Friday, June 22, 2018


This video is by Barry Groves PhD. He lived on a high protein diet for fifty years, and in his old age won over thirty archery championships in the UK. I am not going to tell you that you need to go to a totally meat and protein diet, but I am suggesting that you are killing yourself with food if you eat any significant amount of carbohydrates.

I grew up and later worked in Kenya. The Masai tribe, and several other tribes in Kenya, eat nothing but meat, blood, and milk. When the Masai move to the city of Nairobi to enter modern professions and politics, and when they abandon their nomadic lives, they start eating the city diet, blow up like a balloon, and develop all the modern diseases we suffer from.

Also, the Eskimos eat nothing but whale blubber all winter, and they are in great health if they don't add in the diet items of the modern world. They also are very easily addicted to alcoholic drinks.

The Bible makes positive comments on bread, and unleavened bread was part of the Passover. The difference in the Bible diet and the grains we eat is that our wheat and cereal grains are so selectively bred and hybridized that they are making many people sick. Also, wheat is poured up to nine times before it is made into bread. This destroys most of the mineral value found on the outside of the grains of wheat. The point of the high protein diet is to eat beef and pork from free ranged cattle and hogs so that the food value in the grasses and shrubs browsed is passed on up to you.