Saturday, October 27, 2018


A number of Polish schools were planning to exalt sodomy yesterday, Friday. In what is a very refreshing move by a government, that is, the Polish Government, the schools were put on notice to cancel the sodomite event or be punished.

Here is the story from AP

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Several schools in Poland have canceled activities promoting tolerance for gays and lesbians following government pressure and threats in some places. 
More than 200 schools had planned to take part in “Rainbow Friday,” an anti-discrimination event that a civic rights group, the Campaign Against Homophobia, had promoted in hopes of building greater acceptance for LGBT students. 
Private broadcaster TVN reported that some schools pulled out of the event following an outcry. 
The education minister of Poland’s conservative government, Anna Zalewska, had warned ahead of time that any principals who allowed such events to take place could face negative consequences. She also asked parents to report any such activities to authorities. 
It was not immediately clear how many schools canceled their plans to participate.
There are many such stories coming out of Slavic nations in recent years. The problem is, the media are trying to cover up such stories, or they write them up with blasts and accusations against those who resist sodomy in their nations.

Poland is a great role model to American state governments. It is time that states which do not want to be known as Sodomite Heaven make some Hell for those who exalt these vices.

Here are the youth of Poland, several years ago, breaking up a gay pride event and burning down their rainbow. It is interesting that when people go out and demonstrate and show hate for sin, it is a "hate crime." When sodomites parade naked and shake their stuff at children along the way, it is "pride." 

God will destroy the USA for abandoning the laws it once had to restrain sodomy. There is no longer any hope of God showing mercy on America.