Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Here is Mr. Z's latest trick to pry into your private life and conversations.


There are some evasion tricks that come to mind if this patent passes and is implemented.

1. Go to a flip phone. That is my choice. I live a rather happy life without an iPad. 
2. Pull the connection to your TV to the outside world. Instead, get your look at the world via the Internet. For entertainment, go to DVDs, and look at various sources for old movies and VCR videos from long ago. There is a lot of fun in this diversion. 
3. Put you iPad into a box that is sound proof, and set it on vibrate so that the box vibrates. Add an electronic buzzer of some sort to the box to make noise that masks room conversation. You should still be able to hear the phone vibrate. Try a small wooden box, and set the box on a wood table to amplify the vibration. This will isolate the iPad from the TV subliminal signal. 
4. Simply shut the iPad off when you have family and friends, and you don't want your conversation recorded. You can always call people back whom you miss. In case Mr. Z has a trick to turn your iPad on, put it in a sound proof container or another room. 
 5. Get on Amazon and type White Noise Cancellation machine into the search box. Look for THIS DEVICE. It is not a cheap model, but I believe you could find a way to use it to beat Mr. Z at his game. Using white noise right next to your phone could mask room conversation, or use noise cancellation to kill what Z is looking for.
6. There are more costly sound cancelling devices on the market that might do even better at masking sound in your home. Google for yourself, and see what they can do. Call the seller or manufacturer, and ask them if their product will mask room conversation. 
7. Contact your electronics friend, and ask him to find you a way to incorporate a low-pass filter for the audio of your TV. If you can find someone who can do this for you, the high frequency signals, above human hearing, will be filtered out of the sound. This will castrate Mr. Z in his program of snooping. Watch for this sort of device to appear quickly on YouTube for DIY people. 

It is time to decide whether we will sell our souls to Mr. Z and all his other tech friends. There is a point, it seems to me, where the world must simply be shut out of our lives. There are all sorts of legal and litigation issues that could come from being recorded 24/7. Mr. Z is very eager to curry favor with the US Government by telling them our secrets. Why help him as he tries to hand our souls to the Feds?