Sunday, December 3, 2017

UPDATE ON FUKUSHIMA- Release of radioactive water

TEPCO is praparing to release radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.


As I have told you before, you need to stop eating sea food harvested from the Pacific Ocean. Also, produce grown in California's central valley is highly suspect. The US Government has stopped all checking of CA produce for radioactivity, and they never will admit it is possible.

In the article is a map showing that the radioactive cloud in the Pacific Ocean will be arriving in full force in 2018-2019. So, it is only going to get worse. Because the prevailing wind down through the USA moves down over the Pacific at times, it is possible the radioactivity will be carried inland many hundreds of miles.

This whole era is a do-it-yourself event. You are the one who will have to decide if you will be contaminated and poisoned by Fukushima fall out.