Monday, June 11, 2018


Islam is plotting to overthrow European national governments. As long as this is the way Islam operates, they need to be shut down, and their Mullahs need to at least be deported. In fact, most nations have laws providing for leaders of revolutionary plots to be thrown in prison for long terms. This sort of thing will not stop until these Mullahs are executed. Heads rolling is the only thing Muslims understand.


This is very reasonable because male terrorists dress in a hijab and attack and rape women.

Let mental midget have his war. It may be quite useful to see if Europe has the testosterone to defend itself against an Islamic war against them. 

When any religion uses its worship centers as sights to raise revolution, those religions need to be outlawed and thrashed by public officials. That applies to Baptists and Jesuit Catholics just as much as Muslims. The problem with Islam is that it is the only mainline religion in the world in which its prophet called for war on anyone not submitting to Allah.

Muslims do not understand the rule of law. They hate any order other than the alleged order brought by Islam, so they rape, murder, and burn anyone who stands in the way as they take over of the world. Thus, the only thing that will stop Islam is a vicious response, and a bigger response. Give them back more than they give you. The use of civilized law, as found in Western nations, will not stop Islam. This is why Guantanamo is a useful solution. ISIS members need to know that they could end up being water boarded.

There have been eras in past history in which Muslims lived in peace with non-Muslims around them. This is NOT one of those eras. All Muslims today dream of raping Christian woman and killing Christian leaders. Some sort of demonic virus has swept over all of Islam, and the result is that they no longer want to live at peace with anyone.

If you are an alleged "peace loving Muslim," then it is time for you to prove it by speaking out against the violence of your fellow Muslims. Until you do this, we must assume you are a rapist and murderer just like ISIS.

Finally, to Christians and Americans, do not indulge Muslims by hating them. They thrive on the hate of their enemies. Deal with Muslims as you would with deadly snakes. When I am moving around in the desert, and I see a rattle snake, I leave it alone. It is no threat to me. But, when a rattle snake is threatening me and my family, I kill it. I do not hate rattle snakes. They actually serve a useful purpose. 

Muslims are very useful when they can be encouraged to kill other murderous Muslims. This seems to be the policy of the US Government, and it does help reduce the threat overall. If you have to deal with Muslims in daily life or in your neighborhood, keep an eye on them. Most Muslims in America are strongly in favor of destroying America as we know it and replacing it with a Sharia state run by the Mullahs of Islam. They will seem to be decent and helpful only because they are in the minority now. If they ever gain power, they will destroy America, rape your wife, sodomize your son, and chop your head off. 



Here is an excerpt from a Muslim magazine:
“We hate you, first and foremost, because you are disbelievers”, the editorial reads. 
“It is for this reason that we were commanded to openly declare our hatred for you and our enmity towards you.” 
It then goes on to list the other five reasons IS hates the west which include; 
* Secularists: Because their liberal societies permit things that Islam has prohibited 
* Atheists: Because they disbelieve in the “existence of your Lord and Creator”
* The west: For committing crimes committing crimes against Islam and for “transgressions against our religion” 
* Western forces: For crimes against Muslims directly with people killed by fighter jets and drones 
* Finally, the entire west for invading Muslim lands and territory 
The editorial concludes the hatred will continue until the entire West embraces Islam.
When a group, religion, or individual declares its open hate for you, your best line of defense is to prepare to wipe out that enemy if they attack. On the other hand, you must not give way to hate them. Hate blinds you of reason, and you end up falling into ambushes easily. 

The most potent military of all time was that of the Prussian king, Otto von Bismarck. He trained his soldiers to not hate the enemy, while the Bismarck taught his men to defend their nation with absolute and total zeal. There was never a case of his soldiers betraying his trust, and for that reason, every private knew, the day before the battle, the complete battle plan in detail.

The blind hate of Islam has shown them to be very vulnerable to attacks by defenders who fight them with controlled zeal and strategy. ISIS has been destroyed because of their mindless hate. They cannot restrain their emotions, and this makes them vulnerable to ambush and sucker punches.

I.E. A whipped Muslim is a peaceful Muslim. There is no way to be nice to Muslims and keep order. As the article at the link pointed out, Islam goes through these stages: Fanaticism, Jihad and killing of Christians, Muslims killing one another, and finally, exhaustion. 

In the days ahead, Muslims will be attending Christian churches in order to do acts of terror. They will seem peaceful. The only way to know that a Muslim is not a threat is when they confess faith in Jesus Christ in a public way, AND be baptized. While baptism is not part of salvation, to the Islamic world baptism represents the final break from Islam. A Muslim who claims to be a Christian, but who refuses baptism, must be assumed to still be a Muslim and dangerous.