Saturday, December 30, 2017


The street demonstrations in Iran look like they are poised to turn into violent riots with burning and destruction. This is one of those moments when, in the past, the CIA would enter the scene and fan the fires of destruction of a government that is trying to destroy America and Israel.

But, the CIA is totally involved already in an attempt to destroy Donald Trump. The CIA will not have the testosterone to try to destroy the government of Iran because they will refuse to obey any command from Trump. 


So, Donald Trump will have to find a solution to the coup in the CIA. What is needed is for Trump to sack all the Obama era hold over CIA employees, no exceptions, no mercy, and recruit like crazy around the USA from Police forces for the cream of the US Police forces to replace the sacked CIA agents.

Trump could also simply fire half the CIA and tell the remaining ones that if they keep attacking him, he will totally wipe out the CIA and use the other sixteen US security agencies to do the CIA job. The CIA is really totally unneeded for security purposes. Trump would have to send in the FBI or the Marines to lock down the CIA and secure all their records to use to prosecute them later. 

The CIA has simply become a shill enforcer of the Deep State in the USA which destroys whatever they want and kills whomever they want to kill. If there is to be a coup in the USA it will be aided and abetted by the CIA. The CIA is a murder machine that needs to be eliminated 100%. The whole world hates the CIA, and they have become the image of American bullyism.

I would be very surprised if there is not an ongoing plot within the CIA to assassinate Donald Trump.

When I was growing up in Africa, and when I was later a missionary in Ethiopia and Kenya, Africans on the street knew that the CIA was in their country, and they hated it. No other American entity creates more hate for America.