thing.