Friday, October 5, 2018


Political Correctness is not enforced by law. It never will be enforced by law. This is because the Supreme Court will not permit the unconstitutional act of defining the English language, nor will the Supreme Court allow for the policing of social interchange of ideas.

Thus, PC culture is enforced by intimidation by nagging parties. The main culprit here is not colleges, it is the news media. These people are constantly making comments to restrain their own conversation and talking about it on the air. This gives the impression to viewers that there is some official standard out there for speech. No such thing exists. You cannot produce an official enforceable list of PC offences anywhere.

So, who will change because of this conspiracy, and that is what it is?

1. Children will be mentally massaged into compliance by teachers who demonize children who speak their minds or who unintentionally use some speech which the conspiracy has included in the PC control list. Kids who are victimized by the PC "police" will form deep seated hate for authority as they are criminalized publicly by school officials.

2. Teen aged boys, and some girls, who have the propensity to act out rebellion will see PC speech rules as a great opportunity to advance their age based rebellion. This will result in teens who are socially outcast because of their rebel behavior. Thus, they now become heroes because they rebel against the domination of PC "police." By PC "police" we are talking about people who are NOT law enforcement, but they have self-appointed to be the enforcers of society.

3. Adult males, about age 25 through 40, will take up the rebel spirit. Being mature enough and knowledgeable enough to figure out that PC is a farce, these good old boys will use non-PC speech in public places to assert their claim to the high ground. The high ground is defined here as the point from which a person in society views the sick joke of PC speech, and they declare war on it.

The result of PC speech is NOW becoming clear. The nagging nanny conspiracy, especially feminists, Liberals, and Hillary Clinton, see themselves as the final authority on free speech, and the rest of society is slipping into rebel speech that is headed for slop hog social behavior.

Down the road, we can anticipate a cultural revolution in which the common people turn openly nasty and come to dominate social order.

A Bible believer must not allow either the PC "police," nor the rebel mind, to turn them into natural brute beasts.

My personal policy is probably easy to see if you read my blog posts regularly. I will not be changed or managed into compliance by this PC tyranny. And, I will not give way to the temptation of be gross and rude in my speech in order to insult the PC "police."

In the future, I shall be talking more and more about coming to the middle in regard to politics and the culture. As a Bible believer, I am all the way to the conservative right. As an American I intend to be more moderate and more at the center. 

PC speech is another example of how Christians have NO business going to the extremes. The far left, AND THE FAR RIGHT, are behaving more and more like slobs, and I do not want to be in their company.

Here is some ammunition to use on the PC "Police."